Weapons in Monster Hunter World are equipment that assists the player during their hunts by helping them deal damage to Monsters. Weapons are divided into categories, each with special requirements and a unique move-set, complete with strengths and weaknesses. To understand the basics of MHW Combat mechanics, please see: 

Weapons fall into one of three attack types: Cutting (Sever), Blunt and Ammo. Monsters' resistance and vulnerability to these types will vary by body part. Players can deal extra damage if they target a part that is more vulnerable to their weapon's type of attack.


cut-damage-mhwCutting Attacks

Sword slashes, lance thrusts, etc: Can be used to cut the tails off certain monsters.

blunt-damage-mhwBlunt Attacks

Shield bashes, hammer smashes, etc: Reduces Monster Stamina and stuns them if  hit on the head.

ammo-damage-mhwAmmo Attacks

Projectiles, Arrows, Bowgun: Special properties depending on the attack.



List of All Weapons
List of Weapon Categories


Great Sword Gallery MHW


Great Sword Ore Weapons





Great Sword Bone Weapons






Sword & Shield Gallery MHW


Sword and Shield Ore Weapons






Sword and Shield Bone Weapons





Dual Blades Gallery MHW


Dual Blades Ore Weapons




Dual Blades Bone Weapons






Long Sword Gallery MHW


Long Sword Ore Weapons




Long Sword Bone Weapons






Hammers Gallery MHW


Hammer Ore Weapons




Hammer Bone Weapons






Hunting Horns Gallery MHW


Hunting Horn Ore Weapons




Hunting Horn Bone Weapons






Lances Gallery MHW


Lance Ore Weapons




Lance Bone Weapons






Gunlance Gallery MHW


Gunlance Ore Weapons





Gunlance Bone Weapons





Switch Axes Gallery MHW


Switch Axe Ore Weapons




Switch Axe Bone Weapons






Charge Blades Gallery MHW


Charge Blade Ore Weapons




Charge Blade Bone Weapons






Insect Glaives Gallery MHW


Insect Glaive Ore Weapons




Insect Glaive Bone Weapons






Bows Gallery MHW


Bow Ore Weapons




Bow Bone Weapons












Light Bowguns Gallery MHW


Light Bowgun Ore Weapons




Light Bowgun Bone Weapons






Heavy Bowguns Gallery MHW


Heavy Bowgun Ore Weapons




Heavy Bowgun Bone Weapons





Monster Hunter World Weapon Categories

There are fourteen different weapons at the Hunter's disposal, each with their own unique characteristics and attacks. Many hunters acquire proficiency in multiple types, while others prefer to gain mastery in one.


Great Sword

Large, powerful but slow heavy-damagers
Great Sword Weapon Tree



Sword & Shield

Balanced, mobile & beginner friendly
Sword & Shield Weapon Tree



Dual Blades

Light but extremely fast flurry of attacks.
Dual Blades Weapon Tree



Long Sword

Nimble and with great melee range
Long Sword Weapon Tree




Slow but heavy & stunning attacks
Hammer Weapon Tree



Hunting Horn

Easy and long range support weapon.
Hunting Horn Weapon Tree




Strong Defense and Offense
Lance Weapon Tree




High offense, limited range.
Gunlance Weapon Tree



Switch Axe

Versatile, fast & elemental damage.
Switch Axe Weapon Tree



Charge Blade

Versatile, powerful and fast
Charge Blade Weapon Tree



Insect Glaive

Mobile, aerial attacks and buffs
Insect Glaive Weapon Tree




Fast, ranged debuff attacks.
Bow Weapon Tree



Light Bowgun

High mobility, rapid fire ranged weapon
Light Bowgun Weapon Tree



Heavy Bowgun

Slow but powerful ranged attacks.
Heavy Bowgun Weapon Tree



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      24 Apr 2018 03:38  

      hello! yes! hi! i am a glaive main, and i thought.... to all those glaive mains out there, lets all have some fun! like if you agree! pls reply! i am very humbled by all the glaive mains out there, but... how many? its okay if you dislike, this is a crappy post. but.... thanks for all da support, and the fifth fleet honors you!

      • Anonymous

        23 Apr 2018 23:47  

        is a glaive a blade or gun? it says it shoots a pheromone bullet, so does that mean its a gun? pls halp meh on this one!

        • Anonymous

          22 Feb 2018 19:29  

          Once you reach HR 10 you unlock high rank quests unlocking so many new eapons that are much stronger than their predessecors. also the weapon tree does grow quite large

          • Anonymous

            22 Feb 2018 18:39  

            Kinda disappointed at how small the weapon tree is. And that you cannot just flat out craft a weapon using the raw materials

            • Anonymous

              09 Feb 2018 23:49  

              If a weapon has "?" on it it has to mean that you havn't discovered the materials for it. However I don't have it memorized but I don't think you can get the materials for a rarity 5 or above until you are above rank 10 for spoilery reasons.

              • Anonymous

                07 Feb 2018 15:19  

                I'm rank 9 on my character and for some reason even though I have all the mats I cannot build a rarity 5 hammer that I need. Any idea why it'd be showing up as ???? on my screen?

                • Anonymous

                  06 Feb 2018 23:18  

                  Why is everything that doesn't stem from the Ore or Bone trees tossed under "Bone?" Blacksteel and Dragonbone are their own unique trees. Heck, Teostra's Artillery even gets Wyvernheart instead of Wyvernsnipe (The special ammo typically given to ore HBG's vs. the Bone HBG's)

                  • 02 Feb 2018 18:22  

                    So I was takin' a gander and just wonderin' are all these lil' weapon thumbnails fer the top level of that specific path? That sure be what it seems like, least to me and my Ham head. Anyway thanks fer makin' this wiki, it's one lovely source of information.

                    • Anonymous

                      31 Jan 2018 07:48  

                      Does anyone know what the element in parentheses means? Attacks dont look like they have the element added to the attacks.

                      • Weapons [MH:W Wiki]29 Jan 2018 19:05  

                        Been using the Longsword since I first saw it come out on MHF2 on the PSP, felt like riding a bike when I started using it again in this game

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