Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest

Quest Type Special Assignment Quest, Level 9
Monster Leshen
Location Ancient Forest
Rewards 19800zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Time Limit 60 min

Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest is an Optional Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This Special Assignment Quest was introduced with Patch 6.0 and is a collaboration with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Attention field team! An anomaly has been discovered in the Ancient Forest. Help the witcher resolve this issue. In this quest, you will get to play as Geralt of Rivia. - Client: The Commander

Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest Information


After installing Patch 6.0, talk to the Felynes in the Tradeyard and begin Investigate the Anomaly at the Research Base. Follow the quest until Geralt of Rivia arrives, and accept the opportunity to help Geralt solve the Ancient Forest contract.

You will play as Geralt, and can approach the Smithy Apprentice, which allows you to customize your equipment. Geralt can use the Igni Fire Sign to deal damage, and can select from the following Rare 6 weapons, or his special Rare 8 Sword and Shield:


Meet the Endemic Life Researcher

After selecting your weapon, head towards the map markers to find the Commission Members and enjoy Geralt's commentary about the landscape, flora and fauna. The Endemic Life Researcher is looking at an Aptonoth near Sector 3, and talking to her will trigger the opportunity to examine the carcass.

  • Examine the head leads Geralt to conclude the animal is a Herbivore
  • Examine the body makes Geralt note the puncture wounds, likely from a large flock of birds attacking the animal
  • Examine the limbs leads Geralt to conclude the monster must have been running away from something before collapsing at this location. It would seem something waited for the Aptonoth to be separated from its herd.

Walk South-West from the carcass and Geralt will note some red glowing black feathers. Follow that trail to get to the next objective - a large flock of Revoltures that you must dispatch of by using the Igni sign. Another conversation with the Endemic Life Researcher will ensue were you discuss how strange the Revoltures are acting, and the Nekker sighted in the forest previously. Geralt concludes that this is something that wields magic, and sets off to find the other Commission member.

Meet the Chief Botanist

Head North East towards sector 11 and you will find a journal. Witcher Senses hint to a set of red prints of a panic-fueled rush up the nearby tree trunk. Follow the hints as Geralt comments on the progress of the escape and a possible attack and you find yet another journal. The prints now lead into a nearby cave, where you will spot some strange-looking tree roots - surely fueled by powerful magic.  Continue following the tracks and you will spot a Pukei-Pukei strangled by the mysterious roots. Not far beyond, you'll find the Chief Botanist trapped within roots. Geralt can ask what  happened only to be told roots suddendly leaped up towards the commission member, who could not outrun them. The Botanist makes a mention of the protagonist's feats as the Sapphire Star and his faith that he would be rescued.

Geralt will free the Chief Botanist by using the Igni sign and setting the roots on fire. A conversation ensues:

  • Ask about liking plants: The Botanist explains that Wyverians, having a larger lifespan than humans, feel that plants are there through the years whereas human companions would die.
  • Tell me about the roots: The roots are not common and extremely strange in how fast they grow, which can only be compared to "magic"
  • Why were you attacked: The roots attack whatever wanders within range, rather than as a means to feed.
  • Pukei-Pukei: Botanist explains they are large Bird Wyverns with colorful feathers and scales.


Rescue a Pukei-Pukei

Optional Side Quest: Pukei-Pukei in Peril

Find and Free the Pukei-Pukei and it will aid you in your final fight with the Leshen! The pukei is alive just west of where you saw the dead one.


Strange Markings from Gajalaka

Geralt concludes that a Leshen must be responsible for the strange happenings. You must find the Leshen's totem.

Some strange markings trigger a Side Quest: The Chief Issue - go to the Lynian Researcher in the north portion of sector 12 (you must go up a tree trunk and vines). The researcher says they are Gajalaka doodles, which you must have done on your character beforehand. If you have completed befriending the Gajalaka, you will learn that they talk about the "Crisis. King Tree. Top. Gather". You must go to the top of the Ancient Tree. Go to the Rathalos lair near camp 17 and defeat the Gajalaka to engage them in dialogue. Once the researcher arrives, you find out the Gajalaka are saying you are impressive, and that their gathering was to decide on a chief as their previous chief became possessed and disappeared. They have chosen Geralt as their new leader, and you must accept or decline this honor.

