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The Bow is a versatile weapon thanks to its variety of Shots, including the long-ranged Arc Shot and the damaging Power Shot, and allows its user to be highly mobile as they fire off coated arrows as support.

Weapon Type Ranged
Damage Type Shot (Ammo) Damage
Upgrades ??

Bow (弓 yumi, an oversized Japanese bow) is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.

The bow is a mid-range weapon that can perform a variety of attacks. Its charged shots can deal significant damage when aimed at a monster's weak points.


Bow Weapon Tree

For full details, including rare 9 and above weapons added with Iceborne please see Bow Weapon Tree

You can also see Master Rank Iceborne Bows.


Bow Traits & Abilities

  • Unlimited arrows to hail upon the monsters from afar
  • Coatings give useful buffs
  • Special arrows are capable of hitting one monster several times with one shot


Bow Guide





 Monster Hunter Bow Overview

The bow in Monster Hunter World is a ranged weapon suitable for players who prefer attacking from a distance. The Bow is ranged weapon capable of unleashing a never ending barrage of arrows on the target. While simple to use, its mastery requires a detailed knowledge of the best combinations of attacks, coatings, and distance from the monster. Bows do not use ammo in a conventional sense, so hunters will never run out arrows to fire. Instead they use coatings, which apply special effects to the arrows. A list of coatings and their effects can be found below. Lastly, the bow has an optimal range for firing. Being too far away from the target will cause shots to do less damage. The optimal range will vary based on coating, and the crosshair will glow orange when the monster is in the optimal range.


Charge Bow Tips

Bows are at their most powerful when you charge up arrows before shooting them. You can shoot Charged Shots by holding down the fire button or by shooting arrows in quick succession. The Bow Charge Plus skill (available on a level 2 decoration) increases the maximum charge of your bow by 1 level; this is how you reach the higher damage tiers listed in the controls below.


Bow Dancing

Once you have reached a high charge level, you can maintain it by dodging between shots. One high-damage attack rotation is Charge Shot - Power Shot - Dodge - Repeat (often called "bow dancing"). When you dodge, if you are holding the aim button but do not touch the camera controls, your next shot will auto-aim at the last spot you hit, so you don't need to adjust the camera constantly to keep firing. Charging, firing a shot, and dodging all consume stamina, and once you run out, your attack rotation stops and you are unable to dodge any attacks until enough stamina regenerates to dodge. Thus, it is important to keep an eye on your stamina meter. Because the amounts of stamina consumed by the attacks and the dodge are fixed, the Constitution skill, which reduces such stamina consumption, is highly beneficial if you are using this "bow dancing" attack style. You can also consume Dash Juice or use a Wiggly Litchi (found in the field, sitting on logs) to give yourself a 25% reduction to all stamina consumption for 4 minutes. Be aware that stamina consumption reduction is capped at 50%, so if you are using Dash Juice, you only need Constitution level 3 to hit the 50% cap; additional levels of Constitution will go to waste.


Lunging Melee Attack

You can perform a Lunging Melee Attack after performing a Charging Sidestep. This attack can be used to mount monsters.

Basic Controls:

  • Use L2 to aim and R2 to fire.
  • Hold R2 to charge up arrow tiers for increased damage (watch stamina).
  • Press Circle for a special shot (varies by bow).
  • Press Circle + Triangle for Dragon Piercer (powerful but immobile).

Special Mechanics:

  • Consecutive shots or dodging after a shot increases arrow tiers for higher DPS.
  • Power Shot after a regular charge shot or Dragon Piercer for unique attacks.


  • Hit up or down on the D-pad, then press Triangle to apply coatings.
    Coatings have diverse effects, varying by bow. Learn the specific coatings available for each bow.

Optimal Range:

  • Crosshairs glow orange when at the proper firing range.
  • Coatings affect the firing range, so be mindful of applied coatings for positioning.

Monster Knowledge:

  • Swap coatings based on the monster's weaknesses to maximize DPS.
  • Target weak spots for effective damage output.


  • No need for sharpness maintenance, allowing continuous attacks.
  • Unique properties and coatings make each bow distinctive.




