Ladypavise II

Rarity 6
Attack Type Blunt
mhw-kinsect-dust-effect Paralysis
Element Damage none
mhw-kinsect-power Level 8
mhw-kinsect-speed Level 6
mhw-kinsect-heal Level 14

Ladypavise II is a Kinsect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). All Kinsects have their own unique properties such as Dust Effect, Attack Type, Power, Heal and even Speed. Only players using the Insect Glaive weapon can use these, and some Insect Glaives can even boost the effects of your Kinsect.



Ladypavise II Information



Ladypavise II Crafting and Upgrades

Ladypavise II has 3 different upgrade levels. It follows the Mauldrone path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Type mhw-kinsect-dust-effect Element Damage mhw-kinsect-power mhw-kinsect-speed mhw-kinsect-heal
5 Blunt Paralaysis none Level 7 Level 6 Level 13
Craft with: Monster Keenbone x2, Quality Bone x3, Girros Hide + x2, 2400x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
ladypavise_ii_kinsect-hunter-worldLadypavise II 6 Blunt Paralaysis none Level 8 Level 6 Level 14
Craft with: Monster Hardbone x2, Brutal Bone x1, Omniplegia Sac x2, 3600x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
ladypavise_ii_kinsect-monster-hunter-worldLadypavise III 7 Blunt Paralaysis none Level 9 Level 6 Level 15
Craft with: Elder Dragon Blood x2, Monster Hardbone x3, Dragonbone Relic x1, 4800x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki



Ladypavise II Upgrade Tree

Ladypavise II is part of an upgrade path for the Kinsect Trees. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Mauldrone tree.


Kinsect Mauldrone Lineage Tree




Alucanid I  ♦  Alucanid II  ♦  Alucanid III  ♦  Arkmaiden I  ♦  Arkmaiden II  ♦  Arkmaiden III  ♦  Bonnetfille I  ♦  Bonnetfille II  ♦  Bonnetfille III  ♦  Bullshroud I  ♦  Bullshroud II  ♦  Bullshroud III  ♦  Cancadaman I  ♦  Cancadaman II  ♦  Cancadaman III  ♦  Carnage Beetle I  ♦  Carnage Beetle II  ♦  Carnage Beetle III  ♦  Culldrone I  ♦  Culldrone II  ♦  Culldrone III  ♦  Empresswing I  ♦  Empresswing II  ♦  Empresswing III  ♦  Fiddlebrix I  ♦  Fiddlebrix II  ♦  Fiddlebrix III  ♦  Foebeetle I  ♦  Foebeetle II  ♦  Foebeetle III  ♦  Grancathar I  ♦  Grancathar II  ♦  Grancathar III  ♦  Gullshad I  ♦  Gullshad II  ♦  Gullshad III  ♦  Ladypavise I  ♦  Ladypavise III  ♦  Ladytarge I  ♦  Ladytarge II  ♦  Ladytarge III  ♦  Mauldrone I  ♦  Mauldrone II  ♦  Mauldrone III  ♦  Monarch Alucanid I  ♦  Monarch Alucanid II  ♦  Monarch Alucanid III  ♦  Pseudocath I  ♦  Pseudocath II  ♦  Pseudocath III  ♦  Rigiprayne I  ♦  Rigiprayne II  ♦  Rigiprayne III  ♦  Whispervesp I  ♦  Whispervesp II  ♦  Whispervesp III  ♦  Windchopper I  ♦  Windchopper II  ♦  Windchopper III


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