Sub-Areas The Smithy
The Canteen
Hazards None
Main NPCs Commander
Field Team Leader
Other NPCs Poogie

Astera is a Location in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Different areas of the game have a different look and feel, map and special unique monsters that spawn within them.


Astera (アステラ) is a village in the New World. Working as the Research Commission's base of operations: where hunters, researchers, and technicians have all gathered. The player can use a lift to quickly reach a set of areas.

Astera Quests

Quests that begin in Astera

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??


Astera NPCs

Main NPCs:

  • Commander, chief of operations in Astera and the New World
  • Handler, the player helper, handing out quests and meals
  • Field Team Leader, asked to help the player accomodate to the New World by the Commander
  • The Huntsman, mysterious but courageous veteran hunter
  • Meowscular Chef, chef of the Canteen, will often send the player after new ingredients
  • Second Fleet Master, lead the Smithy team taking care of anything related to the player equipment
  • The Seeker, a mysterious hooded man who helps the player during an early quest
  • Admiral, the only person with more power than the Commander, often leaving the camp for long investigations

Other NPCs:


Astera Monsters

Thre are no monsters in the village of Astera, but if the player capture one out in the field the researcher will bring them to town to study them.

Astera Hazards & Materials

You will find the following Materials for harvesting in this area:

  • Poogie can scavenge materials if it likes the player
  • ??
  • ??

You will find the following hazards:

  • None


Astera Screenshots & Videos

Screenshots and images of this area, as well as location videos go here.

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Astera Location Map




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