Light Bowgun

light bowguns mhw

A short range projectile weapon. Utilizes a variety of ammo to do everything from rapidly shooting targets to providing support with status-changing ammo.

Weapon Type Ranged
Damage Type Shot (Ammo) Damage

Light Bowgun (ライトボウガン raito boogan, "light bowgun") is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.

The Bowgun can be used to attack monsters from long range. There are two types of Bowgun: the Heavy Bowgun, which  is generally slower, more powerful, and has access to high-damage ammo, and the Light Bowgun, which allows for greater mobility and evasive capabilities, and faster shooting.


Light Bowgun Weapon Tree

For full details, including rare 9 and above weapons added with Iceborne, please see Light Bowgun Weapon Tree

You can also see Master Rank Iceborne Light Bowguns.



Light Bowgun Traits & Abilities

  • Fast fire rate and short to moderate range
  • Variety of ammo types with special effects
  • High mobility


Light Bowgun Guide




The Light Bowgun is the smallest of the three ranged weapons. Its small nature allows hunters to rapidly reposition and dodge incoming attacks. On offense, the Light Bowgun boasts the highest fire rate of the ranged weapons. It also specializes in support ammo, such as poison, paralysis, and recovery, meaning it can reliably inflict a variety of status effects on the monster while still dealing damage. Light Bowguns are also capable of using special rounds, which are covered in detail further down.

Like the Heavy Bowgun, the Light Bowgun has an optimal range for firing. Being too far away from the target will cause shots to do less damage. The optimal range will vary based on ammo, and the crosshair will glow orange when the monster is in the optimal range.

Customizing Your Bowgun

Light Bowguns can use custom mods to shorten reload time, reduce recoil, and improve damage at specific ranges. You can even equip the same mod multiple times to improve its effects.


Critical Range 

Ranged weapon attacks have a Critical Range, which is the distance at which that attack deals the most damage. It's important to experiment with different ammo and arrow types to determine their Critical Ranges in order to deal as much damage as possible. It's also worth noting that the critical range shown by the glowing orange reticule is only relevant to the first point of impact of a particular shot. Ammo that inflicts multiple hits, like Slicing, Sticky, and Piercing Ammo, will experience critical range in different ways.


Light Bowgun Advantages

  • Wide variety of ammo for applying various status effects
  • High rate of fire - many Light Bowguns fire some Ammo types in a rapid-fire mode, which can potentially lead to high damage output.
  • Great mobility


Light Bowgun Disadvantages

  • Worse ammo stats than Heavy Bowgun on non-Rapid Fire ammo types
  • Has access to one less mod than Heavy Bowgun
  • Has only one type of Special Ammo
  • Must supply own ammo



Attachments are various mods that can be put onto a bowgun to alter its stats. Attachments are free, can be swapped out at any time at the smithy, and can stack. The number of mods that can be put onto a gun depends on its rarity rank. Ranks 1 and 2 have one mod slot. Ranks 3 and 4 have two. Ranks 5 to 8 have three. Ranks 9 to 12 have four.

Available mod types:

  • Recoil Suppressor: Lowers the recoil when firing. Effectiveness varies with what ammo type is being used.
  • Reload Assist: Speeds reload times. Effectiveness varies with what ammo type is being used.
  • Deviation Suppressor: Lowers deviation. Can only be used if the Bowgun has deviation.
  • Close Range Up: Increases damage at close range.
  • Long Range Up: Increases damage at long range.
  • Long Barrel: Increases critical range and projectile speed.
  • Power Barrel: Increases tick rate for piercing ammo types and stun/exhaust build-up for Sticky/Exhaust ammo.
  • Evade Reload: Allows ammo to be reloaded while evading.
  • Wyvernblast Counter: Changes Wyvernblast into a forward facing counter attack.

Ammo Types

The Ammo a hunter can use varies with the Bowgun they have equipped. It is also important to note that ammo performance for one model of Bowgun (in terms of shots per magazine, recoil, rate of fire, and reload speed) may perform radically differently on another model of Bowgun. Always check the detailed description of a Bowgun model before investing resources into crafting it!

