Adept Stormslinger

adept stormslinger mhw wiki guide
Light Bowgun
Rarity 12
mhw defense s --
mhw decoration s  decoration level 4 mhw wiki
mhw attack 416
mhw affinity  0%
mhw deviation icon Very High
mhw custom mods icon 4
mhw special ammo icon Wyvernblast

Adept Stormslinger is a Master Rank Light Bowgun Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Adept Stormslinger Information



Adept Stormslinger Crafting and Upgrades

Adept Stormslinger has 2 different upgrade levels. It follows the independent path, detailed below.

  Rare mhw attack mhw affinity mhw element damage mhw deviation icon mhw special ammo icon Skill mhw decoration s mhw defense s
Stormslinger Prototype 9 390 0% - Very High Wyvernblast  - decoration level 4 mhw wiki -
Craft with: Banuk Warrior Symbol x3, Zinogre Deathly Shocker x4, Zinogre Hardhorn x1, Zinogre Hardclaw x2, 32000 x zenny currency mhworld wiki
Adept Stormslinger 12 416 0% - Very High Wyvernblast


decoration level 4 mhw wiki -
Craft with: Bluegleam x2, Stygian Zinogre Dragonhold x4, Stygian Zinogre Hardhorn x1, Stygian Zinogre Hardclaw x2, 56000 x zenny currency mhworld wiki


Adept Stormslinger Ammo Information


Ammo Type Magazine Recoil -0 Recoil -1 Recoil -2 Recoil -3   Reload -0 Reload -1 Reload -2 Reload -3 Rapid Fire/Autoload
normal ammo mhwNormal 1                      
Normal AmmoNormal 2                      
Normal AmmoNormal 3                      
Pierce AmmoPierce 1                      
Pierce AmmoPierce 2                      
Pierce AmmoPierce 3                      
Spread AmmoSpread 1                      
Spread AmmoSpread 2                      
Spread AmmoSpread 3                      
Sticky AmmoSticky 1                      
Sticky AmmoSticky 2                      
Sticky AmmoSticky 3                      
cluster ammoCluster 1                      
cluster ammoCluster 2                      
cluster ammoCluster 3                      
Recover AmmoRecover 1                      
Recover AmmoRecover 2                      
Poison AmmoPoison 1                      
Poison AmmoPoison 2                      
Paralysis AmmoPara 1                      
Paralysis AmmoPara 2                      
Sleep AmmoSleep 1                      
Sleep AmmoSleep 2                      
Exhaust AmmoExhaust 1                      
Exhaust AmmoExhaust 2                      
Flaming AmmoFlaming                      
Pierce AmmoWater                      
Normal AmmoFreeze                      
Thunder AmmoThunder                      
Dragon AmmoDragon                      
normal ammo mhwSlicing                      
Wyvern AmmoWyvern                      
Demon AmmoDemon                      
Armor AmmoArmor                      
Sticky AmmoTranq                      


Adept Stormslinger Upgrade Tree

Adept Stormslinger is part of an upgrade path for the Light Bowgun Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant independent tree.


Light Bowgun Independent Tree



Iceborne Light Bowguns
Accursed Fire  ♦  Acid Blitz I  ♦  Acid Blitz II  ♦  Alatreon Dominator  ♦  Alatreon Razer  ♦  Anja Buster IV  ♦  Argent Ray  ♦  Azure Soulscorcher  ♦  Barroth Bazooka I  ♦  Barroth Bazooka II  ♦  Bazelcore  ♦  Beo Shooter I  ♦  Beo Shooter II  ♦  Black Actinula  ♦  Blackwing Bowgun I  ♦  Blackwing Bowgun II  ♦  Blizzard Cannon  ♦  Blizzard Cannon +  ♦  Blizzard Gust  ♦  Blizzard Volley  ♦  Brachydios Shot I  ♦  Brachydios Shot II  ♦  Breakshot I  ♦  Breakshot II  ♦  Breakshot III  ♦  Brimstren Drakekiss  ♦  Brimstren Drakevow  ♦  Crossblitzer I  ♦  Crossblitzer II  ♦  Crossblitzer III  ♦  Daora's Yellowjacket  ♦  Demonlord Cannon  ♦  Despot's Wildfire  ♦  Diregun Dementia  ♦  Dragonseal Bowgun I  ♦  Dragonseal Bowgun II  ♦  Fading Blossom  ♦  Fatalis Depth  ♦  Fireshatter I  ♦  Fireshatter II  ♦  Frost Blitz III  ♦  Fulgurshot I  ♦  Fulgurshot II  ♦  Ghost  ♦  Glavenus Blitz  ♦  God's Isle  ♦  Graceful Almaria  ♦  Guild Palace Bowgun  ♦  Gulgoleth's Despair  ♦  Gulgoleth's Ruin  ♦  Hidden Bullet I  ♦  Hidden Bullet II  ♦  Hydra Actinula  ♦  Icehawk  ♦  Jyura Bullet IV  ♦  Karma +  ♦  Laguna Blitz I  ♦  Laguna Blitz II  ♦  Lightbreak Gun  ♦  Lightning Blitz IV  ♦  Lumu Typhon IV  ♦  Mammoth Bowgun I  ♦  Mammoth Bowgun II  ♦  Mythical Three-Evils  ♦  Neo Cross Bowgun  ♦  Nether Salvo  ♦  Nightmare's Seed I  ♦  Nightmare's Seed II  ♦  Rajang Barrage  ♦  Rathbuster III  ♦  Rex Fusillade I  ♦  Rex Fusillade II  ♦  Royal Surefire Shot  ♦  Ruinous Cataclysm  ♦  Saber's Howl I  ♦  Saber's Howl II  ♦  Safi's Aquashot  ♦  Safi's Boltshot  ♦  Safi's Drakshot  ♦  Safi's Frostshot  ♦  Safi's Hellshot  ♦  Soulfire Rasp Blaze  ♦  Soulfire Rasp Ruin  ♦  Soulfire Rasp Styx  ♦  Stormslinger Prototype  ♦  Ten Thousand Volts  ♦  Usurper's Crime  ♦  Usurper's Crime +  ♦  Xeno Neqiina +


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    • Anonymous

      This thing is pretty slap ngl. The special shots recharge quickly and can be fired a lot before needing to recharge. It has the highest base damage of all LBGs while having o% affinity. However it's ammo types are very limited. It genuinely does enough damage to make use of normal shots lvl2 with its rapid fire normal lvl1 ammo. It actually does better than ghost with normal 1 ammo.

      • Anonymous

        In order to use the super powerful shots you have to equip the Power Source Mod. Don’t be me and spam thunder ammo for 10 missions wondering what you’re doing wrong

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