Weapons in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are equipment that assists the player during their hunts by helping them deal damage to Monsters. Weapons are divided into fourteen types, each with special requirements and a unique move-set, complete with strengths and weaknesses.

To better understand the combat mechanics of MHW, please see:


Choosing a Weapon in MHW

When choosing a Weapon, it is important to consider its Damage Type and/or Status Effect to take advantage of a Monster's weaknesses.

  • Raw (Physical) Damage from Weapons is dealt as one of three types: Cutting (Sever), Blunt, and Ammo, while Elemental Damage has five types: Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, and Dragon.
  • Status Effects do not directly deal damage, but rather build up effects including Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Blast.
  • Monsters' resistance to Raw and Elemental Damage will vary by body part, while resistance to Status Effects vary by Monster.

Additionally, keep in mind that wielding a Blademaster (melee) Weapon will reduce Physical Damage taken, while ranged Weapons will reduce Elemental Damage taken.

Also not all upgrades will be avalible at the start of MHW. you will see an Under Development area of the upgrade Screen, these will update as the story progresses.

  • At the start of the game you will be able to upgrade your weapons to Rarity 3.
  • After arriving in the Rotten Vale and doing some Exploring, you will get a Field Master(Tracker) cut scene.
    After you will be able to upgrade weapons to Rarity 6.


Monster Hunter World Weapon Categories

There are fourteen different weapons at the Hunter's disposal, each with their own unique characteristics and attacks. Many hunters acquire proficiency in multiple types, while others prefer to gain mastery in one.

mhw_greatsword Great Sword

Large, powerful but slow heavy-damagers
Great Sword Weapon Tree



mhw_sword-shield Sword & Shield

Balanced, mobile & beginner friendly
Sword & Shield Weapon Tree



mhw_dual-blades Dual Blades

Light but extremely fast flurry of attacks.
Dual Blades Weapon Tree



mhw_longsword Long Sword

Nimble and with great melee range
Long Sword Weapon Tree



mhw_hammer Hammer

Slow but heavy & stunning attacks
Hammer Weapon Tree



mhw_hunting-horn Hunting Horn

Easy and long range support weapon.
Hunting Horn Weapon Tree



mhw_lance Lance

Strong Defense and Offense
Lance Weapon Tree



mhw_gunlance Gunlance

High offense, limited range.
Gunlance Weapon Tree



mhw_switch-axe Switch Axe

Versatile, fast & elemental damage.
Switch Axe Weapon Tree



mhw_charge-blade Charge Blade

Versatile, powerful and fast
Charge Blade Weapon Tree



mhw_insect-glaive Insect Glaive

Mobile, aerial attacks and buffs
Insect Glaive Weapon Tree



mhw_Bow Bow

Fast, ranged debuff attacks.
Bow Weapon Tree



mhw_light-bowgun Light Bowgun

High mobility, rapid fire ranged weapon
Light Bowgun Weapon Tree



mhw_heavy-bowgun Heavy Bowgun

Slow but powerful ranged attacks.
Heavy Bowgun Weapon Tree




All MHW Weapons List

 For Iceborne Weapons, please see Master Rank Weapons.

