Affinity in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is the weapon's chance to deal more or less damage on attacks. Affinity is determined by the weapon and skills that are being used. This works on a percentage so for example at -100% you will always deal less damage. At 100% you will always do more damage.


Skills that Increase Weapon Affinity

Some skills will increase your weapon affinity OR with the Crit Draw skill you will always Crit on a draw attack. Attacks that crit deal +25% more damage, while the opposite is -25%. Successful critical hits are signaled by a flashy slash animation and a specific sound effect.


Weapons with High Affinity

  • Pulsar Bow
  • Girros Strongarm

    • Anonymous

      02 Apr 2018 05:21  

      Affinity is the chance to deal critical damage which is 125% or weak attack that does only 75% of you damage,
      with 0 affinity: you will always deal 100% damage,
      with 10% affinity: 10% of your attacks will deal 125% damage , 90% will do 100%
      with -20% affinity: 20% of your attacks will deal only 75% damage. 80% will do 100%, no 125% damage

      Tip: Affinity positive damage done can be increase from 25% to 40% with Critical Boost
      Critical Eye +7 gives a static 30% affinity
      Critical Draw gives bonus only to first hit when your weapon is not drawn
      Affinity Augment gives 10% affinity
      Maximum Affinity is 100% which means all attacks will be critical, any more is waste

      • Anonymous

        26 Mar 2018 15:48  

        So that's it. Affinity is just your chance to do critical hits? All the explanations out there and that's all it is?? I've heard so many different things. Everybody wants to make it complicated. It's just a critical hit percentage.

        • Anonymous

          24 Feb 2018 17:43  

          So, affinity is basically the chance for a critical hit? Ugh.. I hate when games give these things misleading names.... I thought this referred to your familiarity with the weapon, as that would make more sense with this name.

          • Anonymous

            05 Feb 2018 13:00  

            is it worth making gear with drops found or waiting till later in the game just unlocked the second location

            • Anonymous

              Affinity [MHW Wiki]01 Feb 2018 10:08  

              25 % of 25 is not 25 it is actually 6,25 so it would do 31,25 with crit or 19,25 with -25 %

              • Anonymous

                01 Feb 2018 09:42  

                Now when you say while the opposite is -25% is that like saying, base attack is 25, crit would be 50 and then 0. Or would the bonus automatically apply on non crit attacks.
                And for clarity, are crits the attacks with dots under the number?

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