Weapon Mechanics Guide for Monster Hunter World (MHW) helps players understand how to best utilize the game's arsenal. In the world of Monster Hunter there is alot more that goes into hunting than bashing and slashing your way to victory. Many different factors play a part in the damage you deal and recieve. 

Monster Hunter World: Sharpness / Raw / Affinity / Elements / Status Effects

Monster Hunter World: Raw Attack Power

Attack Power is the Raw Damage done without taking into account Elemental Damage or secondary Status Effects. The higher the attack power on your weapon the more damage you will deal to a monster. Attack power should be favored over elemental damage as some monster will have resistances to some elemental attacks, and the base math for attack calculations favors attack power.


Monster Hunter World: Affinity

Affinity is the weapon's chance to deal more or less damage on attacks. Affinity is determined by the weapon and skills that are being used. This works on a percentage so for example at -100% you will always deal less damage. At 100% you will always do more damage. Some skills will increase your weapon affinity OR with the Crit Draw skill you will always Crit on a draw attack.


Monster Hunter World: Sharpness

Sharpness is what determines the cutting power of your weapon and the damage output. The sharpness level of a weapon will degrade as you fight. There are 7 levels of sharpness. To be able to damage some monsters you will need to be at a certain level of sharpness. Damage will increase along with the chance of attacks being successful at each level.  Despite being blunt weapons, the hammer and hunting horn weapons still use sharpness.


Low Level Sharpness



Red - This is the first and lowest level of sharpness possible. Most if not all attacks made at this sharpness will cause your blade (or blunt weapon) to bounce off the hides of monsters. 


Orange - The second level of sharpness that is not much better than red. You will still find most of your attacks bouncing.


Yellow - The third level of sharpness. At this level you will be able to land some hits on a monster in the early stages of the game.


Medium Level Sharpness



Green - The fourth level of sharpness. This is where most attacks will be successful. 


Blue - The fifth level of sharpness. Attacks will be even more successful unless you are striking monsters hard parts.


High Level Sharpness



White - The sixth level of sharpness. All attacks will be successful unless striking some monsters hard parts. 


Purple - The seventh and final level of sharpness. All attacks will be successful and there are a very limited amount of monsters that have parts that can deflect this level of sharpness. Purple sharpness is incredibly rare, and often require certain armor skills in order to get it.


Sharpness Raw Damage Multiplier

This table is based off MH4:U - will be updated for MHW

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue White Purple
0.50 0.75 1.00 1.05 1.20 1.32 1.45

Sharpness Elemental Damage Multiplier

This table is based off MH4:U - will be updated for MHW

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue White Purple
0.25 0.50 0.75 1.00 1.0625 1.125 1.20


Elemental Damage in Monster Hunter World


Elemental Damage or Elements in Monster Hunter World (MHW) refers to the secondary damage done by Weapons and monsters - checking against specific resistances on both players and AI enemies.

Element Damage in MHW

Each monster has weaknesses that will cause it to take more damage. For example a fire monster will take more damage from weapons that deal water damage but less damage from weapons that deal fire attacks. Monsters can also deal elemental damage to the hunter. Armor with high resistances to certain elements will cause you to take less damage and reduce the chances of getting elemental blights. 

  • Elemental weakness is not always a given. Just because a mosnter uses fire does not mean it is weak to water. Furthermore, monsters that don't use elemental attacks still have elemental resistances and weaknesses. Sometimes, the only way to know for sure is to kill a monster at look at the stats on the armor you make from it.
  • Some monsters will have multiple resistances or have multiple elemental attacks. Some weapons might have mixed elemental damage as well.


Types of Elemental Damage



Fire Element - The Fire element is usually strong against Ice but weak to Water. Taking fire damage can cause Fireblight, which lowers the red part of the health bar before reducing the green health bar. This can be removed by rolling repeatedly. Rolling through water will remove it instantly. 


Water Element - The Water element is usually strong against Fire but weak to Thunder. Taking water damage can cause Waterblight, which lowers how much stamina you recover.


Thunder Element - The Thunder element is usually strong against Water and Dragon, but weak to Ice. Taking thunder damage can cause Thunderblight, which causes you to become stunned more easily.




Dragon Element - The Dragon element is quite a bit different from other elements. Its the only element in the game that is usually weak to itself.  Frequently, it is also weak to Thunder and Ice. Taking Dragon damage can cause Dragonblight which can lower weapon affinity, competely remove a weapon's elemental damage, and even lower the special attack ratings on poison, paralysis, sleep, and slime/blast.


Ice Element - The ice element is usually strong against Thunder and Dragon, but weak to Fire. Taking Ice damage can cause Iceblight which will cause the hunters stamina bar to deplete quicker than normal.




Status Effects in Monster Hunter World

Status Effects are special buffs or ailments in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Both hunters and monsters can recieve buffs and ailments from skills, the environment and attacks.