Great Sword Gallery MHW

Great Sword Ore Weapons





Great Sword Bone Weapons








Sword & Shield Gallery MHW


Sword and Shield Ore Weapons






Sword and Shield Bone Weapons







Dual Blades Gallery MHW


Dual Blades Ore Weapons




Dual Blades Bone Weapons









Long Sword Gallery MHW


Long Sword Ore Weapons




Long Sword Bone Weapons








Hammers Gallery MHW


Hammer Ore Weapons




Hammer Bone Weapons








Hunting Horns Gallery MHW


Hunting Horn Ore Weapons




Hunting Horn Bone Weapons








Lances Gallery MHW


Lance Ore Weapons




Lance Bone Weapons









Gunlance Gallery MHW


Gunlance Ore Weapons





Gunlance Bone Weapons







Switch Axes Gallery MHW


Switch Axe Ore Weapons




Switch Axe Bone Weapons








Charge Blades Gallery MHW


Charge Blade Ore Weapons




Charge Blade Bone Weapons













Insect Glaives Gallery MHW


Insect Glaive Ore Weapons




Insect Glaive Bone Weapons








Bows Gallery MHW


Bow Ore Weapons




Bow Bone Weapons









Light Bowguns Gallery MHW


Light Bowgun Ore Weapons




Light Bowgun Bone Weapons














Heavy Bowguns Gallery MHW


Heavy Bowgun Ore Weapons




Heavy Bowgun Bone Weapons








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    • Anonymous

      Always remember, there are no “bad weapons”. Just people who don’t know how to use said weapons they call bad.
      Of course you can always have an opinion, not liking a weapon is fine, not everyone prefers slow heavy hitters or weapons where you have to manage buffs. But no weapon is ever objectively bad.
      So, never be afraid to use the stuff you like, you’re always helping the hunt. Wether you’re caving in skulls with, dashing around and repeatedly shanking knees, flying through the air and being the king of the skies, cutting tails with an unreasonably long blade, or providing buffs for the team and showing off your break dancing skills, you’re as important to the hunt as everyone else.

      I write for everyone who might need to hear this. Keep on huntin’, I wish you luck.

      -Gigi (I exist)
      P.S I copy pasted my other comment from the Rise wiki. Thought I’d share this with more people.

      • Anonymous

        Hammerbros are obnoxious, you know.... being so obsessed with hammers is just stupid. I love hammer, also. Its just that almost everyone who plays hammer acts like a f*cking child with a god-complex on steroids. Every weapon is fun to play. I prefer other weapons, and thats my choice. There is nothing wrong with hammers. But its not just hammers that, when used correctly, destroy monsters left and right. I’m a longsword main, just not a noob who doesn’t know hot to Monster Hunter. I can slay every monster effortlessly. And I’m very happy with actually knowing how to time my attacks and counters, especially the Spirit-Iai (thats pronounced “iai” for those who don’t know) and the Spirit Helm-Breaker. To be clear, I love every weapon and I praise every other player I was ever with in any hunt I did in multiplayer. Hammers are amazing, hunting horns are god-like, greatswords are satisfying, bow is sooooooo clean, charge blade is epic, switch-axes are chads and longsword (when used correctly) is just beastly. I play mainly single player, so I don’t have much experience in actually seeing ls users stagger others that much. In fact; I’ve never seen such a thing. But I’m sure you have your own reasons to either love or hate a weapon. Just don’t be toxic about it in any way. Don’t say people should stop using ls because its a noob weapon, sure its easy to learn so a lot of true noobs use it, but experts at this weapon absolutely slay. And don’t be that hammerbro that spews toxic sh*t like “STOP ATTACKING THE HEAD NON-HAMMER SCRUBS, THATS OUR JOB!!!!”. Choose your own weapon, don’t discriminate others for using a different weapon than your own. Every weapon is awesome, its just that the players are either good or bad at the game. Lets just all have fun hunting the way we like best.

        • Anonymous

          No weapon is the best, and the isn't a worst, it just depends on how well you use them. I can't use DB effectively but I can destroy with LG and SA. It's pretty easy to find pros for each weapon who destroy their enemies and it's soooo satisfying to see a pro dominate a monster. And really it doesn't matter which weapon is the best as long as it gets the job done.

          • Anonymous

            I somehow went from starting with the DB to going to the IG then the LS THEN SA after a while I got good with CB but then after all that I became amazing with the hammer and now I switch between 5 different weapons constantly. (Is this bad?)

            • Anonymous

              Well I was lost on weapon choice at first, so in my view for anyone newer: as much as I hate to say it after 100 hours what I heard when I first started playing MH world seems to be right: Greatswords are pretty solidly the best melee weapon overall. Simply put it's the best at fitting the most damage into the smallest windows of opportunity, which ultimately is most of what combat is about in MH. As lackluster as the GS seems and as tempting as I found fancier weapons like the charge blade, unfortunately as time went on and I encountered faster, stronger monsters/multiple monsters where openings can be fleeting maintaining a charge became more and more of a burden; by the time a charge blade/long sword/insect glaive is set up to deal real damage, a GS is already out there landing 750 damage combos. Add to that special sitiuations where speed is irrelevant vs. raw damage, like jumping attacks/mounted finishers, or most importantly wakeup attacks where, for ex, my leviathan blade generally does just below 1k damage not including barrel bombs, and IME it becomes tougher and tougher to justify using other melee weapons outside niche circumstances. I mean, I guess the real (let's see if that works) choice of pros is bows as used by all those ludicrous speed runners, but they only start becoming really impressive once one has a proper fancy armor/jewel setup to support it.

