Insect Glaive


The Insect Glaive pairs a powerful glaive with Kinsects, insects that harvest extract from monsters to power you up. The Insect Glaive provides the hunter with great mobility and the ability to perform Jumping Attacks even on flat terrain.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Slashing Damage
Upgrades ??

Insect Glaive (操虫棍 Sōchūkon, "steering insect club") is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.

The insect glaive can be used to control a Kinsect, a small insect that harvests extracts from monsters to boost your abilities. The insect glaive also allows you to vault, so you can perform jumping attacks at any time.


Insect Glaive Weapon Tree

For full details, please see Insect Glaive Weapon Tree 

Insect Glaive Traits & Abilities

  • Rapid, flowing attacks with good range
  • Unparalleled aerial abilities
  • Kinsect provides strong self buffs and can be upgraded via Kinsect Trees.


Insect Glaive Guide

The Insect Glaive is a fast, fluid weapon with unmatched aerial abilities. On the ground, the Insect Glaive has rapid combos with good range. However, this weapon truly shines with its pole vault ability. Anytime, anywhere, the hunter can pole vault to launch themselves into the air. From there, the Insect Glaive can do air dash up to two times to get a better position, attack mid air, or drop attack. If the air attack hits the monster, the air dash resets, allowing it to be used again. Using this, a hunter could stay in the air until their stamina runs out or they miss the monster. All attacks made in the air do mounting damage, making the Insect Glaive ideal for mounting monsters. The other half of the Insect Glaive is the Kinsect. The Kinsect is a large insect that sits on the hunter's arm. The hunter can command the Kinsect to go out, hit the monster to collect essence, and then  come back. Four types of essence are available: Red, Orange, White, and Green. Red is an attack buff, orange is defense, white is movement speed, and green is healing. Collecting red, orange, and white buffs will create a max buff, extending the time those buffs last and making them stronger. 

Weapon and Kinsect Combinations

You can equip your insect glaive with different types of Kinsects. Consider each Kinsect type alongside the glaive type boosts to find effective combinations.


Kinsect Stamina

Your Kinsect will recover a small amount of stamina if you recall it before its stamina completely runs out.


Midair Evasion and Attacks

One Midair Evade and one midair attack can be used each time you're in midair. Jumping off again from a monster before you land allows you to perform each action once more.




Insect Glaive Advantages

  • Extreme mobility
  • Good at mounting monsters
  • Fast attacks
  • Powerful self buffs
  • Great reach; both vertical and horizontal
  • Fluid combos can be chained indefinitely or stopped to an evasive maneuver; performs admirably at cutting tails
  • Strong finishers
  • Kinsect can deal constant (albeit relatively low) damage once a monster is tagged
  • Kinsect clouds/ mist from tagged monsters allows for versatile support role; paralysis, poison, blast, and healing.


Insect Glaive Disadvantages

  • Relatively low attack power
  • Must rely on dodging for defensive measures
  • High stamina cost (in air)
  • Absurd sharpness loss tempo
  • Relies on kinsect's extract to perform notably


Insect Glaive Controls

Each move has its own hidden Combo Move multiplier (CM), which is used when calculating Raw (physical) Damage. See the article on Attack Power for more information.

Note: These figures are estimations reached through community testing.


  • : Standard Attack (First attack is slightly different if moving forward, can be chained up to 3 times). CM:
    • Thrust (Upward + ): 10
    • Rising Slash: 15 + 14
    • Backward Sweep: 18
    • Double Slash: 18 + 24
    • (With Red Extract) Thrust (Upward + ): 11 + 10
    • (With Red Extract) Rising Slash: 15 + 14 + 15
    • (With Red Extract) Backward Sweep: 15 + 19
    • (With Red Extract) Double Slash: 15 + 14 + 28
  • : Strong Attack (Is slightly different if moving forward, can be chained with Standard Attacks). CM:
    • Overhead Smash (Upward + ): 26
    • Sweep: 23
    • Slam: 30
    • (With Red Extract) Overhead Smash (Upward + ): 28
    • (With Red Extract) Sweep: 18 + 21
    • (With Red Extract) Slam: 25 + 43
  • + : Kinsect Harvest Extract (Sends the Kinsect out to retrieve essence, can be aimed before firing unless the target has been marked)
  • + Circle: Kinsect Recall
  • + : Fire Marker (Fires a marker that the Kinsect will target)
  • : Midcombo: Melee Mark (Leaves a marker that the Kinsect will target, also gathers extract if Kinsect is available)
  • + : Vault (Launches the hunter into the air, costs stamina)
  • Midair, : Aerial Attack (Does mounting damage, hits multiple times if inital attack connects). CM:
    • Aerial Attack: 15
    • (With Red Extract) Aerial Attack: 9 * number of hits
  • Midair, : Jumping Advancing Slash (Hits multiple times if inital attack connects, resets dash count). CM:
    • Jumping Advancing Slash: 29
    • (With Red Extract) Jumping Advancing Slash: 3 * number of hits + 31
  • Midair, : Midair Evade (Can only be done twice, costs stamina)


  • Y: Standard Attack (First attack is slightly different if moving forward, can be chained up to 3 times)
  • B: Strong Attack (Is slightly different if moving forward, can be chained with Standard Attacks)
  • LT + Y: Kinsect Harvest Extract (Sends the Kinsect out to retrieve essence, can be aimed before firing unless the target has been marked)
  • LT + B: Kinsect Recall
  • LT + RT: Fire Marker (Fires a marker that the Kinsect will target)
  • RT: Midcombo: Melee Mark (Leaves a marker that the Kinsect will target, also gathers extract if Kinsect is available)
  • RT + A: Vault (Launches the hunter into the air, costs stamina)
  • Midair, Y: Aerial Attack (Does mounting damage, hits multiple times if inital attack connects)
  • Midair, B: Jumping Advancing Slash (Hits multiple times if inital attack connects, resets dash count)
  • Midair, A: Midair Evade (Can only be done twice, costs stamina)

Kinsect Essences

Kinsect Essences can change how you use your glaive and is essential for maximizing output. Below are the colors and what they do.