Bow Advantages

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Ranged attacks allows for relative safety
  • Good crowd control thanks to coatings and arc shot
  • Has one of the highest sustained dps in the game
  • Highly mobile, allowing for high levels of survivability
  • Best weapon for Elemental Damage


Bow Disadvantages

  • Glass cannon weapon
  • Relies on dashing for defense
  • Requires careful management of stamina
  • Requires precision and knowledge of monster weak zones


Coating Types

Note: The coatings a hunter can use are determined by what bow they have. Most bows only have access to 3 or 4 coatings, but can be modified for more with certain Skills.

  • Power: Increases raw damage by 35%.
  • Close Range: Increases raw damage by 18%. Has a much shorter range than Power coatings. 
  • Poison: replaces the weapon's element with Poison. Ailment is applied on every arrow.
  • Paralysis: replaces the weapon's element with Paralysis. Ailment is applied on every arrow.
  • Sleep: replaces the weapon's element with Sleep. Ailment is applied on every arrow.
  • Blast: replaces the weapon's element with Blast. Ailment is applied on every arrow.

Bow Controls

Each move has its own Motion Value (MV), which is used when calculating Raw (physical) Damage. See the article on Attack Power for more information.

Note: Lv4 charge can only be reached with Bow Charge Plus.

  • l2 ps4 controls small (Hold): Aim
  • r2 ps4 controls small: Rapid Shot (can be held or tapped to get to the next level). MVs:
    • Lv1: 7 
    • Lv2: 9 * 2
    • Lv3: 10 * 3
    • Lv4: 11 * 3
  • circle ps4 controls small: Quick/Power Shot (can be chained with Rapid Shots). MVs:
    • Quick Shot (Lv1): 6 * 3
    • Power Shot Lv2: 9 * 3
    • Power Shot Lv3: 11 * 5
    • Power Shot Lv4: 11 * 6
  • r2 ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small / circle ps4 controls small after a Power Shot: Arc Shot (blunt damage). MVs:
    • Lv1: 1 * 6
    • Lv2: 1 * 9
    • Lv3/4: 2 * 15
  • triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small: Dragon Piercer. MVs:
    • Lv1: 19 * number of hits
    • Lv2: 20 * number of hits
    • Lv3: 23 * number of hits
    • Lv4: 24 * number of hits
  • left stick ps4 controls + x ps4 controls small while holding r2 ps4 controls small: Charging Sidestep (evades and charges one level at the same time)
    • triangle ps4 controls small after Charging Sidestep: Lunging Melee Attack (deals mount damage). MV: 35
  • x ps4 controls small against a scalable wall: Wall Shot. MVs:
  • Midair triangle ps4 controls small: Jumping Melee Attack. MV: 10
  • r2 ps4 controls small (Hold) while sliding: Charged Shot (see Rapid Shot)
  • triangle ps4 controls small: Apply/Remove Coating
  • D-pad up/down or l1 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small / x ps4 controls small: Select Coating
  • l2 ps4 controls small + r3 ps4 controls: switch between Aim and Slinger
  • l2 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small in Slinger mode: Thousand Dragons. MVs:
    • without Slinger ammo: 19 * 6
    • with Slinger ammo: depends on the Slinger ammo type held


Bows are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Bows. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Bow Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below.

Iceborne Bows are Master Rank Bows in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). These rare 9 and above weapons were added with the Iceborne Expansion and can only be obtained by players who own the expansion. The weapons use Master Rank Materials that can be obtained by completing quests and doing endgame content.

