Multiplayer in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is an integral part of the game, and the main reason for longevity for many hunters. Whilst completely optional, it has an undeniable appeal for players who want to socialize and experiment with group mechanics.

  • Online Play requires Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold
  • Online progress is saved for yourself as well, but you have to watch the main quests on your own.
  • Please see Gathering Hub for information on the hubs of the game.

Multiplayer in Monster Hunter World

How to invite Friends

You can access options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Invite a Friend to invite a friend, via their Sony Entertainment Network account (SEN account), to your online session.

- Invited friends will start the game from Astera.

Multiplayer Scaling

Monster HP is increased when playing multiplayer.
- Being in an online session with other players but going on a quest alone does not apply multiplayer settings.
- The HP of all large monsters in the locale is increased the moment there is more than 1 player in a hunt.
- If you start a hunt alone, and another player joins after the quest has begun, a message will display indicating that multiplayer settings have taken effect.
- If the amount of players drops back down to 1 in a hunt that was multiplayer at one time, the monster HP will reduce back to normal (Iceborne patch).
- Palico won't return when it drops back to 2 or 1 from a 3+ multiplayer session.
- For two players the monster HP is about 150% of the monster's base HP
- For three or more players the monster HP is about 220%-260% of the monster's base HP
- The amount of damage required to break monster parts (head, wings, tail, etc.,) as well as to KO  a monster is increased.
- The amount of damage a monster deals to players is not affected by multiplayer.
- The two-player difficulty has been added in patch 6.02

The SOS Flare

An SOS flare can be fired during a quest that allows more players to join your quest.
- SOS flares can be used from the Radial Menu or in the menu, going to the Quest tab, and selecting Fire SOS Flare.
- Players can join your quest without being in your online session when joining via SOS flare.
- You can view SOS flares by going to a quest board or the Handler, selecting Join a Quest, then select Respond to SOS.

Joining a Friend's Session

You can directly join the Online Sessions of your Sony Entertainment Network account (SEN account) friends.

You can join a friend's session by following these steps:
1. Have a friend create an Online Session or join another player's Online Session.
2. Next, from the PlayStation®4 home screen, go to "Now Playing" in the Friends menu and select "Join Session".
- Players who join this way will start the game from Astera.

Find Others by Session ID

If you know someone's Online Session ID, you can search for it individually to join it.

To search by Online Session ID, select "Search via Session ID" when searching for Online Sessions.

If you'd like to check your own Online Session ID in order to share with friends, access options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Player List to check your ID.

Find People You have Played With

You can search for the Online Session of a player you've recently played with.

You can search by play history by following these steps:
1. Select "Search via Play History" when searching for Online Sessions.
2. Access options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Recently Played.

- Play history is reset whenever you quit the game and restart.

Create a Private Session

You can enable private session options to limit your Online Session to being joinable via the "Invite a Friend" and "Search via Session ID" options only.

There are two methods for enabling private session options:
1. When creating an Online Session, and select "Yes" under "Private Session".
2. After you have created an Online Session, access Quest Board or Quest Counter Menu > Online Session > Session Settings, and select "Yes" under "Private Session".

Friend Requests or Blocking Players

You can view the online IDs of players in your Online Session or quest by accessing options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Player List.

You can view a player's Sony Entertainment Network account (SEN account) profile by selecting their name from the player list and selecting "View Profile".

Sending Friend Requests:
You can send another player a friend request by selecting "Send Friend Request" from their profile screen.

Blocking Other Players:
You can block another player by selecting "..." from their profile screen and then selecting "Block".

What does Blocking do?

You can block communications from another player by blocking their Sony Entertainment Network account (SEN account). Blocking a player will do the following:

- Prevent the player from joining the same Online Session as you (provided the Online Session is one created after the player was blocked).
- Prevent the player from joining the same quest or expedition as you.
- Prevent the player from sending you chat or voice chat (and vice versa).
- Prevent you from seeing gestures performed by the blocked player (and vice versa).
- Prevent the player's Palico from showing up in your game (and vice versa).
- Prevent you from receiving or viewing the player's guild card (and vice versa).
- Prevent the player from joining the same squad as you. You will also be unable to check each other's squad messages.

How to Remove Other Players

You can remove people from your quest or squad when you're its leader.

Removing Quest Members:
- Before departing on a quest, you can remove a player by bringing up the "Party Members' Status" screen and pressing the button to "Remove Player". You can also remove a player by accessing options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Player List.
- During a quest or expedition, you can remove another player by accessing options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Player List.

Removing Squad Members:
- You can remove a squad member by accessing options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Squads > Member List.

