Tips in Monster Hunter World (MHW) can be found in the ingame Play Guide, accessed form the Start Menu's Info section.


The following is a documentation of several Tips from the Fundamentals and Hunting Tips portions of the Tip List, accompanied by links to relevant pages(Those are the tips that can appear during loading screens). This resource is for new Hunters who might now know where to begin either ingame or in browsing the Wiki.


Hunting Tips


Preparing for a Hunt

Prepare yourself for quests by carefully considering the best Armor, Skills, Palico Gadgets, and Weapon Element for the job at hand. Remember that you can also change your Loadout at camp.

See Armor, Defense, Elemental Resistances, and Palico Equipment for information on how to survive combat with Monsters and recover from mistakes.

See Weapons and Weapon Mechanics for a complete rundown on how to deal damage to Monsters.


Monster Parts

There are soft parts of monsters that are weak to attacks, just as there are tougher, more resistant parts. Identifying a monster's weak parts is the key to becoming a successful hunter.

When an attack lands on a Monster, a grey damage number will indicate an armored Monster Part, meaning it has a low Monster Part multiplier. An orange damage number indicates a softer Part with a higher Part multiplier.

See Attack Power and Monsters for more information on Monster Parts and Part multipliers.



There are five elements: Fire, Thunder, Water, Ice, and Dragon. Take advantage of a monster's elemental weaknesses to deal extra damage to it.

See Elemental Damage and Elemental Resistances for information on surviving and dealing Elemental Damage.


Mounting Monsters

You can mount monsters by striking them with attacks in midair. Once mounted, if you avoid getting thrown off the monster while you continue to damage it, you can knock it down.

Some weapons are more adept at mounting a Monster than others. For example, the Insect Glaive allows for many midair attacks, building up mounting damage faster.

See the Mounting Monsters section of Controls for more information.
See the Master Mounter and Airborne Skills.


Know Your Environment

There are myriad endemic creatures and points of interest in the environment that will help you on hunts. You can see where and what they are by checking your map.

Crafting Materials, Slinger Ammo, and environmental hazards can all be used to the Hunter's advantage during a hunt. Paying attention to one's surroundings can allow one to craft many Items on the fly or change the course of a fight with well timed hazards or Slinger Ammo.

See Crafting, Locations and Slinger for more information.


Monster Clashes

When large monsters encounter each other, they may end up attacking one another. Take advantage of these situations to turn the hunt to your favor.

Additionally, Monsters can often be repelled with Dung Pods, allowing a Hunter to focus on one target at a time.


Breaking Monster Parts

Focusing your attacks on specific body parts may break them, weakening the monster and sometimes limiting its mobility or its attacks. There are also materials that can only be gained from breaking certain parts.

In nearly all cases, a Monster's head and limbs can be broken or, in the case of a tail, severed. Severing a tail will require a Weapon that deals Cut Damage.
Breaking a Monster part will reduce the Damage dealt and increase the Damage received by that part (meaning a higher Part Multiplier) and limit the attacks the Monster can do. In addition, this will reduce its Stamina, causing it to become minimap icon monster status exhausted Exhausted faster.

See the ingame Monster Field Guild for information on Monster weak points and breakable Parts.
See Damage Types and the Partbreaker Skill for more information.


Using the Environment

Observe your surroundings carefully. The environment is filled with ledges to jump off, walls to climb, and slopes to slide down.

Ledges, walls, and slopes all allow a Hunter to deal damage from midair and mount a Monster.


Wedge Beetles

Wedge beetles can be found in many different places. Fix your aiming reticle on one and press circle ps4 controls small / controls xbox b / key mouse l to hook on to it and swing across.

Wedge Beetles can be used to avoid environments like deep water, climb faster, and deal damage from midair.

See Slinger for more information.



Carving Materials

Slaying a monster allows you to carve materials from its carcass. You can use these materials at the Smithy to forge or upgrade weapon and armor.

See Materials for more information.



Gathering Points

You can get materials by carving monster carcasses, and also by collecting them from gathering points such as mining outcrops and bonepiles.

See Materials for more information.



Upgrading Weapons

You can improve your weapons by upgrading them at the Smithy using the materials you collect on hunts.

See Weapons and Smithy for more information.



The Training Area

You can test any of the fourteen different weapon types in the Training Area. To travel to the Training Area, speak with the housekeeper in your room.


