Endemic Life are creatures found in Monster Hunter World (MHW) across many locations that can be captured by a hunter's Net or Fishing pole. Endemic creatures are defined in four categories below just like in your monster hunter notes. These creatures can be scared away easily and are not hostile.
Each fish page contains the Great Size version reward when applicable, Great Size fishes randomly spawn near their own species.


Endemic Life in MHW


* - Rare form of the above endemic life
^ - Fishing Mini-Game if fishing rod is used
# - Greater Variant available (Fishing Mini-game will trigger when hooked)
! - Unlock a Medal/Trophy/Achievement
$ - Bounty target, only register after receiving the bounty


Small Monsters
Apceros  ♦  Aptonoth  ♦  Barnos  ♦  Gajalaka  ♦  Gajau  ♦  Gastodon  ♦  Girros  ♦  Grimalkyne  ♦  Hornetaur  ♦  Jagras  ♦  Kelbi  ♦  Kestodon  ♦  Mernos  ♦  Mosswine  ♦  Noios  ♦  Raphinos  ♦  Shamos  ♦  Vespoid


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