DLC in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are additional downloadable content for the game. It has been confirmed that DLC will be handled in a similar manner to previous games. Waves of DLC missions will be released for free, containing new quests, new equipment, and new scenarios. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

How to claim your Bonuses & Add-ons

Go to "My Room" in Astera and talk to the Housekeeper felyne. On the menu "Claim Add-On & Bonuses" you will find your rewards

Beta quest completion bonuses:

DLC in Monster Hunter World

Horizon Zero Dawn Collaboration DLC

The full armor set will make any player character look like Aloy from head to toe, including facial likeness.

After completing the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event quest, which is planned to be distributed to online players, special materials can be obtained to forge collaboration equipment. By bringing the necessary materials to the in-game facility (Smithy), you'll be able to forge the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration equipment.

Details on the exact timing and availability of the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration quest are coming soon.

  • Collaboration Event: Horizon Zero Dawn, Round 1
    Available: 2/08 23:59 (UTC) 2018
    Event Quest: Lessons of the Wild
    Quest Level: 5★
    Conditions: HR 6 or higher
    Locale: Arena
    Main Objective: Slay 8 Barnos (1 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Present)

    The items you receive for completing the event quest "Lessons of the Wild" can be used to forge the following items!
    Palico weapon, "Felyne Watcher Grinder"
    Palico full armor set, "Watcher"

  • Collaboration Event: Horizon Zero Dawn, Round 2
    Available: 2/28 00:00 – 3/15 23:59 (UTC) 2018
    Event Quest: The Proving
    Quest Level: 6★
    Conditions: HR 11 or higher
    Locale: HR Ancient Forest
    Main Objective: Hunt an Anjanath (Gold Crown Large)

    The items you receive for completing the event quest "The Proving" can be used to forge the following items!
    Bow: "Aloy's Bow"
    Bow: "Aloy's War Bow"
    Full armor set: "Aloy α"


- Full armor sets cannot be equipped in conjunction with other armor parts.

- Unlike layered armor, which only changes appearances, full armor sets activate a predetermined set of skills, and can even be upgraded at the Smithy.

  • A player character equipped with Aloy's full armor set will resemble Aloy even if it's a male character.

DLC Equipment:

Bow: "Aloy's Bow"

Bow: "Aloy's War Bow"

Full armor set: "Aloy α"

Palico weapon, "Felyne Watcher Grinder"

Palico full armor set, "Watcher"


 Universal Studios Japan Collaboration

A (currently) Japan only collaboration item set, received by visiting the "Monster Hunter The Real" ride at Universal Studios Japan and entering the product code from the 調査記録書 "survey record" on the Japanese PS store. There is an initial period from the 19th of January until 26th of April where the first code shall be handed out, then a second period from the 27th of April until the 24th of June where there second code shall be distributed. The first quest runs until the 10th of June, the second until the 8th of August, after which the quests cannot be started. 

The first code unlocks a mission where the materials for making the 蒼星ノ太刀 (Sword of the Pale Blue Star) and the 蒼星ネコシリーズ (Pale Blue star cat series) can be obtained. The second code unlocks a quest where the materials for the 蒼星ノ将αシリーズ (Leader of the Pale Blue Star Alpha Series) armor set, and upgrade materials for the sword can be obtained. Completing the quests unlocks a Guild Card backdrop, and a set of titles. 

According to the press release, the code will not work on any PSN store other than the Japanese one, nor will it function on non Japanese copies of the game. However, those without the code can still join in the quests started by others to obtain the materials for the equipment.


Street Fighter Collaboration


The Ryu and Sakura armor sets will become available after completing a specific questline for each set. Capcom has confirmed that these quests will appear earlier if you have a save data file from Street Fighter V, but the quests will eventually appear to everyone else.

In addition to the character models, a number of premium gestures and Chat Stamp sets will be available to buy, including the iconic Hadoken and Shoruken. Details listed below.

Guild Card: Bonus Stage (Free)
Achievements: Rival, Destined, Living Legend and Bandana Girl (Free)
Pose: Shoryuken & Hadoken (Free)
Gesture: Street Fighter V Hadoken ($3.99)
Gesture: Street Fighter V Shoryuken ($3.99)
Stamp Set: Street Fighter V Set - ($1.99)

Monster DLC



  Behemoth Alpha Armor Set (α),   Behemoth Beta Armor Set (β)






    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2018 03:15  

      Personnally i would like a area similar to areas 9 to 11 from the jurassic frontier as our "nocternal" map, the rotten vale is our cave area and i think necrylla would fit perfectly in the vale. but back to the "Fungal Wastes" as i call this hypothetical area, the food chain would go like this using monsters we already have and adding in small monsters (from top to bottom) Nargacuga > Garuga > Malfestio / Nescylla > Kut-ku > Konchu. with Chamelos as this area's elder dragon and duramboros doing whatever he wants. Narga as Apex beacause he is the perfect ambush preadator, then into Garuga beacause i couldn't think of anything else. Malfestio and Nescylla are equals beacause they both have sleep and are fought as the HR 4 urgent quest for their respective games. Kut-ku, do i even need explaining, and Konchu, beacause both the vale and the coral highlands don't have herbivores, so Konchu are okay in this hypothetical ecosystem.

      • Anonymous

        04 Sep 2018 16:39  

        I just started playing this and i have to admit, the learning curve is steep. For the longest time, i couldnt "Join a quest" or send out SOS flares because i had to finish the story mode first before all that opens up (didnt know that you have to re-connect online after you let the game sit idle for a while). I got to Hunter ranking 14 with no help and was about to give up because i couldnt beat some of the monsters solo. Until i spoke to a co-worker and he told me everything. I felt so stupid.

        • Anonymous

          21 Aug 2018 03:28  

          I wish they make a ice area with a new beginer monster and jade Barroth and finally tigrex as a apex and also a shadow forest With a great wroggi and that rubbery chicken that I can’t remember and a Constant turf war of narga and garuga

          • Anonymous

            20 Aug 2018 17:11  

            Maybe sugest it to some devs pc just releaced so there going to be working on it for an bit yet and if thy like/can get the funding to thy may be able to add them.

            • Anonymous

              17 Apr 2018 17:42  

              now we got Kulve-Taroth on the way, we got the Treasure Dragon coming, only it's a seige boss like Zorah and Lao.... crap.

              • Anonymous

                28 Feb 2018 14:55  

                does any one know how to get the pre order samuri set. The housekeeper says i claimed it but i don't know where it is.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Feb 2018 09:24  

                  I bought the deluxe set on the PS4 but it won’t let me claimed and I check if it installed and it is installed so help pls thx

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