mushroomancer skill mhw

Lets you digest mushrooms that would otherwise be inedible and gain their advantageous effects.

 Mushroomancer is a Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Mushroomancer Effect

Mushroomancer is increased in level based on the amount of Equipment with this skill the hunter is using. Each level works as follows:


Benefits of Mushrooms:

Mushroomancer will work with Item Prolonger.

Equipment that grants Mushroomancer

You can increase the level of Mushroomancer by equipping the following items.



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    • Anonymous

      so quick question. if im using mushroomancer and wide range and use a pill, will my team mates seeds be cancelled out as well? so like, will i cancel their buff timers once mine expires? or will it just apply to me

      • Anonymous

        Not a pointless skill. Not only do you get 10 max potions thay can be regrown easily, you also get 10 Dash Juicies you can easily regrow.

        And the speed you eat all mushrooms is extremely fast.

        Also, carrying ingredients to make more max potions is extremely awkward: not only do you take more space in your inventory, it's not always easy to craft in the middle of combat.

        Did I also mention you can literally grow Max Potions and Dash Juicies? Do you know how much farming time that saves you?

        • Anonymous

          One of the best skill. Literally does what it promises and is very immersive to use. Not that hard to grind unlike attack jewels.

          • Anonymous

            Also I don't think exciteshroom works with wide range, I just tried it and they were not getting any of the buffs or heals from it

            • Anonymous

              Unfortunately Toadstool does not seem to cure toxic poison aka, the type of poison gold/silver rathian inflict. Whereas normal antidotes, crafted from toadstool, do heal it. This might be considered a bug, regarding the point of the Skill, which is getting the desired effect immediately without crafting, e.g. Mandragora.

              • Anonymous

                A great tip when running this with a wide range healer build is to never carry a full stack of the buff items. (for example 8/10 Devil's blight, might and adamant seed) You will never exhaust your supply if you take 8/10 of a buff item and you will still have room to pick up any mushrooms / seeds you come across, making the whole item munching less expensive in the long run. Combine this with satiated jewel (25% chance of consuming for free) I still carry maxed out healer items since I will use these very fast anyway, making room for picking up more. Happy hunting!

                • Anonymous

                  Shrooms only SUBSTITUTE the original item so eg. drinking daemondrug or eating nitroshroom has the same effect. That means those 2 will not stack but instead one will overwrite the other. Mushroomancer works so that buffs cost less to make but you cannot actually increase the amount of stackable buffs with it (tested & re-checked with Hello World)

                  • Anonymous

                    Item Prolonger does not work with Wide Range. If the person who is receiving the buff has Item Prolonger, then buffs provided by you will be prolonged. If the person receiving the buffs does not have Item Prolonger, buffs provided by you will not be prolonged.

                    • Anonymous

                      Just wanted to share this with all of you:

                      The Demondrug or Armorskin can all be stacked with eachother from shrooms to pills to megas.

                      • Anonymous

                        Just want to add in that if you are also using the Wide-Range skill, all of the mushroom buffs can be shared with the team except for Mandragora which only works for the user. The team will need to cap their HP on their own and you might want to carry some regular mega potions for any team healing.

                        • Anonymous

                          Blue mushrooms = Instant potion (no drink time)
                          Toadstool = Natural Recovery Up (5 min duration) (I'm guessing it is double health recovery)
                          Nitroshroom = Attack Up (last until you leave hunt)
                          Parashroom = Defense Up (last until you leave hunt)
                          Mandragora = Max Heath (same as max potion)
                          Devil's Blight = Stamina Use Reduced (4 min duration)
                          Exciteshroom = Seems to give any of the other shroom's power randomly

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