Tips for Monster Hunter World.


Hunting Tips

Preparing for a Hunt

 Prepare yourself for quests by carefully considering the best armor, skills, Palico Gadgets, and weapon element for the job at hand. Remember that you can also change your loadout at camp. 

  • Defense is an often overlooked item at the start of the game, and you'll quickly find that it is essential for progress.  With the exception of Nergigante, no monster should be able to kill you in a single hit.  If you find yourself dying quickly, upgrade your defense!
  • The Attack is simple in that it makes fights shorter.  This gets murky with elemental weaknesses of targets.  A general rule of thumb is that if 2 weapons are of the same Rank, pick the one that has the elemental weakness of your target. 
  • The Vigorwasp Palico gadget is the best tool for learning new fights.  It allows you to quickly recover from mistakes.
  • Your Palico gear stats are not all that important, as the damage they provide is minimal and if they get knocked out, they pop up in a few seconds.  The damage type is important, in particular if you want to apply status effects.  Palicos will often attack the head of a target...making Blunt damage useful, as well as Paralysis.
  • Bring equipment that's of use.  Health Potions (Mega preferred), Flash Bugs (for Flash Pods) and Antidotes should always be in your bag.  Bring traps and Tranq Bombs if you plan to capture a monster.
  • Eat.  Always Eat.  Defense is best to learn a new fight.  Some maps throw you into battle instead of the campsite, so try and eat in Astera if your can.


Monster Weak Areas

There are soft parts of monsters that are weak to attacks, just as there are tougher, more resistant parts. Identifying a monster's weak parts is the key to becoming a successful hunter.  When attacking a monster, always ensure you're seeing orange damage numbers.  White numbers indicate an armored area... always aim for orange.


Elements & Status

There are five elements: fire, thunder, water, ice, and dragon. Take advantage of a monster's elemental weaknesses to deal extra damage to it. 

Status attacks are also quite useful: poison, paralysis, sleep, stun, and blast.  Sleep is a bit different, as you need to have Bombs to take advantage and not keep attacking the monster.


Mounting Monsters

You can mount monsters by striking them with attacks in midair. Once mounted, if you avoid getting thrown off the monster while you continue to damage it, you can knock it down.  Some weapons are much better are mounting a monster than others.  A simple note, if you see the screen pulse red while mounted, move (left stick) your character around the monster and keep attacking.


Know Your Environment

There are myriad endemic creatures and points of interest in the environment that will help you on hunts. You can see where and what they are by checking your map.  This applies especially to traps, where you can trigger a significant amount of damage to a monster, usually using your slinger to get it going.  Hitting toads on the ground, or flash bugs in the air are simple things that can make a large difference in a fight.  It's often a good idea to move your prey to one of these locations to take advantage of the environment.


Dragon Flight

There are many flying types of monsters, and most have a significant attack from the air.  A quick way to bring them down is with a Flash Pod.  


Monster Clashes

When large monsters encounter each other, they may end up attacking one another. Take advantage of these situations to turn the hunt to your favor.  If you really want to only have one monster at a time, use a Dung Pod to have one of them run away.


Breaking Monster Parts

Focusing your attacks on specific body parts may break them, weakening the monster and sometimes limiting its mobility or its attacks. There are also materials that can only be gained from breaking certain parts.  In nearly all cases, break a monster's tail. You need to sever damage to do so, and it removes a significant amount of damage potential from a monster.


Using Environment

Observe your surroundings carefully. The environment is filled with ledges to jump off, walls to climb, and slopes to slide down.  If at all possible, try to attack from above.


Wedge Beetles

Wedge beetles can be found in many different places. Fix your aiming reticle on one and press O to hook on to it and swing across.  These beetles are also found on large ledges, making speed climbing a lot easier.


Armor Skills

Armor is imbued with skills that carry positive effects and boost your attributes. Choose armor with skills that best complement your choice of weapon or play style.


Camera Types

You can choose between camera types in the options. Focus: Always fixed to the target. Target: Fixes to the target when you press the button.


Camera Settings

You can change various camera settings from the start menu.  The farther away the camera, typically the easier it is to see what's going on in a fight - in particular for close-range melee attacks.


Fast Travel

 You can fast travel to camp by selecting it from the Wildlife Map, but be careful: You cannot fast travel while in combat or when a monster has been alerted to your presence. 


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