Each damaging Ammo type has its own Motion Value (MV), which is used when calculating damage. Elemental attacks from Bowguns are subjected to both this and the Weapon type multiplier, and use the Raw Attack value as the starting Elemental value. See Damage Types for more information.

See Bowgun Ammo for a quick list of Ammo Types.

See Bowgun Comparison for a quick list of Ammo in regards to bowgun modifications.

  • NormalNormal Ammo (fires a standard single shot). MVs:
    • Lv1: 10
    • Lv2: 20
    • Lv3: 34
  • PiercePierce Ammo (fires a straight shot that pierces through monsters to hit them multiple times. Number of hits is dependent on the ammo strength and the frame rate. Damage is reduced after the 9th hit). MVs:
    • Lv1: 7 * number of hits
    • Lv2: 7 * number of hits
    • Lv3: 9 * number of hits
  • SpreadSpread Ammo (fires a short-ranged shotgun blast). MVs:
    • Lv1: 6 * 3
    • Lv2: 7 * 5
    • Lv3: 8 * 7
  • StickySticky Ammo (attaches a charge to the target that explodes after 5 seconds. Fixed damage, ignore*****zone values and cannot crit. Deals a small amount of Fire damage. Applies Stun if explosion hits the monster's head). MVs:
    • Lv1: 12
    • Lv2: 17
    • Lv3: 24
  • Recover: Recover Ammo (heals teammates and palicos)
    • Lv1: restores 30 HP
    • Lv2: restores 50 HP
  • Poison: Poison Ammo (inflicts Poison on the target)
    • Lv1: 40 Poison build-up
    • Lv2: 80 Poison build-up
  • Paralysis: Paralysis Ammo (inflicts Paralysis on the target)
    • Lv1: 40 Paralysis build-up
    • Lv2: 80 Paralysis build-up
  • Sleep: Sleep Ammo (inflicts Sleep on the target)
    • Lv1: 40 Sleep build-up
    • Lv2: 80 Sleep build-up
  • Exhaust: Exhaust Ammo (inflicts Exhaust on the target, or Stun if it hits the head)
    • Lv1: 50 Exhaust or 20 Stun
    • Lv2: 100 Exhaust or 40 Stun
  • Flaming/Freeze/Thunder/Water: Elemental Ammo (deals elemental damage, scaling off the weapon's raw Attack. Pierces through the monster in a straight line, but can only hit the same part once). MV: [8 (shot) + 22 (element)] * number of hits
  • Dragon: Elemental Ammo (deals elemental damage, scaling off the weapon's raw Attack. Fires a slow, short-range arcing projectile that ticks multiple times). MV: [2 (shot) + 18 (dragon)] * number of hits
  • Slicing: Slicing Ammo (attaches a charge to the target that explodes after 5 seconds. Deals sever damage). MV: 6 * 5
  • Demon: Demon Ammo (increases the Attack of a teammate or palico by 10 for 120 seconds).
  • Armor: Armor Ammo (increases the Defense of a teammate or palico by 30 for 120 seconds).
  • Tranq: Tranq Ammo (used to capture monsters. Works just like Tranq bombs)

Note: Rapid Fire ammo (unique to Light Bowgun) will fire 3 shots instead of one. The 2nd and 3rd shot have half the MV of a regular shot. Rapid Fire Sticky will only fire 2 shots with a total MV of 24.

Special Ammo

Special Ammo recharges over time. Some can be used before they are fully recharged but to reduced effect. What special ammo a hunter has is determined by their bowgun, and every bowgun has only one special round.

