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Gathering Hub
Hazards None
Main NPCs Commander
Field Team Leader
Other NPCs Poogie

Astera is a Location in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Different areas of the game have a different look and feel, map and special unique monsters that spawn within them.


Astera (アステラ) is a village in the New World. Working as the Research Commission's base of operations: where hunters, researchers, and technicians have all gathered. The player can use a lift to quickly reach a set of areas.

Most of the Quests assigned as part of the Story will come from various characters in Astera. In addition, these characters often provide services to Hunters such as Equipment crafting or Item provisioning.


About Astera

With the Guild at it's core, the Research Commission was formed in order to solve the mystery of the Elder Crossings. The base of their research activities is here in Astera It has been forty years since the First Fleet arrived and established this as a major stronghold, which was built by the hands, skills, efforts, and labor of many people. 

The First Fleet was deployed in pursuit of Kushala Daora. During a storm, the crew had a chance encounter with a mysterious Elder Dragon. The ship was split and tossed on top of a cliff, but it still eventually became a foothold for research projects. What's more, the waterfall flowing right below it turned out to be a stroke of good luck for the First Fleet.
The First Fleet found it difficult to secure enough resources to upgrade their base at first and expanded the base by recycling their ship. They had no choice but to wait for further deployments to do any full-scale work, however, so they poured their efforts into reinforcing the ship atop the cliff.


Astera NPCs

Main NPCs:

  • Commander, chief of operations in Astera and the New World
  • Handler, the player helper, handing out Quests and meals
  • Field Team Leader, asked to help the player accomodate to the New World by the Commander
  • The Huntsman, mysterious but courageous veteran hunter
  • Meowscular Chef, chef of the Canteen, will often send the player after new ingredients
  • Second Fleet Master, lead the Smithy team taking care of anything related to the player equipment
  • The Seeker, a mysterious hooded man who helps the player during an early Quest
  • Admiral, the only person with more power than the Commander, often leaving the camp for long investigations

Other NPCs:

  • Members of the Resource Center, where Hunters can register Bounties, manage Investigations, and complete Deliveries.
    This Includes:
    • Provisions Manager
    • Tech Chief
    • Analytics Director
  • Members of Ecological Research, including:
    • Smart Biologist
    • Lynian Researcher
    • Chief Ecologist
  • Members of Botanical Research, including:
    • Chief Botanist, who manages plant and insect cultures for Hunters
    • Laid-back Botanist, who offers some optional Quests to improve the Botanical Research Center
    • Impatient Biologist
  • Provisions Stockpile, where Hunters can buy various Items
  • The Captain, riding the Argosy between the Old and New World, bringing back supplies
  • Elder Melder, melding Items, rare Monster materials, and Decorations for the player
  • Armory, where base Weapons and Armors are sold. Offers optional Quests for Specialized Tools. See Mantles for more information.
  • Poogie, a small cute pig that the player can befriend
  • Fish Aficionado
  • Forceful Fiver
  • Fun Fourth
  • Engaged Fiver
  • Occupied Fiver
  • Eager Fourth
  • Apple Enthusiast
  • Easygoing Fiver
  • Fiver Bro, eating all day and asking the player to do his work
  • Timid Fiver
  • Sisterly Fourth
  • Cool Fiver
  • Oven Felyne
  • Soup Felyne


Notes and Trivia

  • There are no monsters in the village of Astera, but if a Hunter captures one out in the field the Ecological Research team will bring them back to study. In addition, Endemic Life can be captured and kept as Pets.
  • Constructed mainly by members of the Second Fleet, the lifts make it markedly easier to travel within headquarters and to transport goods. The lifts are made up if a hook, which constantly travels between the upper and lower levels, and a steel bar called an anchor, which is connected to the hook. Safety is the responsibility of the individual user.



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