DLC in Monster Hunter World are covered on this page. It has been confirmed that DLC will be handled in a similar manner to previous games. Waves of DLC missions will be released for free, containing new quests, new equipment, and new scenarios. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.



Horizon Zero Dawn Collaboration DLC

The full armor set will make any player character look like Aloy from head to toe, including facial likeness.

After completing the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event quest, which is planned to be distributed to online players, special materials can be obtained to forge collaboration equipment. By bringing the necessary materials to the in-game facility (Smithy), you'll be able to forge the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration equipment.

Details on the exact timing and availability of the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration quest are coming soon.


- Full armor sets cannot be equipped in conjunction with other armor parts.

- Unlike layered armor, which only changes appearances, full armor sets activate a predetermined set of skills, and can even be upgraded at the Smithy.

  • A player character equipped with Aloy's full armor set will resemble Aloy even if it's a male character.


MegaMan (8-Bit) Palico Armor

Introducing an all-new set of Palico armor, based on everyone's favorite "Blue Bomber"!
Featuring unique background music that changes music depending on your weapon type,
this 3D-pixellated set gives a Monster Hunter twist to the classic 8-bit Mega Man!

Megaman 8-bit Palico Armor







MegaManPalico1MegaMan Palico Armor


This content will be available through completing an online event quest, available for free download after the game's release, specific dates to be announced at a later time.
You must have an internet connection to access downloadable content.


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