Blunt Damage

One of the three primary Damage Types used when tallying damage multipliers.


Blunt Damage is a Damage Type in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This damage type is primarily dealt by Hammers and Hunting Horns, but is also dealt by specific attacks from certain weapons, such as shield bashes, the Bow's Arc Shot, and some Kinsects.

In the same way that Cut and Ammo damage work, damage of this type will be subjected to its own multiplier based on the part of a Monster that receives it. For example, the heads of most monsters will often receive much more damage than legs or wings. See the articles about individual Large Monsters for information on their parts damage multipliers.

The Blunt Damage multiplier is separate from the combo move multiplier used by individual attacks of a weapon. See the article on Attack Power for the multipliers used in calculating damage.

An important property of Blunt Damage is its ability to cause both KO and Exhaust buildup. Hitting the heads of Monsters will cause KO buildup, while hitting the bodies of Monsters will cause Exhaust buildup. Hammers cause more KO buildup than Hunting Horns.


Blunt Damage Weapons & Combos


Monsters who are weak to Blunt Damage

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