Merchants in Monster Hunter World are covered on this page. In Monster Hunter World, the bustling hubs are not just home to fearsome monsters but also to indispensable merchants who provide hunters with essential items, upgrades, and services. These merchants play a crucial role in a hunter's journey, ensuring they are well-equipped for the challenging quests that lie ahead.


Provisions Stockpile in Monster Hunter World

The Provisions Stockpile merchant is a haven for hunters seeking basic supplies before embarking on a quest. From potions and antidotes to traps and ammunition, this vendor ensures that hunters are adequately provisioned for any situation. Regularly visit the Provisions Stockpile to restock your inventory and prepare for the diverse challenges that await.

The Argosy in Monster Hunter World

Located on the trade ship, the Argosy is a traveling merchant vessel that brings exotic goods from distant lands. The Argosy allows hunters to trade items they've acquired during their quests for rare and valuable resources. Keep an eye out for the Argosy's visits to the hub, as it might offer unique items crucial for crafting and upgrading your gear.






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