Ecological Research

Race Wyverians
Location Astera - Tradeyard west end

The Ecological Research Center is a group of NPCs in Monster Hunter World (MHW): The Chief Ecologist, Lynian Researcher, and the Smart Biologist. At the Ecological Research Center, the Hunter can view Monster Research Levels, Special Investigations, and the Monster Field Guide.


Ecological Research is a facility the studies Monsters. Their studies can help you with your hunts and investigations. The Chief Ecologist carries out various monster studies. He is a Wyverian, and no onesurpasses his knowledge of New World monsters. He's difficult, but also kind to hunters. He's bad at tidying up. He is focused on the migration of the Elder Dragons, and he is absorbed in researching the secret of Zorah Magdaros. He greatly anticiates field reports.


Quests & Services

Ecological Research is a facility that researches New World monsters, endemic life, and other ecological matters. Its staff gathers data on things such as monster hunts and research advances. Thanks to reports from field teams, they have assembled detailed dossiers. Similar to Botanical Research, it is made up of mostly Third Fleet Scholars.

The Chief Ecologist will archive any information the Hunter gathers on by taking down Monsters and gathering their tracks. This will add information to the Monster Field Guide. Gathering a Monster's tracks will also increase the Scoutfly level for that Monster, making it easier to track on successive hunts. Note that the Scoutfly Level lowers over time.

In addition, special Quests will be issued by the members of Ecological research throughout the Story from the Chief Biologist, Smart Biologist, and Impatient Biologist. They will ask the Hunter to hunt or capture specific Monsters in order to study them, as well as encounter the legendary Kirin. In addition, the Lynian Researcher will guide the Hunter in studying the Grimalkynes and Gajalaka.

Quests offered by the members of Ecological Research:

Notes and Trivia

  • The Chief Ecologist hates cleaning, so reference tomes and documentary are scattered everywhere in bothersome piles.


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