  • Wyvernblast: Has up to 3 mines with a recharge time of 60 seconds each. Plants a mine on the ground with a jet of gas coming out the top. Three mines can be deployed at one time and will automatically explode after a while. The mine can be detonated by the hunter or by the monster and the size of the explosion depends on the strength of the attack that hit it. Each mine starts with a total of 5 charges which are depleted when they are triggered. MVs:
    • Small explosion (consumes 1 charge): 26
    • Medium explosion (consumes 2 charges): 32
    • Large explosion (consumes 4 charges): 49
  • Wyvernblast Counter: Can be equipped by any LBG by using the Wyvernblast Mod. Has up to 3 mines with a recharge time of 60 seconds each. Shoots a mine and pushes back the hunter at the same time (it has no invincibility frames). If the monster hits the mine it will trigger an explosion (size is relative to the strength of the attack that hit it), if not the mine will automatically explode after 1 second. MVs:
    • Small explosion/failed counter: 26
    • Medium explosion: 49
    • Large explosion: 73
    • Extra-Large explosion: 110 

Light Bowgun Controls

  • l2 ps4 controls small (Hold): Aim
  • r2 ps4 controls small: Fire (also reloads if magazine is empty)
  • circle ps4 controls small: Place Wyvernblast
  • triangle ps4 controls small: Reload
  • D-pad up/down or l1 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small / x ps4 controls small: Select Ammo
  • triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small: Melee Attack. MV: 25
  • Midair triangle ps4 controls small: Jumping Reload (performs a Melee Attack and reloads at the same time)
  • l2 ps4 controls small + r3 ps4 controls: switch between Aim and Slinger


Light Bowguns are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Light Bowguns. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Light Bowgun Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below.

Iceborne Light Bowguns are Master Rank Light Bowguns in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). These rare 9 and above weapons were added with the Iceborne Expansion and can only be obtained by players who own the expansion. The weapons use Master Rank Materials that can be obtained by completing quests and doing endgame content.

Iceborne Light Bowguns

You can search by Name, Rarity, Affinity, or Element. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Light Bowguns 

