Items in Monster Hunter World are Equipment that Hunters can take into the field in their Item Pouch. This page provides a list of links to information on how to acquire and use any Item.


For information on the parts used in crafting Armor, Weapons, and Augmentations at the Smithy, see Materials.


Acquisition, Use, and Storage of Items

There are a few sources outside of gathering from which a Hunter can acquire Items:

  • All Plants and Insects, as well as Honey, can be cultivated at the Botanical Research Center in Astera to facilitate crafting large amounts of Items.
  • Whenever the Argosy arrives in Astera's Tradeyard, they can bring in most Items - from restoratives to tools to plants.
  • Tailraider Safaris may also bring back Items and Monster Materials that can be gathered in the Location to which they were sent.
  • Provisions Stockpiles can be found in Astera's Tradeyard, the Research Base, Seliana and the Gathering Hub. They allow Hunters to purchase many useful Items to prepare for hunts.

Some Items only serve as consumables while in the field, while others serve exclusively as Materials with which a Hunter can make other Items straight from their Pouch. Some can serve as both consumables and Materials. Bowgun Ammo and Bow Coatings serve only as ammunition for Light and Heavy Bowguns and Bows or Materials for upgraded versions of Ammo. There are also several Fixed Items that remain in the Item Pouch and on the Item Bar at all times - these are listed under Tools, Traps, & Bombs.

The Item Pouch, along with many other parts of Hunter Equipment, can be saved into custom arrangements. See Loadouts  for information on Item storage and use in the field.

Also see Supply Items for information on Items occasionally supplied to Hunters on Quests.


Items and Skills

The following Skills modify Item usage and effectiveness:

loadouts item box small

Viewing Items in the Item Box


This page also contains a list of Appraisal, Trade-In and Ticket Items, all of which can be browsed in the Materials section of the Item Box's "Sell Items" function - with the exception of Decorations, which have their own section.

  • Appraisal Items are awarded at the end of Quests, and take the form of Sullied and Shining Streamstones, and Feystones.
  • Trade-In Items can be gathered from Monsters during battle (shinies,) brought in by the Argosy, or found while fishing. Their only purpose is to be sold for zenny currency mhworld wiki Zenny.
  • Ticket Items are obtained from certain Event Quests, the Arena, and Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon Quests. They serve as Melding ingredients and crafting materials for specific pieces of Armor and Weapons, as well as Delivery Items for Layered Armor. Some Ticket Items may not have "ticket" in the name.




All MHW Items





item melded weapon golden scale mhw wiki guide

Appraisal & Trade-In


Appraisal Items

Sullied Streamstone and Shining Streamstone

Appraised into Warrior's Streamstone and Hero's Streamstone
See Augmentations and Upgrades

Mysterious, Glowing, Worn, Warped, Ancient, and Carved Feystone

Appraised into Decorations

Dissolved, Melded, Subliminated, and Incandescent Weapon

Appraised into Kulve Taroth Weapons


Trade-In Items

Emerald Shell

Steel Egg

Silver Egg

Golden Egg

Chipped Scale

Large Scale

Beautiful Scale

Lustrous Scale

Glimmering Scale

Golden Scale

Gilded Scale

Platinum Scale

Golden Fragment

Golden Chunk

Gold Chip Fragment







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