Flinch Free


Prevents knockbacks and other reactions to small damage.

 Flinch Free is a Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Flinch Free Effect

Flinch Free is increased in level based on the amount of Equipment with this skill the hunter is using. Each level works as follows:

  • attack-boost-skill-mhw-wiki Level 1: Prevents knockbacks. Increases some Kinsect extract effects.
  • attack-boost-skill-mhw-wiki Level 2: Prevents knockbacks. Tripping is reduced to a knockback. Increases some Kinsect extract effects.
  • attack-boost-skill-mhw-wiki Level 3: Prevents knockbacks and tripping. Increases some Kinsect extract effects.


When using Insect Glaive, each level of Flinch Free also grants one level of Earplugs, Windproof and Tremor Resistance for as long as triple buff is active. These levels stack with the skills on the armor; e.g. having Flinch Free lv3, Earplugs lv2 and Windproof lv3 will grant Earplugs lv5, Windproof lv5 and Tremor Resistance lv2 when you have all three extracts. 


Equipment that grants Flinch Free

You can increase the level of Flinch Free by equipping the following items.


 See also Shara Ishvalda Divinity

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    • Anonymous

      28 May 2021 04:41  

      Something to add, not good at wiki style but people interested in this skill would want to probably know this:
      I recently figured an unexpected use of flinch free, to help with environment knockbacks. There are these - usually circular - areas where monster can "shake" the ground (not tremor) which will bounce you around if you standing on it. Still have nightmares from an early Anjanath hunt.
      However when hunting a coral pukei, learned ff gives a point in everthing on ig when full buffed so always have one on it, I was busy fighting on the water place it tends to feed from - not knowing it also was a "shake" ground yet - I suddenly saw the ripples and, rememembering Anjanath and avoiding those areas like the plague since then, sort of froze only to notice... nothing happening?
      At first I thought it was because of the tremor buff, but getting throw around soon after when having tremor on and thinking about it I realized: It is considered a knockback which got negated by flinch free. And some more testing confirmed and took some revenge on some poor Anjanath now victimized by actually getting trapped in such a place I originally fought it wailing on it while happily ignoring all the ripples he was making struggling to get out :)
      Now maybe this is common knowledge, but in all my googling I never once saw it mentioned, just that it was a useless skill except for mp. Well, I always pack one level now usually whenever I know a level has such areas, and actually abuse it too fight on it sometimes getting the monster trapped. Not figured out when that happens exactly yet.
      (this was supposed to be an insect glaive yt comment but thought this was a better place for it, can't be bothered editing any more, made my point/info)

      • Anonymous

        27 Mar 2021 23:45  

        When I have Flinch Free lvl 1, I still get knocked back, even though it say that it prevents that from happening.

        • Anonymous

          19 Mar 2021 22:35  

          Stygian Zinogre has lvl 2 brace, lvl 2 tremor and lvl 2 earplug. Needs to update this page cuz it is missing alot.

          • Anonymous

            16 Sep 2020 10:04  

            It pisses me off being forced to sacrifice 3 slots to avoid being tripped by stupid LS weebs. But still, it's better than getting tripped by those punks and their weebsticks.

            • Anonymous

              19 May 2020 10:00  

              I've been using flinch free lvl 3, all Kinsect buffs and I still got stunned as hell by monsters roar... I guess it only works if you have earplugs, tremor and windproof slotted in your build already... In this case is kinda meh.... You still lose a lot of slots... Would be good if it worked from zero...

              • Anonymous

                28 Apr 2020 07:05  

                In Iceborne, Flinch Free has been buffed to allow each point of the skill to add +1 to Earplugs (up to a max of +3), Windproof (up to a max of +3) and Tremor Resistance (up to a max of +2). So, if you slot in 2 Earplugs, 2 Windproof and 1 Tremor Resistance, on top of your Level 3 Flinch Free, every time you have your full Kinsect Buff (Power, Armour, Speed combined) you will then have 5 Earplugs, 5 Windproof and 3 Tremor Resistance. And of course, the Level 3 Flinch Free is a nice touch to avoid your allies from tripping up your style. Hope this helps, happy hunting! Akabane101

                • Anonymous

                  23 Feb 2020 01:12  

                  1 level is very handy to avoid getting tripped by other players. I almost exclusively play with a single friend and we voice chat on discord so tripping isn't a huge issue, but it's still nice to not have to worry about it at all, so we both always take it anyways. Kinda useless otherwise, even level 3 doesn't seem to have any impact on most attacks from actual monsters.

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Feb 2020 06:33  

                    For those wondering about the kinsect buffs. Max rank gives you ear plugs 3, wind resist 3, and tremor resit 3. All you have to is slot in ear plugs 2 and wind res 2 in your build and you will have all 3 of those maxed when all yours buffs are on.

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Jan 2020 05:18  

                      I main the IG and I've heard that the kinsect extract buff adds 1 level of Earplugs? Does anyone know if this is true and if so, does anyone know what level it is and if there is any other buffs, depending on the level of Flinch Free that also gets added to the kinsect?

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Sep 2019 17:32  

                        so this item now reads that it also increases "some Kinsect exctract effects". any info on what its buffing ?!

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Jun 2019 21:07  

                          So what level with counter kushalas winds? It said on the wiki windproof doesn't work and to use this instead

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Oct 2018 04:17  

                            Seems to have a pretty negligible effect vs. monsters. It may be beneficial to avoid getting knocked around by other players, but it seems the attacks of especially heavier weapons (the kind you really don't want interrupted) have natural flinch resistance anyways. I at least know I've never noticed any difference.

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Sep 2018 07:49  

                              I would always take 1 level of this in any of my sets when im using a melee weapon. It helps when your combos wont be interrupted from friendly fire

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