The Gathering Hub

The Gathering Hub
Sub-Areas  N/A
Hazards None
Main NPCs Arena Lass
Hub Lass
Event Manager
Provisions Lass

The Gathering Hub is a Location in Monster Hunter World (MHW). 


The Gathering Hub (集会エリア) is a tavern that also serves as an online gathering place for up to 16 hunters at a time. You can go on quests, have a meal, or even enjoy a friendly round of arm-wrestling.

The Gathering Hub Location

The Gathering Hub is located in Astera, and can be accessed by taking the Lift to level 4.


The Gathering Hub Features

The Gathering Hub allows all Hunters in a Session (up to 16) to appear in the same place. Hunters can interact with Gestures, Chat, and the Arm Wrestling tables found there.

Two different Quest counters can also be found at the Gathering hub:

  • The Hub Lass, who offers Quests similarly to the Handler and the Quest board in addition to special event Quests like the Kulve Taroth Siege
  • The Arena Lass, who offers special Arena Quests that are restricted to two Hunters and pre-determined sets of Equipment

The Gathering Hub also has an Item Box and Provisions Stockpile next to the Quest Counter, where Hunters can manage their Items and Equipment

A Wingdrake stable can be found at the end of the Hub; from here Hunters can depart on Quests or Expeditions.

The Canteen of the Gathering Hub can seat all Hunters in a Session, and allows Hunters to perform special Gestures. During special events, a unique meal will be offered only at this Canteen.

The Event Manager next to the Lift can be approached for information on current Events.


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