Accepting leads to the Gajalaka sharing the story of what happened to the previous leader.  You must now talk to the Handler, who is in the Southwest Camp in Sector 1. Travel there and The Handler will tell you that the Chief is most likely looking for a Giant Vigorwasp. One is found in Area 13 of the map. You will have to face off against the Gajalaka Chief and two Gajalakas. Deafeat them and the Lynian Researcher will appear and translate the conversation where the chief reveals a portal appeared and its mind was affected by some wooden roots. If you succeed in finishing the quest, you will earn Gajalaka Shellshock - Gajalaka helps you out more easily.

Destroy the Leshen's Totem

To continue the main quest, follow the red markings that will lead you toward sector 12. As you approach the totem, a group of Jagras will attack you. Dispatch them by using your weapon and Igni sign, and then get back to the totem. Geralt will burn it, and Revoltures will swarm, revealing a Leshen.


Defeat the Leshen

This can be a challenging fight because the gear provided is sub-optimal for the setting, and hunters do not have access to their regular arsenal. It is recommended that you pick whatever weapon you are the most familiar with, stock up on Adamant Seeds, Lifepowder and such from the Item Box, and quickslot the Igni Sign.

Do not forget to use the Ancient Potion to maximize your stats, and the Well-Done Steak provided if your stamina goes down from lots of exploring.

Use the Igni sign as often as it's up to deal considerable damage and a stun to the Leshen, and ensure your combos do not have you finishing in front of the monster when you finish them, as you could be open to attacks. Gajalaka enemies drop poison and paralysis darts that can help as well - or you can look around the forest for other Slinger ammo that you can use for a quick stun.

If you rescued Pukei-Pukei, you will want to use your lifepowder on it when it appears, as it must remain alive for the side-quest to be successful.

Defeating the Leshen will yield a Leshen Skull on carving. Geralt turns down the Zenny payment and says to give it to the protagonist hunter, and hands in a special rune for the hunter to summon flames: the Hunter Runestone. Other rewards include The Witcher 3: Dark Clouds background for Guild Cards, as well as a new pose: The Witcher 3: White Wolf.

New Titles are unlocked: Witcher, Geralt, Ciri, Leshen, Igni, White Wolf


Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest Notes

Other Monsters in this quest:


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    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2019 08:12  

      Im am older gamer and suck at games in general, except for ones that mostly require strategy. This quest is one of the worst quests in ANY game Ive played, and have given up on it

      • Anonymous

        10 Feb 2019 06:10  

        I did this quest first before I completed the befriending the Gajalaka and fail the side quest Chief Issue, I came back after I I completed the Gajalaka quest but, I still failed the side quest the Chiefs Issue!! Is this a glitch because now I can’t complete this side quest.

        • Anonymous

          10 Feb 2019 02:41  

          I found one marking of the Gajalakas and talked to the Lynian researcher who said he can’t read it and failed the side quest. I have unlocked all of the Palico gadgets, including meowlotov cocktail, from the Gajalakas. I’m not sure what I’m missing?

          • Anonymous

            08 Feb 2019 23:00  

            When you complete the pukei-pukei side quest, there's an item Geralt turns down. Nothing was announced like the the other side quests or the main quest, but I noticed I got an attack jewel randomly in the extra rewards. I assume that's the reward for completing the side quest (at least the first time), but I'm not positive.

            • Anonymous

              08 Feb 2019 21:03  

              That Pukei-Pukei is a major aid in this battle cause it draws attention of those little Jagras, though you do need to draw the Lesher close so it can activate or it will sit there an take damage.

              • Anonymous

                08 Feb 2019 17:43  

                *****quest and having to use sub-optimal GS means that you have to sit through a 10+ minutes killing a Spriggan

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