Buffs & Positive Status Effects

Hunting Horn Status Effects

Movement Speed Up

No Quakes

No Paralysis

No Faint

No Heat

No Cold & Snow Res

Element Attack Up

Heavenly Protection

Health Inc [Lo] - [Hi]

Wind Reduce
Wind Cancel

Hear Protect [Lo] - [Hi]

Fire Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Fire Res Increased

Water Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Water Res Increased

Thunder Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Thunder Res Increased

Ice Res Up [Lo] -[Hi]
Ice Res Increased

Dragon Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Dragon Res Increased


Negative Status Effects (Afflictions)

These can be negated by using certain armor skills. Some monsters can resist status effects, with most of them being resistant to status effects that they themselves can deal out. For example a monster that does poison damage is immune to poison damage.

The more times a monster is effected by a status it will become more resistant to that status. Some monsters gain resistances faster than others. See Elemental Resistances for a full list of how that works.


Poison - Poison will slowly drain the hunters health but can be cured using a antidote. You can tell if a monster has been poisoned by the purple goo drooling from it's mouth. Some monsters inflict Deadly Poison. It drains your health more rapidly than regular poison but is cured by antidote too.

Sleep - After taking enough sleep damage the hunter will fall asleep in the middle of battle. If enough sleep damage is dealt to the monster it will go to sleep. This can be cured by getting hit by a friendly hunter, a small monster, or even the big monster itself. Sleeping monster and hunters take greatly increased damage, but only for the first hit, as it will then wake them up.

Paralysis - This will immobilize a hunter or monster for free hits. The hunter and monsters will have yellow shock waves pass through their body when paralyzed. Hunters will fall to the ground, and will be unparalyzed if anything hits them. Monsters will remain standing, but will remain paralyzed even if something hits them. Paralyzed monsters and hunters take increased damage.



KO - When a monster lands several hits the hunter may become stunned. Often times the only way to recover is by getting hit or repeatedly pressing buttons on your controller. A monster is stunned when hit on the head multiple times by blunt force, such as with a hammer or hunting horn. Some bladed weapons have blunt attacks in their move sets, such as the Sword and Shield's shield bash. Often times when stunned the monster will fall over.

Slime / Blast - If a monster with the slime status hits a hunter it will apply slimeblight. If hit again or enough time passes  the hunter will take blast damage. This can be avoided by rolling or using Deodorant. When attacking a monster with the slime/blast it will apply the status and explode after several hits.



Felvine Scented- This status ailment can only be inflicted by a hunter using a Felvine Bomb. Any target, friend, foe, or neutral, hit with the bomb will be covered in a pink smoke. All nearby felynes, melnynxes, and wild cats will attack the target until it wears off.

 Negative Status Ailments: Hunter Exclusive

These are status ailments that monsters inflict on the hunter. They can be cured by waiting, using certain items, or other means.

Defense Down: The hunter's defense is lowered. Can be cured by any defense increasing item, like Armorskin, or by waiting.

Stench: The hunter has been hit with soemthing foul, and a stench cloud hangs around them. It prevents the hunter from eating anything, like potions, rations, etc. It can be cured by waiting or using a deodorant.

Frenzy Virus: The hunter has contracted the Frenzy Virus from a Gore Magala, a Chaotic Gore Magala, a Shagaru Magala, or any infected monster. The virus has two stages, an incubation stage and a mature stage. During the incubation stage a purple bar will appear near the hunter's name, and slowly start to fill. The only way to decrease the bar is to eat a nulberry, but this will not get rid of it. If the bar fills, the virus goes into it's bad mature stage. In the bad mature stage, hunters take extra damage from frenzy attacks and has no natural recovery. The only way to get rid of it is to wait. If the hunter deals enough damage before the virus meter fills, they go into the good mature stage. In this stage, the hunter has +15% affinity and is immune to reinfection until it wears off.

Snowman: The hunter has been incased in snow and ice. They are slowed to a walking pace and they are prevented from using most items or attacking. It can be cured by waiting, using a cleanser, or getting hit.

Muddy: The hunter has been covered in thick mud. Has the same effects and cures as snowman.

Bleeding: The hunter has been hit by something very sharp and jagged. They take small amounts of damage whenever they roll, sprint, or attack. It can be cured by waiting, eating a Well-Done Steak, Mosswine Jerky, or Sushifish, or crouching without moving for a short time. Curing Bleeding will give Increased Natural Recovery for a short time.


Negating Blights and Abnormal Statuses

Blights and abnormal statuses will impart negative effects such as health loss. Remove them as quickly as possible using the appropriate items or actions.

Blights and abnormal statuses are indicated by marks next to your character's name.


Elemental Blights

Blights are contracted mostly from monster attacks. You can speed up your recovery from elemental blights by continuously performing dodges.

Fire Blight

This blight gradually depletes your health.

You can remove it immediately by dodging on a wet surface or by using a nulberry.

Water Blight

This blight slows down your stamina recovery.

You can remove it immediately by using a nulberry.

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