Name Attack Affinity Element Rare
Crossblitzer I gem level 1gem level 1 Average 3 273 0% - 9
Crossblitzer II gem level 1gem level 1 Average 4 299 0% - 10
Crossblitzer III gem level 1gem level 1 Average 4 338 0% - 11
Blackwing Bowgun I gem level 3 Average 4 338 20% - 10
Blackwing Bowgun II gem level 1 Average 4 351 25% - 11
Lumu Typhon IV gem level 1 Average 3 273 15% - 9
Nightmare's Seed I gem level 2 Average 3 286 15% - 9
Nightmare's Seed II gem level 2 Average 4 312 15% - 10
Glavenus Blitz gem level 1gem level 1 High 4 299 0% - 10
Acid Blitz I gem level 1gem level 1 High 4 312 0% - 10
Acid Blitz II gem level 1gem level 1 High 4 325 0% - 11
Bazelcore gem level 1gem level 2 High 4 364 -10% - 11
Saber's Howl I gem level 2gem level 3 High 3 299 0% - 9
Saber's Howl II gem level 2gem level 3 High 4 338 0% - 10
Rex Fusillade I gem level 1 Very High 4 312 -20% - 10
Rex Fusillade II gem level 1gem level 1 Very High 4 325 -20% - 10
Rathbuster III gem level 1 Average 4 273 20% - 10
Azure Soulscorcher gem level 1 Average 4 312 20% - 10
Lightning Blitz IV gem level 1 Average 3 286 0% - 9
Usurper's Crime gem level 2 Average 4 312 0% - 10
Usurper's Crime + gem level 2 Average 4 325 0% - 11
Frost Blitz III - Average 3 273 0% - 9
Blizzard Cannon - Average 4 286 20% - 10
Blizzard Cannon + - Average 4 299 25% - 10
Blizzard Volley - Average 4 312 30% - 11
Laguna Blitz I gem level 1gem level 2 Average 3 286 0% - 9
Laguna Blitz II gem level 1gem level 2 Average 4 325 0% - 10
Breakshot I gem level 3 High 3 273 0% - 9
Breakshot II gem level 3 High 4 299 0% - 10
Breakshot III gem level 3 High 4 338 0% - 11
Icehawk decoration level 4 mhw wiki Low 4 338 0% - 11
Graceful Almaria decoration level 4 mhw wiki Low 4 351 0% - 12
Gulgoleth's Despair gem level 2gem level 2 Average 4 325 0% - 11
Gulgoleth's Ruin gem level 2gem level 2 Average 4 338 0% - 12
Anja Buster IV - Very High 3 299 -30% - 9
Fulgurshot I - Very High 4 325 -20% - 10
Fulgurshot II - Very High 4 351 -20% - 10
Jyura Bullet IV gem level 1gem level 1 Average 3 273 0% - 9
Beo Shooter I gem level 1gem level 2 Average 3 286 0% - 9
Beo Shooter II gem level 1gem level 2 Average 4 338 0% - 10
Hidden Bullet I - Average 4 299 0% - 10
Hidden Bullet II - Average 4 325 15% - 10
Fireshatter I gem level 2gem level 3 High 4 299 20% - 10
Fireshatter II gem level 2gem level 3 High 4 325 0% - 10
Mammoth Bowgun I decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 3 306 0% - 9
Mammoth Bowgun II decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 4 345 0% - 10
Barroth Bazooka I gem level 2gem level 2 High 3 312 -20% - 9
Barroth Bazooka II gem level 2gem level 2 High 4 351 -20% - 10
Brachydios Shot I - Very High 4 312 0% - 10
Brachydios Shot II gem level 1 Very High 4 325 0% - 10
Karma + gem level 1 Low 4 286 30% - 10
Nether Salvo gem level 1 Low 4 299 35% - 10
Ghost gem level 1 Low 4 312 35% - 11
Dragonseal Bowgun I gem level 1gem level 1 Average 4 312 0% - 10
Dragonseal Bowgun II gem level 1gem level 1 Average 4 325 0% - 11
Fading Blossom gem level 1gem level 1 None 4 377 0% - 12
God's Isle gem level 1 Very High 4 312 0% - 11
Mythical Three-Evils - Average 4 325 0% - 11
Hydra Actinula - High 4 338 15% - 11
Black Actinula - High 4 364 15% - 12
Daora's Yellowjacket gem level 2 Average 4 338 10% - 11
Diregun Dementia - Very High 4 364 -25% - 12
Rajang Barrage decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 377 -15% - 11
Ten Thousand Volts decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 403 -15% - 12
Ruinous Cataclysm gem level 1gem level 1 High  351 0% - 12
Accursed Fire gem level 1gem level 2 Very High 351 -20% - 11
Argent Ray gem level 1 Average 351 20% - 12
Despot's Wildfire gem level 2 Average 338 0% - 12
Neo Cross Bowgun decoration level 4 mhw wiki None 338 0% - 11
Soulfire Rasp "Blaze" gem level 2gem level 1 High 338 20% - 12
Soulfire Rasp "Ruin" gem level 2gem level 2 Very High 351 0% - 12
Soulfire Rasp "Styx"gem level 3gem level 3 Average 338 10% - 12
Brimstren Drakekiss  gem level 2 High 338 0% - 11
Brimstren Drakevow gem level 2 High 351 0% - 12
Stormslinger Prototype decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 390 0% - 9
Adept Stormslinger decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 416 0% - 12
Xeno Neqiina + decoration level 4 mhw wikidecoration level 4 mhw wiki Average 351 0% - 12
Safi's Hellshot decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 325 5% - 12
Safi's Aquashot decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 325 5% - 12
Safi's Boltshot decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 325 5% - 12
Safi's Frostshot decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 325 5% - 12
Safi's Drakshot decoration level 4 mhw wiki Very High 325 5% - 12
Guild Palace Bowgun gem level 3Average 325 10% -- 10
Royal Surefire Shot gem level 3Average 351 15% -- 12
Demonlord Cannon Low 377 20% -- 12
Lightbreak Gun decoration level 4 mhw wikigem level 2Very High 364 0% -- 12
Alatreon Razer gem level 2 Low 325 0% -- 11
Alatreon Dominator gem level 2gem level 2 Low 338 0% -- 12
Blizzard Gust Average 338 15% -- 11

Ammo Types

The following is a list of all Bowgun Ammo types.




