Whispervesp III

Rarity 7
Attack Type Blunt
mhw-kinsect-dust-effect Blast
Element Damage none
mhw-kinsect-power Level 3
mhw-kinsect-speed Level 15
mhw-kinsect-heal Level 11

Whispervesp III is a Kinsect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). All Kinsects have their own unique properties such as Dust Effect, Attack Type, Power, Heal and even Speed. Only players using the Insect Glaive weapon can use these, and some Insect Glaives can even boost the effects of your Kinsect.



Whispervesp III Information



Whispervesp III Crafting and Upgrades

Whispervesp III has 3 different upgrade levels. It follows the Mauldrone path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Type mhw-kinsect-dust-effect Element Damage mhw-kinsect-power mhw-kinsect-speed mhw-kinsect-heal
whispervesp_iii_kinsect-monster-hunter-worldWhispervesp I
5 Blunt Blast none Level 3 Level 12 Level 8
Craft with: Monster Keenbone x2, Quality Bone x3, Vespoid Innerwing x2, 2400x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
whispervesp_iii_kinsect-hunter-worldWhispervesp II 6 Blunt Blast none Level 3 Level 13 Level 9
Craft with: Monster Hardbone x2, Brutal Bone x1, Inferno Sac x2, 3600x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
whispervesp_iii_kinsect-monster-hunter-worldWhispervesp III 7 Blunt Blast none Level 3 Level 15 Level 11
Craft with: Elder Dragon Blood x2, Monster Hardbone x3, Firecell Stone x1, 4800x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki



Whispervesp III Upgrade Tree

Whispervesp III is part of an upgrade path for the Kinsect Trees. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Mauldrone tree.


Kinsect Mauldrone Lineage Tree




Alucanid I  ♦  Alucanid II  ♦  Alucanid III  ♦  Arginesse I  ♦  Arkmaiden I  ♦  Arkmaiden II  ♦  Arkmaiden III  ♦  Bilbobrix I Forz  ♦  Bilbobrix I Velox  ♦  Bilbobrix II Forz  ♦  Bilbobrix II Velox  ♦  Bilbobrix III Forz  ♦  Bilbobrix III Velox  ♦  Bonnetfille I  ♦  Bonnetfille II  ♦  Bonnetfille III  ♦  Bullshroud I  ♦  Bullshroud II  ♦  Bullshroud III  ♦  Cancadaman I  ♦  Cancadaman II  ♦  Cancadaman III  ♦  Carnage Beetle I  ♦  Carnage Beetle II  ♦  Carnage Beetle III  ♦  Culldrone I  ♦  Culldrone II  ♦  Culldrone III  ♦  Dragon Soul  ♦  Elscarad I  ♦  Empresswing I  ♦  Empresswing II  ♦  Empresswing III  ♦  Fiddlebrix I  ♦  Fiddlebrix II  ♦  Fiddlebrix III  ♦  Foebeetle I  ♦  Foebeetle II  ♦  Foebeetle III  ♦  Foliacath I Forz  ♦  Foliacath I Medis  ♦  Foliacath II Forz  ♦  Foliacath II Medis  ♦  Foliacath III Forz  ♦  Foliacath III Medis  ♦  Gleambeetle I Medis  ♦  Gleambeetle I Velox  ♦  Gleambeetle II Medis  ♦  Gleambeetle II Velox  ♦  Gleambeetle III Medis  ♦  Gleambeetle III Velox  ♦  Grancathar I  ♦  Grancathar II  ♦  Grancathar III  ♦  Gullshad I  ♦  Gullshad II  ♦  Gullshad III  ♦  Ladypavise I  ♦  Ladypavise II  ♦  Ladypavise III  ♦  Ladytarge I  ♦  Ladytarge II  ♦  Ladytarge III  ♦  Ladytower I Forz  ♦  Ladytower I Velox  ♦  Ladytower II Forz  ♦  Ladytower II Velox  ♦  Ladytower III Forz  ♦  Ladytower III Velox  ♦  Mauldrone I  ♦  Mauldrone II  ♦  Mauldrone III  ♦  Monarch Alucanid I  ♦  Monarch Alucanid II  ♦  Monarch Alucanid III  ♦  Nexus Dragon Soul  ♦  Pseudocath I  ♦  Pseudocath II  ♦  Pseudocath III  ♦  Rigiprayne I  ♦  Rigiprayne II  ♦  Rigiprayne III  ♦  True Dragon Soul  ♦  Valorwing I Forz  ♦  Valorwing I Medis  ♦  Valorwing II Forz  ♦  Valorwing II Medis  ♦  Valorwing III Forz  ♦  Valorwing III Medis  ♦  Vezirstag I Forz  ♦  Vezirstag I Velox  ♦  Vezirstag II Forz  ♦  Vezirstag II Velox  ♦  Vezirstag III Forz  ♦  Vezirstag III Velox  ♦  Whispervesp I  ♦  Whispervesp II  ♦  Windchopper I  ♦  Windchopper II  ♦  Windchopper III

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    • Anonymous

      i would say, if you are not to the point where you are good at getting that green buff when you need it for heals, then probably pseudocath iii is a good choice. but I definitely prefer the higher healing power over the kinsect base attack damage, because kinsects are basically useless for attacking other than their dust effect, even with a very high power, their raw attack just is bleh

      • Anonymous

        This is the best kinsect and here is why. kinsects mainly exist for only 2 purposes. purpose 1 - to get your buffs. (which includes healing green buffs if you need it). purpose 2 - to do their kinsect attack specifically to get their dust effects on the field. The damage that a kinsect does with it's normal attack is so minor that it is insignificant. Even with the higher damage power kinsects, they just can't do enough damage to justify the sacrifice in the other stats. The kinsect attack is so pin-prick tiny that it's not worth using. The speed of this kinsect is self-explanatory, if you need me to explain why speed is good on a kinsect, you haven't played insect glaive enough to be here, go away and come back after you use it for a few weeks. The Blast dust effect is not affected by the power rating of the kinsect. Also Blast damage from the dust effect scales based on the monster you are fighting. So on a stronger monster, it hits harder simply because the monster is stronger. Blast is also be best kinsect dust effect available, because it effects all monsters equally, and no monsters are strong against it. The extra damage, flinching, and knockdowns possible using blast damage are very nice to have during a fight. And when combined with that damage scaling I mentioned earlier, this dust effect is by far the best available. Also the heal stat from the Kinsect determines how much healing you will get from the green kinsect buff. At this level it is roughly equivalent to a single normal healing potion, and unlike a healing potion, the heal effect from the green kinsect buff is Instant. So if you need an instant heal, you can flick out your kinsect and get that instant health boost, without spending time drinking a potion. So with practice, you will find yourself automatically flipping out your kinsect for that green instant heal quite a lot. (I've only recently really started to do this reflexively without thinking about it, after around 400 hours of dedicated playtime with insect glaive, so this isn't a skill you will pick up and appreciate overnight, but trust me, it is very useful!). One other thing, the problem with Dragon Soul kinsect specifically is it has 1/2 kinsect stamina recharge rate of all other kinsects. Thus dragon soul is spending much more time on your arm recharging, and not going out and giving dust effects or getting you buffs when you need them. Thus dragon soul is reduced to boondoggle status, it's pretty to look at, but ultimately not worth using.

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