Kinsect is a special equipment in Monster Hunter World (MHW) that players choosing to use the Insect Glaive can wield. It gives the user bonuses such as more damage, faster movement and better defense. Kinsects also have their own attacks and damage types, that vary from Kinsect to Kinsect. Kinsects can also be upgraded, much the way Weapons are and have their own upgrade trees.


Kinsect Information in MHW



Kinsect Culldrone Lineage (Cut / Sever Damage)



Kinsect Mauldrone Lineage (Blunt Damage)







    • Anonymous

      13 Mar 2019 05:09  

      the problem with Dragon Soul kinsect specifically is it has 1/2 kinsect stamina recharge rate of all other kinsects. Thus dragon soul is spending much more time on your arm recharging, and not going out and giving dust effects or getting you buffs when you need them. Thus dragon soul is reduced to boondoggle status, it's pretty to look at, but ultimately not worth using.

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