Iceborne Bows


Quick Search of all Bows in Iceborne

Name Attack Affinity Element Rare
Dragon Perforator I gem level 2gem level 2 264 0% 180mhw thunder damage s Thunder 9
Dragon Perforator II gem level 2gem level 2 276 0% 210mhw thunder damage s Thunder 10
Dragon Perforator III gem level 2gem level 2 312 0% 240mhw thunder damage s Thunder 11
Usurper's Rumble gem level 2 300 0% 180mhw thunder damage s Thunder 10
Usurper's Rumble + gem level 2 312 0% 210mhw thunder damage s Thunder 11
Alqaws al-Nasr I - 228 25% 300BlastblightBlast 9
Alqaws al-Nasr II - 300 25% 330BlastblightBlast 10
Rex Bow I - 312 -25% 210BlastblightBlast 10
Rex Bow II - 336 -25% 210BlastblightBlast 10
Dios Flier - 252 0% 240BlastblightBlast 10
Tsali Flier gem level 1 288 0% 360BlastblightBlast 11
Gigacles + decoration level 4 mhw wiki 288 0% 180fire blight iconFire 10
Gigantomachy decoration level 4 mhw wiki 310 0% 210fire blight iconFire 10
Princess Arrow IV gem level 2gem level 1 252 10% 240 DragonBlightDragon 9
Rosen Arrow gem level 2gem level 1 288 10% 270 DragonBlightDragon 9
Rathslinger IV gem level 1 252 20% 270 fire blight iconFire 9
Azure Mightbow gem level 1 276 20% 300 fire blight iconFire 10
Water Shot IV gem level 3 252 0% 270 water blight iconWater 9
Laguna Shot I gem level 2gem level 1 264 0% 300 water blight iconWater 9
Laguna Shot II gem level 2gem level 1 288 0% 330 water blight iconWater 10
Icicle Blizzard I - 264 25% 270 IceblightIce damage 10
Icicle Blizzard II gem level 1 276 25% 300 IceblightIce damage 10
Hidden Bow gem level 1 276 10% 180 water blight iconWater 10
Hidden Bow + gem level 1 288 15% 210 water blight iconWater 10
Night Flight gem level 1 300 20% 240 water blight iconWater 11
Legia Snowfletcher + gem level 1 252 0% 390 IceblightIce 10
Hoarcry Snowfletcher gem level 1 264 0% 420 IceblightIce 10
Mist Glacia gem level 1 276 0% 450 IceblightIce 11
Hunter's Bravebow I gem level 3 276 0% 360 water blight iconWater 9
Hunter's Bravebow II gem level 3 300 0% 360 water blight iconWater 10
Hunter's Bravebow III gem level 3 312 0% 390 water blight iconWater 11
Iceflinger decoration level 4 mhw wiki 324 0% 210 IceblightIce 11
Alluring Evelia decoration level 4 mhw wiki 336 0% 240 IceblightIce 12
Mammoth Greatbow I decoration level 4 mhw wiki 288 0% 150 IceblightIce 9
Mammoth Greatbow II decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 0% 180 IceblightIce 10
Glavenus Arrow I gem level 1gem level 1 288 0% 300 fire blight iconFire 10
Glavenus Arrow II gem level 1gem level 1 300 0% 390 fire blight iconFire 10
Acidic Arrow I gem level 1gem level 1 312 0% 180thunderblightThunder 10
Acidic Arrow II gem level 1gem level 1 336 0% 180thunderblightThunder 11
Deathbow Vaal Velos gem level 1gem level 2 300 0% 330DragonBlight Dragon 11
Hydra Planula gem level 1 312 10% 240 water blight iconWater 11
Black Planula gem level 1 324 10% 270 water blight iconWater 12
Cera Coilbender + decoration level 4 mhw wiki 300 -15% 150 Iceblight Ice 10
Cera Cyclord decoration level 4 mhw wiki 324 -15% 180 IceblightIce 10
Datura Squall I gem level 1gem level 2 252 0% 270 Blastblight Blast 9
Datura Squall II gem level 1gem level 2 288 0% 300 BlastblightBlast 10
Nightmare String I gem level 2 264 0% 210 fireblight Fire 9
Nightmare String II gem level 2 288 0% 240 fireblight Fire 10
Anjanath Flamebow I - 264 -20% 420 fireblight Fire 9
Anjanath Flamebow II - 312 -20% 450 fireblight Fire 10
Fulguring Bow I - 276 15% 150thunderblightThunder 10
Fulguring Bow II gem level 1 300 20% 180thunderblightThunder 10
Flying Kadachi Strikebow + gem level 1 240 15% 300thunderblightThunder 9
Thundering Strikebow gem level 1 264 15% 330thunderblightThunder 10
Felbow Crimson Hail gem level 1 264 15% 240 DragonBlightDragon 9
Felbow Crimson Hail + gem level 1 288 15% 300 DragonBlightDragon 10
Felbow Crimson Storm gem level 1 300 15% 360 DragonBlight Dragon 11
Dragonseal Aldbow I gem level 1gem level 1 252 0% 450 DragonBlight Dragon 10
Dragonseal Aldbow II gem level 1gem level 1 264 0% 480 DragonBlight Dragon 11
Dawning Insight gem level 1 336 0% 270 DragonBlight Dragon 12
Daora's Toxotes gem level 1gem level 2 300 10% 270 Iceblight Ice 11
Fate's Thread - 336 -20% 270 DragonBlightDragon 12
Beast Thunderbow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 348 -10% 90thunderblightThunder 11
Beastking Thunderbow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 372 -10% 120thunderblightThunder 12
Brimstren Drakesight gem level 2 324 0% 210 mhw dragon damage s Dragon  11
Stygian Patientia gem level 2 336 0% 300 mhw dragon damage s Dragon 12
Soulfire Arch "Styx"  gem level 3gem level 3 312 10% 240 Blastblight Blast 12
Soulfire Arch "Ruin" gem level 2gem level 2 336 0% 120 Blastblight Blast 12
Soulfire Arch "Blaze" gem level 2gem level 1 312 20% 180 Blastblight Blast 12
Silver Wrathbow gem level 1 312 20% 330 fireblight Fire 12
Ruinous Doom gem level 1gem level 1 324 0% 240 mhw dragon damage s Dragon 12
Neo Hunter Bow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 0% 180 Blastblight Blast 11
Lunatic Arrow gem level 2gem level 1 324 10% 300 mhw dragon damage s Dragon 12
Despot's Earlybolt gem level 2 324 0% 240 thunderblightThunder 12
Xeno Metora + decoration level 4 mhw wikidecoration level 4 mhw wiki 324 15% 210 mhw dragon damage s Dragon 12
Safi's Boltbow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 5% 120 thunderblightThunder 12
Safi's Aquabow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 5% 120 waterblightWater 12
Safi's Frostbow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 5% 120 iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 12
Safi's Shatterbow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 5% 120 Blastblight Blast 12
Safi's Drakbow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 5% 120 DragonBlightDragon 12
Safi's Hellbow  decoration level 4 mhw wiki 312 5% 120 fire blight iconFire 12
Aloy's Adept War Bow decoration level 4 mhw wiki 300 30% 270thunderblightThunder 12
Guild Palace Arc gem level 3 300 10% 360 waterblightWater 10
Royal North Wing gem level 3 324 15% 420 waterblightWater 12
Archbeast Paragon 360 10% mhw thunder damage sThunder 240 12
Lightbreak Bow decoration level 4 mhw wikigem level 2 360 0% Blastblight Blast 210 12
Alatreon Bow gem level 2 300 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 450 11
Alatreon Commandment gem level 2gem level 2 336 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 600 12
Edelescha  324 15% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 420 11



