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List of missing pages or pages that needs more work and content.
Miss a page or feature? Then list it in the Needed Pages section below.

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  • Read the Editing Guide page to learn basics of editing (general fextralife wiki editing guide here).



Missing Information

  • Please help add locations to all items
  • Please help complete the weapon categories tables.
  • Please help complete the palico equipment page.
  • Item descriptions need for pages.
  • Add ammo information for heavy bowguns. See Chain Blitz I for an example.
  • Entries needed in /Blastblight under "Equipment that Wields Blast"

Needed Pages

  • The current Ammo template probably needs to be split into 3 different templates/categories for each main ammo type. Bowgun Ammo, Slinger Ammo and Bow Coatings.
    • There is currently a page for Bowgun Ammo and the Slinger page contains info for all Slinger Ammo. Coatings information is in Bow
  • Create a page for Secluded Valley and add it to Locations.


Pages needing improvements

  • We need detailed information for all Stats
  • Skills page is incomplete, needs to fill all the skills... also it would be a good idea to sort skills by category.
  • Enemy pages' info/image box needs to have images always have a width of maximum of 300px. To avoid issues like see this for example
  • Individual Weapon pages should link to Elemental Damage instead of the pages for individual Blights. To see which pages need tweaked links, go to Fireblight, Waterblight, Thunderblight, Iceblight, and Dragonblight and select "Backlinks" from the "more options" dropdown tab.
  • Need to check all weapons with hidden element and status and correct them since lot of them are not showing as them having hidden element(about 40% done)
  • Need to check all weapons that can be crafted later in a weapon tree as it lists the upgrade materials instead as it brings confusion to some people, need to separate both(example: Radobaan Osseus I(also need to differentiate upgrade/craft differences on the weapon upgrade pages)) (about 35% done)


Tag usage

Wiki tags are not metadata, but a way to define different properties of for example an item. A tag does nothing on its own, but when many pages share the same tag they can be used to list other items with similar properties. Tags should mostly be single words, and not long unique sentences (like "great weapon to pwn n00bs with").
Example: The Moonlight Greatsword, it's a greatsword, it deals magic damage, and it has a special attack. It should be tagged with something like "Weapon" "Greatsword" "Magic" "Special".


Cluttered pages

If you encounter a particularly cluttered page, but have no time to clean it up at the moment, then tag the page with " cleanup" as a reminder. They will show up below:



Rename Pages

Pages with names that differ from in-game names should be renamed, so please tag them with " rename". Renaming pages also involves fixing all backlinks and redirecting the current page to the new one. They will show up below:



Duplicate Pages

Some items/equipment/npc´s have duplicate pages. Please tag such pages with " duplicate", and someone will eventually merge them.




Unnecessary Pages

If you encounter an unnecessary page, or have a request to delete a page, then tag it with " delete" and it should appear in the list below.



Redirects that need to be cancelled

  • Links go here
  • Links go here


Templates that need to be deleted or renamed

  • Links go here


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