New Player Help in Monster Hunter World aims to assist newcomers to the Monster Hunter series or the Fifth installment to understand the game better. Tips for entry level players can be found throughout the wiki, and we recommend you read the following pages as well:

New Player Help

Monster Hunter World Newbie Guide

Monster Hunter World: Quests Guide

You obtain quests via your “handler”, who will display optional and required quests in detail. Quests in Monster Hunter World have a time limit, and are failed if the timer runs out or if the player faints a number of times. Other fail conditions are also available depending on the objective.


Helping NPCs is what we’re here for!

All quests will display trivia information about the client, and provide details on the destination, the main Monsters to hunt, and the rewards on offer for completion. Hunters use this information to plan ahead according to Monster weaknesses

After the quest is completed, special rewards can be obtained in addition to the ones listed originally, yielding coveted Materials.


Yay! Rare rewards~

Monster Hunter World: Supply Box

The Supply Box is an in-the-field restocking for your items as you arrive at the hunting destination. You have a variety of items that can be picked from here based on your storage and what you have collected among the way. Make sure to stock up!


Preparing for the hunt is as important as performing

Monster Hunter World: Scouting

Once you’re on the hunt, you will have to track down the beast you are after. For this, abilities such as the tracking of footprints are used. Interacting with a footprint generates a shining green trail that guides you in the direction of the monster, and is used as “breadcrumbs” to find them.


Sometimes, different monsters are around

Monster Hunter World: Stones

Having some ranged attacks is highly advisable, as Monsters aren’t always all by themselves. You can gather Stones and use them to attack far-away wildlife.


Gather everything!

Monster Hunter World: Material Carving

Once the hunt is done, you have 1 minute before you are automatically removed from the area and returned to the world hub. You should use this time to harvest materials from your slayed monster: these are later used for crafting, upgrades and trading.

The manner by which you defeat the Monsters plays a role on the loot you get. Wounding the animal such as tail-cutting or creating a limp on its legs can give you special rewards. There’s also some capture rewards to look forward to!


Gruesome it may be, but those bones gonna make some fine weapons!

Monster Hunter World: Gear & Equipment Forging / Crafting

Players visit the Smithy, who can upgrade your equipment using the materials you have found and harvested in the field. Each weapon and armor has upgrade paths that can be followed, and are your key to becoming a more powerful and efficient Monster Hunter.


The smithy is my most visited location


Sample weapon upgrade paths in Monster Hunter World

You will also be able to create different looks for your Armor depending on your choices during upgrades. These customizations are a significant portion of the fun of the game, and can present a difficult choice between fashion and performance!



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