Bows Gallery MHW


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Safi'jiiva Weapons


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      Please note that Bow shots are blocked by people who don't wear flinch free. Even if they're not affected by it like DB in demon mode. At least for close range coatings I can say that for sure, since that's what I use most of the time.

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        How the hell do you do the "run up a wall and fire spread attack" that is highlighted in so many videos, but failed to ever make its way into this wiki? Also can't even tell what those console buttons are supposed to relate to on the PC.

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          How many decorations/charms/armor bonuses are there that modify dragon please? I'm aware of special ammo boost and piercing shots, but are there more?

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            The bow also along certain walls with a charged sidestep will kick of the walls and it shoots instead of melee in the air

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              I've only ever seen the "Special Shot" be the power shot which does a horizontal spread of arrows. is there really a different kind of special shot on some bows that fire vertical like this guide says and I just haven't noticed?

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                Does anybody know if coatings override a bow's elemental damage? For example, if I apply blast coating to arrows fired by an ice element bow, will I only deal blast damage or will I deal blast AND thunder?

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                  How do I get to blazing arrow 2? I got all the materials for it but the tree doesn’t give me an option to upgrade from blazing arrow 1.. do I have to rank up my HR?

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                    the bazel alpha set gives all three level of draw affinity for increased bow damage plus it boosts blast damage and buildup so when paired with an awakening charm and archer's dance seems to make a potent bow build

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                      Try want some clarification. When you're looking at bow stats and it lists various coatings, those coatings are the types that the bow is compatible with right? It is not suggesting that the particular bow has those coatings automatically built into the bow?

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                        Can Bows sever tails? I finished off a Rathian with a Dragon Piercer shot and I found the tail was cut off as I was carving it. I was alone, so there was no other weapons being used other than a blunt weapon used by my Palico. Just want clarification.

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                          If the Teostra bow is going to be as powerful as always, full Teo alpha + Teo bow will be a very powerful set, with Latent Power, Blast Attack, Weakness Exploit and Special Ammo Boost (all max level). I imagine the Teo bow will have blast element, so you can see where that's going...

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                            Do you have to pay for arrows or coatings? Is their a similar money/time sink associated with melee weapons?

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