Kinsect is a special equipment in Monster Hunter World (MHW) that players choosing to use the Insect Glaive can wield. It gives the user bonuses such as more damage, faster movement and better defense. Kinsects also have their own attacks and damage types, that vary from Kinsect to Kinsect. Kinsects can also be upgraded, much the way Weapons are and have their own upgrade trees.


Kinsect Information in MHW

Kinsect Stats

All Kinsects come with six stats that influence gameplay.

  • Attack Type: Sever or Blunt. This determines what kind of damage the Kinsect does when attacking the monster, following the standard sever and blunt damage rules. All Culldrones are Sever, and all Mauldrones are Blunt (Dragon Soul and True Dragon Soul are Blunt as well).
  • Dust Effect: BlastPoisonParalysis, or Heal. This determines the effect when the dust that the Kinsect leaves behind is struck. Blast, poison, and paralysis all cause their respective abnormal status "damage" in a small area of effect around the dust's location that affects a monster if it is in that radius. Heal causes a small area of effect heal to all players in the radius. This is determined by the name of the Kinsect. For example, Pseudocath I, II, and III all have blast dust, Carnage Beetle I, II, and III all have poison dust, etc.
  • Power: Lv 1-15 (up to Lv 20 in Iceborne Kinsects). This is essentially the attack stat of the Kinsect. It is determined by the specific species of Kinsect, and Kinsects that are higher in an upgrade path will always have an equal or higher power stat than the ones below them in that upgrade path.
  • Speed: Lv 1-15 (up to Lv 20 in Iceborne Kinsects). This stat affects the travel speed of the Kinsect when sending it out and recalling it. It does not, however, affect the attack speed of the Kinsect. It is determined in the same way as the power stat.
  • Heal: Lv 1-15 (up to Lv 20 in Iceborne Kinsects). This stat affects two things. Firstly, it affects the amount of health recovered from Green Extract. It does NOT affect the health received from Heal Dust. Secondly, it affects the rate at which a Kinsect recovers its stamina while on the Hunter's arm. It does not affect the stamina recovered when manually recalling a Kinsect before its stamina runs out, nor does it affect the rate at which Kinsects deplete their stamina bar while out. The Heal level is determined the same way as the speed and power stats.
  • Element: Lv 1-15 (up to Lv 20 in Iceborne Kinsects) and FireWaterIceThunder, or Dragon. This stat is the elemental damage stat of the Kinsect. Uniquely, this stat is not in the Kinsect when it is first purchased or upgraded to. All Kinsects are naturally elementless. However, at the smithy, the option Kinsect Element can be chosen in the Manage Kinsects tab. Spending some materials, a Kinsect can be given any one of the five elements, or the element can be removed, also spending materials. The level of the stat is determined by the tier of Kinsect. For example, a Cancadaman III will automatically be given an element stat of Lv 15. When upgrading a Kinsect, if it possesses an element, its level will automatically level up to the next tier's element stat level. Something else of note is that if a Kinsect is given an element, its power stat will be reduced by one.

There are different types of Kinsect Bonus that affects each status, for more information please check Kinsect Bonus. Keep in mind however, that your weapon raw attack and elemental boost skills such as Ice Attack does not change your kinsect elemental or raw damage, kinsects cannot crit either, so skills like Critical Eye, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit will not increase your overall DPS on a Kinsect Only build.

Speed is widely considered to be the best Kinsect stat, since it allows Extracts to be retrieved quicker and prevent the Hunter from having to waste time and DPS missing their Kinsect. Power is second to this, as it increases overall DPS. Heal is held to be the least important of the three. Not all monsters give Green Extract, making that part of the stat useless in many fights. While the increased stamina regeneration may seem useful in theory, the fact that manually recalling a Kinsect replenishes a large chunk of stamina and is unaffected by the Heal stat, there is little value in that half of the stat as well. Sever or blunt isn't an important stat in determining the usefulness of a Kinsect either, simply because it is outweighted by the other statuses. Since more than one of each Kinsect can be made, it is recommended to have five of each Kinsect, one for each element (this excludes the Dragon Soul and True Dragon, which you can only have one of).