Manually Accepting  Quest Join Requests

When you're the quest leader, you can choose whether or not to accept requests to join your quest. Join requests are automatically accepted by default, but can be set to be accepted or rejected manually.

To manually receive join requests, access options ps4 controls Start Menu > System > Options > Game Settings > Quest Join Settings and change the option to "Manual Accept".

How to disable Voice Chat

You can turn the in-game voice chat on or off by accessing the following:
1. Title Screen Menu > Options > Audio > Voice Chat
2. options ps4 controls Start Menu > System > Options > Audio > Voice Chat
3. options ps4 controls Start Menu > Communication > Player List

You can individually mute or unmute players from the player list using the "Mute/Unmute Voice Chat" controls.

Interaction in the Field

While on a Quest or Expedition with other Hunters, you can give Items to other players by:
1. Opening the Item Pouch through Start Menu > Items and Equipment > Item Pouch
2. Highlighting an Item and Confirming
3. Choosing Give from the resulting dropdown menu and selecting the teammate and Item amount.
The Hunter will remain stationary while holding out their hand, and the recipient can then approach and take the item.

Hunters can also give their teammates recovery or performance-boosting Status Effects through the use of Items or with the Hunting Horn.

In addition to being able to help their teammates, Hunters can also hinder allies if they are careless. Weapon attacks often cause knockback to other players, ranging from small flinches to airborne throws. Airborne knockback can also be used to inflict mounting damage on a Monster, though it is best to coordinate beforehand.

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    • Anonymous

      Can you have tailraiders in co-op quest and expeditions because I only play solo that’s because I don’t have internet so don’t give me any bs

      • Anonymous

        I like how this just gives the shaft to 3 players. 3 players have to deal with 4 player HP. Also, they have their palicos taken away. I feel like there should absolutely be a HP modifier for specifically three people, like maybe like 200%. Or just let a party of 3 still use their palicos. But having to deal with upwards of 260% AND having your palicos taken is just kind of BS.

        • Anonymous

          Here's how it works (*you can check it yourself, by using an overlay):
          SINGLE-PLAYER: 100% monster HP
          TWO-PLAYER co-op 150% monster HP
          THREE / FOUR-PLAYER co-op: 220~260% monster HP (*depending on monster)

          • The HP does NOT drop back when players leave a co-op -- making players leaving / lagging out early in a three-plus player team, very annoying for the sap left alone (best to quit and restart versus monsters like Behemoth and Kulve)
          • The Palicoes DO return after players leave / lag out
          • Two-player co-op is effectively the easiest, because it's only 50% more HP in toto (25% more for each player), and two Palicoes -- i.e., effectively a four-player set-up, especially if the Palicoes have decoys, because the monsters cannot aggro a single player / stop players from continuously dealing damage

          • Anonymous

            Don't read any thing posted below or above this comment. Every things posted is sad and confusing. The game is easy as ***** solo. Each player added will increase the hardness. You just may not notice it since you get player spamming attacks. But you will notice most of the monsters solo can and will take far less time to hunt then in mulit player. Same for the big hunts made with more players in mind. Only a few hunts will be truly hard til you better understand the game and find their weakness. Just work on finding ways to damage and evade tank fights. Game is player knowledge based. No exp levels, just gear and knowledge. So don't be lazy and just learn what works from playing. Good Luck.

            • Anonymous

              "If the amount of players drops back down to 1 in a hunt that was multiplayer at one time, the monster HP will not reduce back to normal." this is no longer a thing. the monster will now scale down if you lose players in a quest Proof:

              • Anonymous

                These comments are wrong. Read article here from IGN and Capcom. Basically there is no scale for 1 player, 2 players gives a bit more hp and difficulty, and 3-4 players are max difficulty and HP. 3 players are at a disadvantage a bit since you lose your palicos and still have to deal the same damage as a 4 person team and take hits just as hard. If all 3 players are not too terrible it can be dome though.

                • Anonymous

                  "Whilst [multiplayer is] completely optional" This is such a lie. Some monsters, like the Behemoth and Ancient Leshen, are designed for a team of four and do not scale up when multiple people join the hunt. Meaning they have the same amount of HP if you're alone. The "Multiplayer scaling" section also makes it pretty clear that the game is designed to make it easier if you're bringing people along. HP x2.2 VS DPS x4. I love the entire series to bits, but honestly, as someone with very few friends, this makes the game so much less appealing.

                  • Any information on monster HP scaling from single player to multiplayer?

                    1 player = 100% monster hp
                    2 players = ???% monster hp
                    3 players = ???% monster hp
                    4 players = ???% monster hp

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