Normal Ammo Normal Ammo  Basic ammunition. Comes in three levels of increasing damage. Deals Ammo Damage.
Pierce Ammo Pierce Ammo Ammo which penetrates in a line, causing more damage the further it travels through the target. Deals Ammo Damage.
Spread Ammo Spread Ammo Shotgun-like ammo that fires multiple pellets with short range. Deals Ammo Damage.
Sticky Ammo Sticky Ammo Attaches a small explosive charge which explodes after a delay. Can cause Stun buildup.
Dragon Ammo Cluster Bomb An arcing shot which splits into multiple explosives. Causes heavy knockback to Allies.
Recover Ammo Recover Ammo Restores Health to Allies. Effectiveness increases with level.
Poison Ammo Poison Ammo Causes Poison status buildup. Effectiveness increases with level. Success is indicated by purple saliva from a Monster's mouth.
Paralysis Ammo Paralysis Ammo Causes Paralysis status buildup. Effectiveness increases with level.
Sleep Ammo Sleep Ammo Causes Sleep status buildup. Effectiveness increases with level.
Exhaust Ammo Exhaust Ammo Reduces a Monster's Stamina. Effectiveness increases with level.
Flaming Ammo Flaming Ammo Causes mhw fire damage Fire Element damage and pierces targets.
Exhaust Ammo Water Ammo Causes mhw water elemental damage Water Element damage and pierces targets.
Normal Ammo Freeze Ammo Causes mhw ice damage Ice Element damage and pierces targets.
Thunder Ammo Thunder Ammo Causes mhw thunder damage Thunder Element damage and pierces targets.
Dragon Ammo Dragon Ammo Causes mhw dragon damageDragon Element damage and pierces targets.
Normal Ammo Slicing Ammo Attaches a charge that explodes and causes Cut Damage.
Wyvern Ammo Wyvern Ammo Short range, slow, yet highly damaging ammo. Requires a short chargeup to fire.
Demon Ammo Demon Ammo Boosts Attack Power of Allies for a short time.
Armor Ammo Armor Ammo Boosts Defense of Allies for a short time.
Sleep Ammo Tranq Ammo Functions identically to Tranq Bomb.




Light Bowguns Gallery MHW


Light Bowgun Ore Weapons




Light Bowgun Bone Weapons











Kulve Taroth Light Bowguns








Safi'jiiva Weapons



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Light Bowgun
Anja Buster  ♦  Barroth Shot  ♦  Bazel Typhoon  ♦  Blacksteel Crossbow  ♦  Blazing Rifle  ♦  Carapace Rifle  ♦  Chain Blitz  ♦  Chain Blitz I  ♦  Cross Blitz  ♦  Dragonbone Bowgun  ♦  Fate's Ember  ♦  Flame Blitz  ♦  Frost Blitz  ♦  Garon Rifle  ♦  High Chain Blitz  ♦  Hunter's Rifle  ♦  Jagras Blitz  ♦  Jagras Fire  ♦  Jyura Bullet  ♦  Lava Bullet  ♦  Lightning Blitz  ♦  Lumu Blitz  ♦  Lumu Typhon  ♦  Madness Rifle  ♦  Power Rifle  ♦  Rathbuster  ♦  Sniper Shot  ♦  Snow Blitz  ♦  Thunder Blitz

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    • Anonymous

      Has anyone tested the stagger on Wyvernblast Counter? I know it staggers things like a Rathalos charge and Glav swipe, but is it consistent across the board for lets say a Tigrex charge? Barrioth pounce? Banbarro tree roll?

      • Anonymous

        Is it just me or is the lbg kinda bad? The only thing I like about it is how fast you move but besides that when I compare it to the hbg it just seems worse, worse dmg, worse recoil, worse reload, am I missing something here?

        • Anonymous

          Light bow gun is like small pee pee but size doesn't matter it's how you use it that matters so the light bow gun can do as much damage as a heavy bow gun like a small pee pee doing as much of effectiveness has big pee pee

          • Anonymous

            What's the difference between all these bowguns? The only difference i see is slightly different damage and deviation. But there's so many routes to take, i guess i don't get the point if they all have super similar damage. Anyone got the info in looking for? I'm super new to the game and the series

            • Anonymous

              IMO LBG and HBG are just too strong. If you want to breeze through the game half asleep just also switch to using a mouse and keyboard on PC and use one of the two guns types. Yes melee has 30% physical damage reduction. Beyond that the advantages of ranged are just absurd given Iceborne's monster design.

