Defense Down


No in-game description.

Defense Down is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW).

Defense Down Effect

  • Lowers your Defense by half.
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: rsz_defensedown1
  • Use the Iron Skin skill to counter it.

Monsters that inflict Defense Down

Status Effects
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    • Anonymous

      Apparently, the magnitude of Defense Down varies between sources. Acidic Glavenus's only applies ~10%, and its physical damage is already pretty low. However, receiving Defense Down removes any Defense Up buffs from items, including Mega Armorskin. Use Iron Skin if you feel the need to keep these buffs up, e.g. if you are fighting Deviljho. You can also cure it using defense buffing items, but you can go through a large stock of them quite quickly if you're not careful.

      • Anonymous

        Only really have to worry about this when facing Jho, who already has ridiculously high physical damage even in his calm state. Defense Down can be countered by eating Adamant Pills, which overrides Defense Down by applying its own positive buff.

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