              • Anonymous

                is there any weapon that can cut both tail and breaking horns? i'm planning to play solo since my internet kinda suck

                • Anonymous

                  do it my style for each weapon type get 1 elemental type attack, for example dual swords paralyze, Hammer thunder ...etc you will find your self playing all weapons with many different elements + the play style.
                  soon pc ver will be released can't wait to start playing :D

                  • Anonymous

                    hello! yes! hi! i am a glaive main, and i thought.... to all those glaive mains out there, lets all have some fun! like if you agree! pls reply! i am very humbled by all the glaive mains out there, but... how many? its okay if you dislike, this is a crappy post. but.... thanks for all da support, and the fifth fleet honors you!

                    • Anonymous

                      is a glaive a blade or gun? it says it shoots a pheromone bullet, so does that mean its a gun? pls halp meh on this one!

                      • Anonymous

                        Once you reach HR 10 you unlock high rank quests unlocking so many new eapons that are much stronger than their predessecors. also the weapon tree does grow quite large

                        • Anonymous

                          Kinda disappointed at how small the weapon tree is. And that you cannot just flat out craft a weapon using the raw materials

                          • Anonymous

                            If a weapon has "?" on it it has to mean that you havn't discovered the materials for it. However I don't have it memorized but I don't think you can get the materials for a rarity 5 or above until you are above rank 10 for spoilery reasons.

                            • Anonymous

                              I'm rank 9 on my character and for some reason even though I have all the mats I cannot build a rarity 5 hammer that I need. Any idea why it'd be showing up as ???? on my screen?

                              • Anonymous

                                Why is everything that doesn't stem from the Ore or Bone trees tossed under "Bone?" Blacksteel and Dragonbone are their own unique trees. Heck, Teostra's Artillery even gets Wyvernheart instead of Wyvernsnipe (The special ammo typically given to ore HBG's vs. the Bone HBG's)

                                • So I was takin' a gander and just wonderin' are all these lil' weapon thumbnails fer the top level of that specific path? That sure be what it seems like, least to me and my Ham head. Anyway thanks fer makin' this wiki, it's one lovely source of information.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Does anyone know what the element in parentheses means? Attacks dont look like they have the element added to the attacks.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I'm not all that familiar with monster hunter but i have taken to like this one. My main weapon is the glaive, I would like to use it more efficiently so i can contribute more to the team. My question how ever is what do all the stats on the kinsect mean. i.e. There is Power, Speed, and Heal. Power mean show hard the kinsect hits, Speed means how fast it flies to its mark, an Heal means (?)

                                      Now on the some glaives there is a Kinsect bonus for Health Boost. Does that mean that the kinsects "heal" is the stamina for how long it can be off of my characters arm?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        i am actualy looking for how to get a dual blade weapon called blood drinker chainblades the guy on this youtube vid was useing them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-61v8N58Sag&t=1s i would like to know how to get the what i need to get or what i need to upgrade to get them thanks.

                                        • Gunlance has to be one of the best all rounder solo weapons having the ability to easily break of parts and do slicing damage as well with high defense it felt really amazing. The Great-sword on the other hand should only be used by skilled players it need a well placed timing and charge time to attack and knowing when to release your weapon for damage even if it not the highest just to get it in most people don't realize you can combo in shoulder tackle to charge into the next stage and that the great sword also has a block function on it.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Played the great sword for the majority of both beta's and was having a hard time landing hits after charging so long (new to the series so probably doing it wrong) but I wanted to do good damage for my group, finally tried a new weapon and OH MAN do I love me the Switch Axe! So versatile and fun to pull off the long combos and end with an explosive finisher. SOLD on that class forevermore! kicking myself in the pants for not trying it out sooner!

                                            • Well now that we have a full view of what's coming with the beta, I see some of the new weapons for the new monsters looking pretty awesome. I think I'm gonna Longsword - gotta get that Wyvern Blade!

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