              Aura effects and roars are way less of a concern. Flying no longer matters, just shoot it in the air. Less of a concern in the base game but in Iceborne the monsters fly like at least half the time. Sure you can clutch claw them for pitiful damage and being put at huge risk as any sort of attack knocks you off the monster. No more getting stuck under the legs and getting knocked around by those annoying "attacks" where the monster just casually strolls around as your camera freaks out and you can't see anything.

              You can hit the weakpoints almost whenever, you can pick any status you want, any element you want - whenever you want it. The only really annoying part is keeping all the ammo in stock in your box.

              I've used melee for hundreds of hours and just finally tried the LBG the last few days and it's just so, so much easier to me. I feel stupid for smashing my heads against roadblocks in this game when I could just casually drink a beer and point and click on the monster until it dies.

              • Anonymous

                What's driving me nuts is theres been recent videos and***** showing gameplay where the light bowgun is using a alternate special ammo that's basically a tesla coil strapped to the front of the gun, it's not thunder ammo and its ridiculously powerful, but I cant find info on it on any site or in game, what the hell is it?

                • Anonymous

                  not one piece of non-obvious information on the page. was really hoping for data on the close/long range dmg mods

                  • Anonymous

                    Xeno Nequiina is the only Bowgun (light and heavy) that can use ammo of EVERY type, albeit not all levels and has poor flat damage (but it has 2 sockets for decorations). For example, it can use Sticky lvl 3, but not 1 or 2. It can, however, use Normal ammo 1 and 3, and Piercing 2 and 3.

                    • Anonymous

                      Really think they should add Flash Ammo and Smoke Ammo to the light bowgun. I think that would really help it shine in a different way, being able to start an ambush by shooting a smoke bomb at the foot of a monster. being able to fire a flash pod farther without having to sheathe the weapon. Given the Heavy Bowgun has Wyvern shot and Cluster Bombs it feels fair that light bowgun should get a couple ammo types that focus on different things that Heavy Bowgun can't use

                      • I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but elemental ammo has way more range than all the normal ones (norm,spread,pierce) about a rolls worth more than pierce make it better suited if you're trying to be a sniper.Also it's affected by elemental attack boots

                        • Anonymous

                          It should be noted that pressing L3 when looking at a bowgun will show you the recoil, reload speed, and if the ammo is rapid fire/auto reload. You can do this in the upgrade tree before you decide what path to go down. Wasted a bit of time before I saw the small icon saying you can do this.

                          • Anonymous

                            Why is this page listed as being able to use elemental ammo? You can't use half of those types on the light BG in-game, Tranq and poison at best.

                            • Anonymous

                              It takes 60 second for a single charge of wyrmblast to recharge. This is also the same amount of time it takes for a charge of wyrmblast to expire once placed if not used.

                              Also Focus armour skill affects wyrmblast. Using Focus lvl 1, 5% coolddown on weapons with guage or charge, it reduces the recharge time for wyrmblast charges to 57 seconds. I have been able to replicate this several times. Also basic math 5% of 60 is 3, so saves 3 seconds.

                              • Anonymous

                                High Recoil as a generalization I think is incorrect for Disadvantages. Your recoil for using Light Bowgun is entirely dependant on which weapon tree you build and the ammo that correlates with it. For example Jagras Blitz 1 features high recoil on Normal Ammo 3, but the Power Rifle 1 features average recoil on Normal Ammo 3. However, when you compare Light Bowgun vs Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun generally features higher recoil per ammo type than its heavier counter part.

                                While "high recoil" is not entirely wrong, I think it should instead be comparative vs the heavybow gun or bow.


                                • Anonymous

                                  Are the wyvernblast mines the only special ability for these? Heavy has a Gatling gun basically and a sniper.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Even though i enjoy this weapon for some reason it doesn't allow me to equip a large variety of ammo. Does anyone know why?

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