Endemic Life are creatures found in Monster Hunter World (MHW) across many locations that can be captured by a hunter's Net or Fishing pole. They are not hostile, but will be scared away easily, making their study and capture difficult.

Some Endemic Life creatures also present Environmental Hazards or useful effects - see Environment and Hazards for more information. Endemic creatures are classified into 5 types, following the ingame Monster Field Guide.

Endemic life have sizes, and a Detailed Settings option is available under Place Your Pets in your room. (Patch 6.02)

Each fish page contains the Great Size version reward when applicable, Great Size fishes randomly spawn near their own species.


Endemic Life in MHW

Aquatic Life

(# - greater variants can be found anywhere where a normal variant is present)

Unclassified Life


* - Rare form of the above endemic life
^ - Fishing Mini-Game if fishing rod is used
# - Greater Variant available (Fishing Mini-game will trigger when hooked)
! - Unlock a Medal/Trophy/Achievement
$ - Bounty target, only register after receiving the bounty
$$ - Gold Crown bounty target
& - Only available with Iceborne expansion


Small Monsters
Anteka  ♦  Apceros  ♦  Aptonoth  ♦  Barnos  ♦  Boaboa  ♦  Cortos  ♦  Gajalaka  ♦  Gajau  ♦  Gastodon  ♦  Girros  ♦  Grimalkyne  ♦  Hornetaur  ♦  Jagras  ♦  Kelbi  ♦  Kestodon  ♦  Mernos  ♦  Mosswine  ♦  Noios  ♦  Popo  ♦  Raphinos  ♦  Shamos  ♦  Vespoid  ♦  Wulg

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    • Anonymous

      In Elder's Recess Northwest camp there is an indent in the wall (actually visible on the map) with a fish skeleton and a cavern beyond. It seems that there is lava below due to the glow. You can only walk a little way in before you are blocked by rocks, but there is the perfect amount of room to throw your net in. It isn't a treasure spot, but it seems like a spot were something might float up. Why add a strange little cove with high detail for no reason?

      • Anonymous

        There IS such thing as the great gastronome tuna, when me and my brother caught it with the great king marlin, that was the best expedition to The Ancient Forest ever!

        • Anonymous

          Am I the only one who frickin hates the bristly crakes? I've literally gone on 100+ ancient forest / wildspire waste expeditions with Ghillie Mantle and checked every single apceros / aptonoth around. The one time they showed up a great jagras ate the aptonoth they were on. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

          • Anonymous

            Great Wetfish Great Sushifish Great Burst Arowana Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s new aquatic species not listed here (not sure if they are pre-Iceborne or Iceborne) I caught the sushifish and wetfish in Hoarfrost 9 near the Troupers Burst Arowana in area 2 where the piscine researcher is

            • Anonymous

              Three of the rare Molys of each area of the guiding lands are missing (I think they are called Mossy Moly, Fluffy Moly and Spiny Moly. The fourth one is the Rocky Moly).

              • Anonymous

                I found Blue Diva twice in the Wildspire Waste in area 5 (the winding upwards path near the forest that ends at a small nest at the top). Someone told me they found an "Arrowhead Gecko" in that area, but I haven't found it yet.

                • Anonymous

                  Finally finished my endemic field guide. The only reward is the Guild Card background Wild, Wild, Wildlife, which features many wildlife on the border, such as the Dapper Coralbird and Downy Crake.

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