However, with the introduction in Iceborne to the Descending Thrust move, slow and powerful kinsects became a really good option, greatly increasing your overall DPS. Using a slow kinsect, the kinsect drill that comes after the descending thrust hits more times than a fast one, and on top of that, using a power stat focused insect such as Vezirstag III Forz, the damage of this move is greatly improved. It is great against monsters such as Alatreon that has clear openings for your DT, and in this particular fight, it is possible to even use a non-elemental weapon and let your kinsect clear the elemental DPS check with only the kinsect elemental damage.

Keeping this in mind, the recommended endgame Kinsects to have are as follows:

 Iceborne Meta Kinsects

Best: Vezirstag III Forz or Foliacath III Forz (can leave elementless or change elements depending on fight)
Blast: Foliacath III Forz
Blast (Slow): Vezirstag III Forz
Heal: Valorwing III Forz
Posion: Gleambeetle III Velox
Paralysis: Bilbobrix III Velox

*Note: Foliacath III Forz is the best option for a speedy kinsect in Iceborne because the Foliacaths are the only options that can be upgraded to level 20 speed and healing dust isn't very good. Verzistag III Forz is pretty much your only go-to slow powerful kinsect given that it is the only kinsect with a lvl 20 Power Stat and has a relatively slow speed, increasing your overall damage on the Descending Thrust.


Kinsect Bonus

In Monster Hunter World (MHW), all Insect Glaives have a bonus in their description, which improves the Kinsect at some point, for example, increasing the kinsect's flying speed, the healing extract, or another thing. Bonus only affects the kinsect of the same owner of insect glaive. In Iceborne, you can also improve your kinsect using slinger ammo with the Kinsect Charge move.


Kinsect Charge Bonus

Kinsect Charge  
kinsect_power_no_background(Power) Gathered from monster dropped slinger ammo. Gives the Kinsect 1.5x raw damage, 3.5x elemental attack power and 1.15x dust strength, increases Kinsect healing and decreases time between dust deposits. Also extends individual extracts duration by 50%.
kinsect_spirit_no_background(Spirit) Gathered from field Slinger Ammo. Doubles the Kinsect maximum stamina and stamina regen rate. Also extends all extracts duration by 50%, including triple buff.

Note: In order to receive the buff duration extension from the kinsect charge, you must get the full triple buff after performing kinsect charge.

Kinsect Charge Duration

Every slinger ammo type has a different buff duration, being the rule of thumb the less capacity for this ammo, the more it lasts.

Ammo Type Buff Type Duration (Minutes:Seconds)
Stone Spirit 1:15
Redpit Spirit 1:30
Brightmoss, Crystalburst, Torch Pod, Scatternut Spirit 2:00
Puddle Pod Spirit 2:30
Dragon Pod Power 2:30
Thorn Pod, Piercing Pod, Bomb Pod Power 5:00

Note: Power Prolonger has no effect on Kinsect Charge duration.

Kinsect Bonus

The Insect Glaives may have only one of the following bonuses:

Bonus Effect
Speed Boost Increase the flying speed of the kinsect, does not attack more often within a same period than the others
Stamina Boost Increase the speed of stamina regeneration of the kinsect, does not attack for longer than normal
Health Boost Increases green extract healing potency
Element Boost Increase the element damage of the kinsect
Sever Boost Increases slicing damage of the kinsect with sever attack type
Blunt Boost Increases blunt damage of the kinsect with blunt attack type
Spirit & Strength Charging your kinsect with any slinger ammo gives both the Power and Spirit bonus.
Stamina & Healing Increases kinsect stamina recovery speed, stamina uptime and extract healing potency



Kinsect Damage Calculations

Raw and Elemental Damage

The data bellow shows the kinsect true raw and true elemental damage given the respective level, for example, a Kinsect with Power Level 1 has 20 of Kinsect True Raw, and a Kinsect with Element Level 10 has 17 of kinsect true element. The data shown below has the values considering the kinsect without any type of buff such as Element Boost or Sever Boost.

