Attack Power or Raw Damage is a damage statistic in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Monsters also have raw damage, which is offset by the hunter's Defense stat.


What is Attack Power in Monster Hunter World?

Attack Power is a fundamental aspect of a hunter's effectiveness in Monster Hunter World. Represented by the weapon's raw damage, higher Attack Power leads to more potent strikes. It's crucial to balance Attack Power with Sharpness, Affinity, and elemental properties for optimal damage output. Hunters can enhance Attack Power through weapon upgrades, armor skills, and consumables. Mastering the intricacies of Attack Power is essential for conquering formidable monsters.

Weapon Upgrades and Attack Power

Weapon upgrades play a pivotal role in boosting Attack Power in Monster Hunter World. As hunters progress, they acquire materials from slain monsters to augment their weapons, increasing raw damage. Each weapon type has its unique upgrade tree, allowing hunters to tailor their Attack Power enhancements to match their preferred playstyles. Choosing the right upgrades and understanding the impact on Attack Power is key to mastering the art of monster hunting.

  • For more on this topic, please heady to the Weapons page. Consult each weapon individually to learn about its weapon tree.

Skills and Attack Power

Skills are integral in maximizing a hunter's Attack Power in Monster Hunter World. Skills like Attack Boost, Critical Eye, and Weakness Exploit directly contribute to increased damage output. Crafting and equipping armor sets that synergize with a hunter's weapon type and playstyle enhance the effectiveness of these skills. Assembling a well-balanced armor set that focuses on both offensive and defensive capabilities is crucial for hunters seeking to optimize their Attack Power.

  • For more on this topic, please consult the Skills page

Affinity in Monster Hunter World

Affinity, representing a weapon's critical hit chance, is intertwined with Attack Power in Monster Hunter World. Positive affinity increases the likelihood of dealing critical hits, while negative affinity signifies a chance for reduced damage. Balancing high Attack Power with positive affinity is crucial for consistent and impactful strikes. Understanding the intricacies of affinity and its synergy with Attack Power allows hunters to fine-tune their weapons for optimal performance against diverse monsters in the New World.

  • For more on this topic, please consult the Affinity page.



How Attack Power is Calculated

Raw Damage - also called Physical - is calculated separately from Elemental Damage and Status Effect buildup. The higher the Attack on your weapon the more Raw Damage you will deal to a monster.


Formula for Physical Damage displayed


Raw Base x Sharpness x Combo Move x
x Monster Part x Quest Difficulty x Rage Status


For example, hitting a Great Jagras' tail with a Wide Slash from the Buster Sword III, assuming Quest Difficulty and Rage status multipliers of 1.0 and no boost to Attack from Items or Skills, will yield:


100 (Raw Base)

x 1.05 (Sharpness multiplier for green-level sharpness - non-elemental)

x 0.26 (Combo Move multiplier for Great Sword's Wide Slash attack)

x 0.45 (Monster Part multiplier for Great Jagras' tail against Cut Damage)

= 12 damage (rounded down)



Raw Base or True Raw

The Attack value displayed on the Attack Status portion of the Equipment Info screen is a bloated value obtained by multiplying a weapon's Raw Base by a modifier specific to the weapon's type. Changes to Raw Base made by Skills such as Attack Boost or Items such as Demondrug are also subjected to this multiplier. The weapon type modifiers are as follows:

Hammer (x 5.2)

Great Sword (x 4.8)

Hunting Horn (x 4.2)

Charge Blade (x 3.6)

Switch Axe (x 3.5)

Long Sword (x 3.3)

Insect Glaive (x 3.1)

Lance (x 2.3)

Gunlance (x 2.3)

Heavy Bowgun (x 1.5)

Sword and Shield (x 1.4)

Dual Blades (x 1.4)

Light Bowgun (x 1.3)

Bow (x 1.2)


 To calculate a weapon's Raw Base, simply divide its displayed Attack value (without boosts from Skills or Items) by its type-specific modifier.



While trying out weapons in the Training area, note that the Monster Part multiplier for the large training post is 0.8 for Physical damage and 0.3 for Elemental.

Refer to Sharpness, Weapons and Monsters for more information on these multipliers.

Refer to Affinity to see how it can affect displayed damage numbers.

Remember that Raw Damage is subdivided into three types: Cut, Blunt, and Ammo, and that Monster Body Parts have individual Body Part Multipliers for each.
Refer to Damage Types to see how different weapons may perform in combat.


Skills that Affect Attack Power

The following Skills boost Raw Base when granted by Armor or Charms:


Weapons with the Highest Attack Power


rare 1 greatsword mhw tree Great Sword - Black Fatalis Blade (1632)

rare 1 sword shield mhw tree Sword & Shield - True Fatalis Sword (490)

rare 1 hammer mhw tree Hammer - Fatalis Demolisher (1820)

rare 1 lance mhw tree Lance - True Fatalis Lance (851)

rare 1 switch axe mhw tree Switch Axe - True Fatalis End (1225)

rare 1 insect glaive mhw tree tree Insect Glaive - True Fatalis Dyaus (1101)

rare 1 light bowgun mhw tree Light Bowgun - Ten Thousand Volts (403)


rare 1 longsword mhw tree Long Sword - Fatalis Zaggespanon (1155)

rare 1 dual blades mhw tree Dual Blades - Fatalis Dual Skies (518)

rare 1 hunting horn mhw tree Hunting Horn - Fatalis Menace Wailer (1470)

rare 1 gunlance mhw tree Gunlance - True Fatalis Gunlance (897)

rare 1 charge blade mhw tree Charge Blade - True Fatalis Charger (1224)

rare 1 bow mhw tree Bow - Bow of Vice & Violence (444)

rare 1 heavy bowgun mhw tree Heavy Bowgun - Vor Buster (510)




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    • Anonymous

      Someone please edit and change the LBG with the highest attack power. It should be the Adept Stormslinger, which has a raw base of 416.

      • Anonymous

        what if you don't have dlc iceborn and don't have live and you solo every thing and you need to do a lot of damage and don't want the fight to drag out

        • Anonymous

          The weapons deliver the highest raw by far, no weapon can out match fatalis's weapon's raw. I remember getting my HH to 2500 raw, was fun. Although these aren't accounting for elemental and affinity. For elemental weapons use Kulve for critical element it can surpass fatalis if you make the right build, as for affinity I have my LS augmented with affinity level 1 (-10%), then I have max crit (30%), after that I have max agitator (55%), then my max attack affinity bonus (60%), then my critical boost that activates when I hit weak points (110%). Fatalis HBG is best for spread/pierce not so much sticky, furious rajang HBG is still the best for sticky because of it's speed and reload with 4 recoil suppressors. Fatalis LBG is debatable weather or not it's actually good. Fatalis bow I personally use for the high raw but I've seen some different bows here and there, maybe stocking for some spread or pierce damage.

          • Anonymous

            For gs and sns it looks like fatalis weapons are strongest. 1632 and 490 raw respectively. I’m going to assume this will be the trend except maybe ranged weapons and hunting horn. Probably still highest raw dmg for those weapons tho

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