  • White = Increase the hunter's speed for 90 seconds. Generally acquired from the monster's legs and wings.
  • Red = Increase the hunter's attack and alters some attack animations (e.g. some attacks hit multiple times in a single input) for 60 seconds. Generally acquired from the monster's head.
  • Orange = Increase the hunter's defense and knockback resistance to weak attacks for 45 seconds. Generally acquired from the monster's body.
  • Green = Recover a small amount of health. Generally acquired from the monster's tail.

Now we get into comboing essences. This can make you even stronger than just having one or two at once. Do your best to get all three enhancements and your damage output and survivability will be through the roof.

  • Red + White = 10% Attack increase for 90 seconds.
  • White + Orange = 10% Defense increase for 90 seconds.
  • Red + White + Orange = 15% Attack increase + 10% Defense increase + Flinch free for 90 seconds.

To add onto this, having the red essence changes your combos. Your aerial Y/Triangle becomes a spinning attack and deals loads of damage and a high possibility to mount.


Insect Glaives are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Insect Glaives. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Insect Glaive Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below. Please see Kinsect for information on your companion insects.


Insect Glaives Gallery MHW


Insect Glaive Ore Weapons




Insect Glaive Bone Weapons








Kinsect is a special equipment in Monster Hunter World (MHW) that players choosing to use the Insect Glaive can wield. It gives the user bonuses such as more damage, faster movement and better defense. Kinsects also have their own attacks and damage types, that vary from Kinsect to Kinsect. Kinsects can also be upgraded, much the way Weapons are and have their own upgrade trees.


Kinsect Information in MHW



Kinsect Culldrone Lineage (Cut / Sever Damage)



Kinsect Mauldrone Lineage (Blunt Damage)








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    • Anonymous

      15 Feb 2019 17:31  

      some of the best skills for insect glaive would most likely be flinch free, airborne, earplugs, jump master and master mounter the chance that you could get all of these is very low if not impossible but it would be amazing.

      • Anonymous

        18 Dec 2018 18:04  

        This is the only weapon that I use that I am more successful with, I have never lost with this and it never lets me down.

        • Anonymous

          22 Nov 2018 08:59  

          If you get the behemoth gear and level 3 weakness exploit, you don't have to worry about loss sharpness cause you crit almost every time.

          • Anonymous

            14 Nov 2018 21:06  

            Very interesting and cool weapon but the time you spend harvesting buffs and how fast it loses sharpness prevents it from being god tier. Still good and very fun tho

            • Anonymous

              05 Sep 2018 19:35  

              Even thugh it is not mentioned, the aerial chain attack (B / Circle) deals mounting damage, too, but it is a lot easier to mount with the Y / Triangle attack. This is to be kept in mind though, as you can slowly build up mounting damage while still using the high damage combo, and finish with a Y / Triangle attack to start the mounting attempt.

              • Anonymous

                04 Sep 2018 14:30  

                yesterday was my first day on this game, first weapon was iron bow, hated it, then matched slicers, meh, then katana, not bad, picked up the iron blade/insect glaive, bam I'm in love, this weapon is just so good.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Mar 2018 14:51  

                  So as I'm in the middle of a battle my insect g. Sword bar fills up and glows pink. And cant seem to find out why or the meaning to it being pink... not red or orange or green but it pink.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Mar 2018 14:47  

                    I use my insect g. During battle and at times my sword bar fills up pink. Not red or orange but pink and I cant find out why or the reason to why it pink st times

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Mar 2018 17:17  

                      Do the Legiana(sp?) glove ability "Airborne" give a 10% damage output to the jumping attacks with the glaive? Or is it just off of cliffs and such??

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Feb 2018 06:58  

                        Also, a tip for glaive users; need to trigger a falling boulder trap? Firing the marker at it will trigger it, meaning you don't need to put up your weapon and load the sling to trigger traps! Fought xeno for the first time tonight with a glaive; I need to trigger the falling crystals onto xeno for max damage, and the marker serves as a makeshift sling as well.

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Feb 2018 19:30  

                          Where is a KINSECT guide/tree? i want to look up waht Mats i need to make the last in my tree for a few different kinds. i have no clue what materials are needs as they a ?? in the game.

                          • Anonymous

                            Insect Glaive [MHW Wiki]03 Feb 2018 20:06  

                            Yes! This the makes your kinsect release its dust effect. Dust effect leaves a bonus effect in the area, that when attacked releases its effect. Heal dust effect is like a small vigour fly for heals so you can act as a field healer.. There are also poison and paralysis effects at low rank you can use to effect the monster. These hovering spots can be hit by you and your teammates. Harvest extract is entire tactical advantage you can layer with your glaive.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Feb 2018 18:42  

                              So, is there any real reason to ever use the "harvest extract" command rather than just telling the Kinsect to attack, since in either situation you have to manually recall it or wait for the stamina to drop? Or is it a situation where harvesting extract won't alert monsters, so you could potentially harvest all three before starting your initial attack? Even if it's the latter, that seems very situational. Or am I missing something about how the harvest command differs from just harvesting via the attack command?

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Feb 2018 00:11  

                                even if i have plenty of stamina the weapon will not allow me to combo air attacks more than 5 times. I will instead slice through the monster dealing damage but landing on the ground. No one has mentioned this, idk if its new so people are going off old information or what but I would like more in depth info.

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