Nergigante Hunger


Adds Hasten Recovery when 3 pieces of Nergigante α Set or Nergigante β Set are equipped

 Nergigante Hunger is a special Armor Set Bonus Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Nergigante Hunger Effect

Nergigante Hunger is unlocked by equipping 3 pieces from the Nergigante Alpha Armor Set and Nergigante Beta Armor Set

  • nergigante-hunger-skill-mhw-wiki 3 Pieces: Hasten Recovery, Regenerates your health as you continuosly attack a monster. Recovery varies by weapon


Equipment that grants Nergigante Hunger

You can unlock Nergigante Hunger by equipping the following items.



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    • Anonymous

      17 Oct 2018 14:02  

      Health regen augment is the same as Affinity in terms of boost. The health regen augments are 10% + 5% + 5% for each of the three augments (just like affinity). So you can get a 20% regen hp LIFESTEAL per hit. Obviously this means that higher damaging hits will heal more, but faster weapon's will heal just as much in the long run with their weak hits because they deal it out faster. The ONLY skill that boosts the HP Regen Augments is Recovery Up. Recovery Speed DOES NOT affect anything but the red recoverable HP. Recovery UP however affects Potions, Mushrooms, Nergs Set bonus, Vall's set bonus and HP Regen Augments. Nergigante's set only heals every so many hits (depends on the weapon), unlike HP Regen Augments, which heal on every hit. With Recovery Up on HP Regen Augments, it is boosted to 13% with one augment, 19.5% with two and 26% with three.

      • Anonymous

        12 Oct 2018 19:52  

        This armor is actually incredible with the switch axe. If the full morph slash combo from your axe's B/O combo lands, it guarantees a heal, and the Y/triangle-B/O-B/O combo does as well. In short, a lot of your standard combos heal you pretty rapidly, unlike with SNS, where you have to land an extremely lengthy combo in order to successfully heal.

        • Anonymous

          30 Sep 2018 22:09  

          Best used with lgb and rapidfire builds even if spamming normal shot just to get hp back while dealing damage. Spread only triggers it once, however dragon and pierce trigger it multiple times for each tick of damage dealt, you can rapidly heal during an eldar dragon fight using this method.

          • Anonymous

            19 Mar 2018 07:29  

            According to this post on reddit ( and some of my own testing, this appears to work by hitting a number of times (depending on the weapon) without a 3 second window passing. Every X number of hits, you heal some amount, also depending on which weapon you use.

            An easy way to test this for yourself is to grab some bombs and go into the Training Area. Damage yourself with the bombs (they are not used up in the training area) and then hit the post a number of times to trigger the heal.

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