airborne skill mhw

Increases the damage caused by jumping attacks.


 Airborne is a Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Airborne Effect

Airborne is increased in level based on the amount of Equipment with this skill the hunter is using. Each level works as follows:

  • airborne skill mhw wiki Level 1: Jumping attack power +30% (value changed in patch 6.02) (Only effects attacks that deal mounting damage within the maneuver)
  • Does not affect Long Sword's Helm breaker. Does not affect Dual Blades Heavenly blade dance, HBD, entrance, and finisher. (No mounting damage dealt)
  • This skill is very useful when using the Insect Glaive, since you can deal significant damage while airborne.


Equipment that grants Airborne

You can increase the level of Airborne by equipping the following items.



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    • Anonymous

      To resolve some confusion about Airborne: This gives a 30% damage buff to every single midair attack from the Insect Glaive, no exceptions. It didn'T use to, but now it does.

      Google up the thread "Airborne Jewel actually works for Insect Glaive" - Someone on the MHW Subreddit did extensive testing with video proof of every single attack, whether essence buffed or not.

      • Anonymous

        if I don't use Airborne
        I use Jumping Slash (Insect Glaive) on Monster (which one need 100 jump atk to mount)
        Jumping Slash deal 50 x 3 hit however It only deal 30x3 hit jump atk so I need to use 2 Jumping Slash to mount on Monster
        if I use Airbone (it increase about 20% jumping atk)
        I use Jumping Slash (Insect Glaive) on Monster (which one need 100 jump atk to mount)
        Jumping Slash deal 50 x 3 hit however It only deal 30x3 hit jump atk so I can mount monster after 1 JS.
        => Airborne increase Jump Atk to mount monster not Damage dealt

        • Anonymous

          I tried testing it, but I find this has no effect on the sword and shield air shield slam thing. I might be wrong, but I tried with and without airborne and a prurple sharpness and saw no change in damage. I tried no meal, neutral damage Armor, and no eats during the mission.

          • Anonymous

            If ur wearing armor with airborn 1, would adding the airborn decoration do anything or is level 1 already maxed ?

            • Anonymous

              Does Airborne affect the Insect Glaive's Descending Thrust? It doesn't do mounting damage and doesn't increase it's damage at all when i tested it. I'm just making sure though..

              • Anonymous

                Im surprised nobody asked this yet. Does Airborne effect the SnS Helmsplitter attack (when you dash attack special walls and do a flying downward drill stab)? I know its a very special circumstance attack but its SnS' best attack DPS wise and would like to know whether it gets affected in terms of damage output

                • Anonymous

                  Does Airborne increase the damage of the Dual Blades aerial attack where you spin down the length of the monster? I've seen a theory that Airborne only affects attacks that do mounting damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    Also working for the longsword final blow (from the german name translated it would be called helm breaker)?
                    Or the final greatsword jumping attack? This summersault flick flack hit (who knows the answer also knows what I´m talking about^^)
                    It think all that has to be tested^^

                    • Anonymous

                      Just to be clear. Airborne does work with the insect glaive's flying attacks right. this is what I keep seeing everywhere.

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