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    • Anonymous

      19 Feb 2018 21:30  

      Hey, I'm looking for a specific Symbol on the Minimap that I can't see to find a definition for anywhere; it looks like a Green monster head with some teeth and a blue drop coming out of the corner of the mouth/ below the eye? Because I've picked up a couple Wyvern Tears, I figured that it was the monster crying, but I honestly have no idea what it is. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        08 Feb 2018 08:25  

        any1 need help with xbox one, i am just past nerigigante, my live id is Verrier6595. look me up if i am on, i will come help.

        • Anonymous

          07 Feb 2018 17:12  

          Need a hand dealing with Diablos for the Horned Tyrant mission on Xbox. Anyone please give me a hand got him all the way down to limping then got KO'd by my Palico. Help would be appreciated :)

          • 05 Feb 2018 05:32  

            My PSN is T-Widow3.
            I’ve been playing for a little while now and I’m just getting by. I could really use some help from someone or someone’s. If someone could join up and play with me to help show me the ropes and help me understand some of the items and strategies that would be fantastic. Please I really want to get into this game and better understand it. I need yalls help!!!

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