Raises attack as your weapon loses sharpness. Also boost ranged weapon melee attacks and odds of stunning.

Bludgeoner is a Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This skill is activated by Set Bonuses: Diablos Power and Diablos Mastery.


Bludgeoner Effect

Bludgeoner has only 1 level:

  • bludgeoner-skill-mhw-wiki Level 1: Raises Attack as your weapon loses sharpness. Also boost ranged weapon melee attacks and odds of stunning



Bludgeoner adds 15 attack at green sharpness, 25 attack at yellow sharpness and 30 attack at orange sharpness.



Equipment that grants Bludgeoner

Bludgeoner is a bonus skill obtained by

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    • Anonymous

      I would assume this is only any good on weapons with bad max sharpness, such as acidic glavenus weapons? it would probably be more efficient then sharpening every few hits.

      • Anonymous

        Tested it out on the dummy using Barroth crusher, tested the charged brutal big bang finisher.
        Bludgeoner + non elemental boost: White: 286 Blue: 260 green: 240. Yellow: 236
        Just non elemental boost: White: 286, Blue: 260 Green: 228. Yellow: 217
        Thing is, sharpness modifier is still dominant, and the most important damage modifier. It doesn't make sense to play with green sharpness intentionally, bludgeoner just gives you a small buff when you get hit by a big debuff, you are always going to get lower damage, by quite a large margin.
        I guess it also depends on the weapon. For hammer I don't see myself using bludgeoner, since hammer doesn't eat sharpness fast anyway, unless you use the beyblade move(which is pretty much the most in-efficient move you can use, unless the monstie's head is at ground level). I'd rather stack all the modifiers I can. Non-element + white/purple sharpness + 100% affinity + crit boost 3 makes a much more lethal build that can get huge damage from the full big bang combo on a KOed monstie, and also absolutely slays with aerial playstyle.

        • Anonymous

          Use acidic glavenus hammer w/ mind's eye jewel and use the charm that grants Bludgeoner and Non-Elemental Boost (You get it from an optional quest given by your room's manager in Seliana) and Boom. Since this weapon has a below average blue sharpness, a high raw damage which gets increased by Non-Elemental boost, even if you drop in sharpness you'll never bounce off thanks to Mind's eye. TL;DR: Acidic Glavenus Hammer + Mind's eye / Ballistics Jewel + Adamantine Charm (Non-Elemental Boost + Bludgeoner) = Massive damage.

          • Anonymous

            Now that iceborn is out purple sharpness is a thing. Hornetaur ls has purple sharp and hidden element. Using the rank 11 neck with Elementless/Bludegoner. Will white and blue sharpness up power?

            • Anonymous

              Fantastic for Zora Magdaros melee weapons. Fat green bars of durability immediately, blast to pair heavy damage with, and great damage to start with! However, one big flaw to fix is the weapon deflection. Use mind's eye with the armor set, or side grade to diablos's hammer; which can pair with non-elemental boost and can have white sharpness.

              • Anonymous

                My question is whether the attack buff is permanent, or if it goes away after sharpening... can you use a weapon with very small sharpness tiers to increase attack several times as it transitions from white down to yellow or orange, then do it again after re-sharpening for a stacking buff?

                • Anonymous

                  This skill didn't trigger for me until I was brought down to green sharpness (the weapon goes up to white) and it doesn't make up for the damage loss from sharpness loss (only gave me +15 attack).

                  • Anonymous

                    no one asking the obvious question? how much damage is added (in points or %) to each level of sharp? is it worth getting the bonus at yellow, orange red sharp, vs damage reduction? for instance, if red sharp is a reduction of weapon damage by half, (i would assume) there's no way bludgeoner would provide an attack bonus big enough to make it worth one's while.

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