The Training Area is a great place to try out weapons. Any consumable used in the Training Area won't be consumed. The Training Area can also be accessed by opening the World Map, selecting Astera or Seliana, and finally select The Training Area.



Armor Skills

Armor is imbued with skills that carry positive effects and boost your attributes. Choose armor with skills that best complement your choice of weapon or play style.

See Armor and Skills for more information.



Investigations have differrent completion conditions than average quests, but they also offer better rewards.

See Investigations and Resource Center for more information.



Armor Spheres

You can upgrade your armor using armor spheres. Armor spheres can be obtained as quests rewards or by completing bounties at the Resource Center.

See Augmentations and Upgrades and Defense for more information.



The Botanical Research Center

The Botanical Research Center allows you to cultivate various items. Additionally, you can increase the amount of items cultivated by applying fertilizer.

See Botanical Research for more information.


Tempered Monsters

You may find traces of especially fierce monsters --called Tempered Monsters-- while on High Rank or Master Rank expeditions. If you collect enough of those traces, you may receive new investigation quests.

See Tempered and Investigations for more information.



Traps and Elder Dragons

Traps, like Pitfall Traps and Shock Traps, have no effect on elder dragons. These beats cannot be captured.

See Elder Dragons and Capturing for more information.


Camera Types

You can choose between camera types in the options. Focus: Always fixed to the target. Target: Fixes to the target when you press the button.



Camera Settings

You can change various camera settings from the start menu.

The farther away the camera, typically the easier it is to see what's going on in a fight - in particular for close-range melee attacks. Other settings change they way the Focus feature or Slinger reticle behave or adds dynamic camera movement.


Fast Travel

You can fast travel to camp by selecting it from the Wildlife Map, but be careful: You cannot fast travel while in combat or when a monster has been alerted to your presence




Restoring Health

You can restore lost Health by using Potions. If you have some Honey, you can combine it with a Potion to make a Mega Potion, which restores even more Health.

Potions and Honey can often be found in the environment or brought along on a hunt to increase survivability.

See Items and Crafting for more information.



Dashing, evading, and performing certain actions will deplete your Stamina. Your maximum Stamina will also gradually decrease over time, but it can be maintained by eating Well-Done Steaks or Rations.

The Great Sword, Dual Blades, Hammer, Lance, Gunlance, Insect Glaive, and Heavy Bowgun all require Stamina to block attacks and perform certain actions.
Rations are often provided in the Supply Box on Quests, while both Rations and Well-Done Steaks can be made by oven roasting various Monster materials at the Canteen.

See Dash Juice and the Constitution and Marathon Runner Skills to see how to decrease Stamina usage.


Crouching and Camouflage

Press the dodge button while standing still to crouch. Crouching in brush grants you camouflage so you can hide from Monsters.

Additionally, Sporepuffs found in certain Locations and Smoke Bombs can be used to find a brief respite in combat or to make a quick getaway by fast travelling.

See Environment and Hazards for more information on environmental components like Sporepuff.



Close-range Weapons gradually lose Sharpness with each attack. As a Weapon's Sharpness level falls. its attacks are more likely to be deflected, but you can restore its Sharpness with Whetstones.

See Sharpness, part of the series on Weapon Mechanics for more information on how Sharpness affects combat.


Health Drinks

To increase your maximum Health, drink Nutrients or Max Potions, which can be obtained by Crafting.

Additionally, maximum Health can be increased with the Health Boost Skill or meals from the Canteen.
Canteen Meals, Nutrients, and Max Potions can be stacked to reach a bonus of 50 Health, while an additional 50 Health can be granted by the Health Boost Skill.

See Items, Crafting, and Skills for more information.



Scoutflies respond automatically to Monster traces and many other substances in the environment. If you feel lost in a new Locale, follow your Scoutflies to discover points of interest or grow accustomed to your surroundings.

While in the field, the Map can be opened with the PS4's touch pad / controls xbox menu / M. Once in the Map a waypoint can be selected for the Hunter's Scoutflies to follow.
A waypoint can be set on an Item gathering point, Slinger Ammo, Endemic Life, or a Large Monster.

Additionally, gathering Monster tracks will raise the Scoutfly Level for that Monster, allowing the Scoutflies to find a Monster with greater efficiency. The Scoutfly Level for a Monster degrades over time. See the Ecological Researcher in the Tradeyard of Astera for more information.



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