Attack Power or Raw Damage is a damage statistic in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Monsters also have raw damage, which is offset by the hunter's Defense stat.


How is Attack Power Calculated?

Raw Damage done is calculated without taking into account Elemental Damage or secondary Status Effects. The higher the attack power on your weapon the more damage you will deal to a monster. Attack power should be favored over elemental damage as some Monster will have resistances to some elemental attacks, and the base math for attack calculations favors attack power.


The formula for on-screen damage numbers while attacking is


(Raw Base x Sharpness x Combo move)
(Monster Defense x Quest Difficulty Modifier x Rage Status)


Please refer to Sharpness, Weapons and Monsters pages to check out the specific modifiers for each of these equation variables

Raw Base or True Raw

The value displayed on the weapon screen is taking "Raw Base" and adding a modifier to it based on the weapon class. Skills such as Attack Boost add to this modifier, changing the value on your display multiplicatively rather than simply adding to it. The modifiers are as follows


Skills that Affect Attack Power


Weapons with the Highest Attack Power


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