Tranq Bomb

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Tranq Bomb is a consumable Pouch Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It allows Hunters to capture a Monster once they have weakened and trapped it. 


A hand grenade used to capture monsters ensnared in traps. Can be slammed against the ground.

Tranq Bombs can be used from the Item Bar while in the field to briefly produce a cloud of tranquilizing smoke at the Hunter's feet. After being affected by two bombs, a Monster can be captured for the next 45 seconds, and every successive tranquilizer extends the duration by 100 seconds, with no upper limit.

In addition to being affected by Tranquilizers, a Monster must also be caught in either a Pitfall Trap or Shock Trap and be in a Weakened state at 30% Health or less - denoted by this minimap-icon-monster-status-weak symbol on the minimap when the Scoutfly Level for that Monster is at 3.

See Botanical Research for information on cultivating large amounts of crafting materials.
See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.


How to Acquire Tranq Bomb

This Item can be obtained through Crafting. Additionally, four EZ Tranq Bombs, an EZ Shock Trap, and an extra Trap Tool are included in the Supply Box on Quests with a Capture objective.

Tranq Bombs can also be used to make other Tranq Items for the Slinger and Bowguns.

Crafting with Tranq Bomb
Category Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Result
Traps / Offense Sleep Herb Parashroom Tranq Bomb
Traps / Offense Tranq Bomb Throwing Knife Tranq Knife
 Ammo / Coatings Tranq Bomb Normal Ammo 1 Tranq Ammo



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    • Anonymous

      Contrary to popular belief, you can use these BEFORE laying a shock/pitfall trap. This is especially helpful when you're fighting multiple monsters and are concerned you might not get the 2nd tranq bomb off before the trap ends due to getting interrupted. When you're ready to trap a monster when its health is below 30% (typically indicated by heavy limping) or sleeping: 1. Use 2 Tranq Bombs immediately back to back (YES, YOU CAN -SAFELY- USE THESE ON A SLEEPING MONSTER WITHOUT WAKING IT) 2. Use shock trap 3. Monster will be captured upon trap activation. 4. (optional) If the monster is NOT captured, but the Shock Trap has been activated. IMMEDIATELY RESUME DAMAGING THE MONSTER, but STOP if the Shock Trap ends before a successful capture. If you drop a trapped + tranquilized monster below its 30% HP threshold while it's under the effects of a Shock/Pitfall Trap, it will capture.

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