Enemy Type Small Monsters
Elements  None
Ailments Defense Down
Weakness ??
Resistances ??

Elders Recess

Great Ravine


Barnos is a Small Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). バルノス in Japanese.


 Fervid wingdrakes that have flourished under harsh living conditions. They target intruders with a unique acidic agent, and then attack as a swarm.

Barnos Details & Locations


Barnos Combat Info

  • Barnos' are the Wingdrakes of the Elder's Recess, so you're able to cause them to fly down if you hit them with any type of slinger ammo, making it possible for blademasters to attack them. It's recommended to use any Gunner build to farm these as you don't have to rely on slinger ammo to do damage.
  • Barnos will occasionally spit on you from in the air, causing Defense Down.
  • Unlike some other Wingdrakes these cannot be hooked onto to fly to random places if you are in combat with them, however if you manage to sneak up to them and keeping your non-combat status you'll be able to hook onto them. If you're desperate equip your Ghillie Mantle to approach and use them as a transport.


Barnos Carves

Low Rank


High Rank

Barnos Armor

Armor related to the Barnos Monster.


Barnos Alpha + (α)

Set Bonus: --


Barnos Beta + (β)

Set Bonus: --



Notes & Trivia

  • These monsters are from the Wingdrake species
  • These monsters are small monsters.





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