  • Power/Element Lv. 01: Raw: 20, Elemental: 8
  • Power/Element Lv. 02: Raw: 25, Elemental: 9
  • Power/Element Lv. 03: Raw: 35, Elemental: 10
  • Power/Element Lv. 04: Raw: 40, Elemental: 11
  • Power/Element Lv. 05: Raw: 55, Elemental: 12
  • Power/Element Lv. 06: Raw: 60, Elemental: 13
  • Power/Element Lv. 07: Raw: 70, Elemental: 14
  • Power/Element Lv. 08: Raw: 75, Elemental: 15
  • Power/Element Lv. 09: Raw: 80, Elemental: 16
  • Power/Element Lv. 10: Raw: 85, Elemental: 17
  • Power/Element Lv. 11: Raw: 90, Elemental: 18
  • Power/Element Lv. 12: Raw: 100, Elemental: 19
  • Power/Element Lv. 13: Raw: 110, Elemental: 20
  • Power/Element Lv. 14: Raw: 115, Elemental: 21
  • Power/Element Lv. 15: Raw: 125, Elemental: 23
  • Power/Element Lv. 16: Raw: 135, Elemental: 25
  • Power/Element Lv. 17: Raw: 140, Elemental: 27
  • Power/Element Lv. 18: Raw: 145, Elemental: 28
  • Power/Element Lv. 19: Raw: 155, Elemental: 30
  • Power/Element Lv. 20: Raw: 170, Elemental: 35

Kinsect attacks motion values

l2 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small: Kinsect: Harvest Extract -> 20

Midair r2 ps4 controls small: Descending Thrust (Kinsect attacks only) -> 35


Raw and Elemental Damage Calculation

The kinsect attacks have a green level sharpness multiplier on all of its attacks, so you should consider it in the calculations. For more details on damage calculation, please see Attack Power and Elemental Damage

Formula for Raw Damage displayed

Raw Base x 
x 1.05 (Green Level Sharpness)
x 1.2 (Blunt Boost with Blunt Kinsect)
x 1.3 (Sever Boost with Sever Kinsect)
x 1.5 (Kinsect Charge Power)
x Monster Hitzone
x Motion Value
x Quest Difficulty
x Rage Status

Formula for Elemental Damage displayed

Element Base x 
x 1.00 (Green Level Sharpness)
x 1.4 (Element Boost)
x 3.5 (Kinsect Charge Power)
x Monster Hitzone
x Motion Value
x Quest Difficulty
x Rage Status


Kinsect Culldrone Lineage (Cut / Sever Damage)



Kinsect Mauldrone Lineage (Blunt Damage)



Midgardsormr Lineage (Blunt Damage)


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    • Anonymous

      "The kinsect attacks have a green level sharpness multiplier on all of its attacks, so you should considerate it in the calculations"

      So you should "consider" it in the calculations.

      • Anonymous

        Dude just tallied up the math, things things have absolute insane elemental potential. Here's the math I did:

        kinsect endgame element (35) x element boost from insect glaive (1.4) x charge power boost (3.5) = 171.5 (35 x 1.4 x 3.5 = 171.5)

        171.5 is absolutely insane. That would do about 43 damage on the head of fatalis on element alone. That's not including the raw damage.

        • Anonymous

          Then what is aim > Triangle + Circle I did it once all it did I got a fourth buff kinsect increase health kinsect can now carry 2 buffs at the same time until I got a red version of the kinsect upgrade (Aim > Triangle + Circle) which I couldnt understand ive been searching the net and I coudnt find any info about it pls help

          • Anonymous

            The difference between Sever and Blunt is as follows: Kinsects can cut tails, and Kinsects can knock monsters out. My strategy is to gather all three extracts (Buff Strength if you have Iceborne), shoot the pheromone bullet at where it would be needed most, then go to town on the monster.
            "too little damage for it to matter" my ass.

            • Anonymous

              "...simply because the Kinsect attacks inconsistently and does too little damage for it to matter."
              Haha this guy doesn't know about kinsect only builds.

              • Anonymous

                Anyone know what the solo rarity 12 kinsect is? No tree, just chilling alone at the bottom of the nurture list.

                • Hi everyone, I just edited this page to include information on what the Kinsect stats mean. I also created a Dragon Soul and True Dragon Soul page finally! I am planning on coming back once I've discovered everything for Kinsects in Iceborne and including that as well. However, this is my first time editing this wiki, so I don't quite know how to format everything properly, so if anyone wants to pretty up this and the two new pages, I would appreciate it!

                  • Anonymous

                    the problem with Dragon Soul kinsect specifically is it has 1/2 kinsect stamina recharge rate of all other kinsects. Thus dragon soul is spending much more time on your arm recharging, and not going out and giving dust effects or getting you buffs when you need them. Thus dragon soul is reduced to boondoggle status, it's pretty to look at, but ultimately not worth using.

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