Controls in Monster Hunter World (MHW) refers to the input mechanisms to control the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Below, we outline control guidelines for each platform


Controls in Monster Hunter World


  1. L2 button
  2. L1 button
  3. Directional buttons
  4. Left stick
  5. L3 button
  6. Touch pad button
  7. OPTIONS button
  8. R2 button
  9. R1 button
  10. △ button
  11. □ button
  12. ○ button
  13. × button
  14. Right stick
  15. R3 button

Controls in the Field

The actions you can perform are different depending on whether you have your weapon readied (drawn) or have your weapon put away (sheathed).

Readying and Sheathing Weapons

or  / key-mouse_l or key-ctrl:
Draw your weapon (when your weapon is sheathed)

  • You can attack with your weapon when it is drawn.
  • Pressing key-BtnR2 / key-ctrl to draw your weapon will result in a unique attack or action depending on the weapon.
  • [PC] When using a bowgun, pressing key-r when it has been put away will reload and draw your bowgun at the same time.

 or key-BtnR1 / key-shift or key-e:
Sheathe your weapon (when your weapon is drawn)

  • You can gather materials or carve monsters when your weapon is sheathed.
  • Certain actions and staying idle will also automatically sheathe your weapon.

 Controls in Menus

Confirm and Cancel Button Controls

 / key-mouse_l: Confirm

  • Confirm actions, menu selections, etc.
  • Speak to other characters
  • Use facilities, interact with objects

 / key-mouse_r: Cancel

  • Cancel menu selections, etc.


Controls when Mounting Monsters

Hitting a large monster with a jumping attack gives you a chance to mount it. Once mounted, you can attack it for as long as you stay held on.

When you're mounted, the border around your minimap will light up with different colors to indicate what actions the monster will do in its attempt to knock you off. Watch its movements and your minimap carefully to know when it's safe to attack.

You will slowly lose stamina as you continue to ride a monster. You'll be thrown off the monster if your stamina runs out, so keep an eye on your stamina gauge!


Attacking while Mounted

Once you've mounted a monster, you can attack it with  / key-mouse_l. Keep attacking, and eventually you'll have the chance to unleash a powerful finisher.

The minimap will visibly glow white to indicate that you can use a finisher.


Brace Against the Monster's Attempts to Throw You

 Press  / key-ctrl to brace yourself against a monster's attempt to throw you off.

The minimap will glow red to indicate that the monster will try to throw you off.


Evade the Monster's Body Slam

Sometimes a monster will slam against a wall or other object to throw you off. Evade this by changing your position with  / key-wasd.

The minimap will glow red and the camera will zoom in on your character to indicate that the monster will attempt a body slam.


Controls for MHW Palicoes

Commanding Palicoes

You can signal your Palico to use the Palico Gadget it has equipped. Each signal command can be used from the item bar, and can be used any number of times. However, each tool has a cooldown, meaning that once it's used it cannot be used again for a short time.


When it's just you and your Palico out on a quest together, your Palico may sometimes recruit other creatures to help you as "Tailraiders"! Your Palico will speak with certain small monsters or Grimalkynes of tribes you've befriended, and they'll join as Tailraiders to aid you in battle.

You can see creatures that can be recruited as Tailraiders on your wildlife map.

You cannot recruit Tailraiders when your Palico is on standby.


Grimalkynes are Lynians that live in the New World, and are similar to Felynes in appearance. They have a unique tribe in every region, and once befriended they can be recruited as Tailraiders.

Tailraider Monsters

Your Palico can try to convince certain monsters to help you on your hunts. If an attempt is successful, the monster will accompany you for a short time.


Using the Custom Radial Menu

The custom radial menu makes it easier to quickly select and use items and other actions by assigning them to directions on the Right Stick / key-f1 ~ key-f4 on keyboard.

Right Stick while holding key-btnl1 / Press key-1 ~ key-8  on keyboard to use your custom shortcuts:

  • Select and use items on the radial menu


  • Tilt Right Stick to select an item, then release Right Stick to use the item.
  • To cancel a selection, keep tilted Right Stick and release key-btnl1.


Switching Radial Menus

Direction Button while key-btnl1 / Press key-f1 ~ key-f4 on keyboard:

  • Switch between radial menus

Switching menus allows you to use the specific Right Stick shortcuts registered to each menu.


Changing Radial Menu Shortcuts

Access Start Menu > Items and Equipment > Customize Radial Menu to freely edit the shortcut assignments on your radial menus.


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