Long Sword Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter World (MWH) showcases the different upgrade paths for the Long Sword weapon category. are one of the 14 different Weapons players can choose from to Hunt with. Long Swords enables fast, fluid movement and combos, but it cannot be used to guard. Below is a list of Long Swords found in Monster Hunter World, in a comparative table showing their effectiveness and upgrade paths.

Long Sword Weapon Tree in MHW


These trees include Master Rank Weapons for the Iceborne Expansion. Rarity 9 and above Long Swords are only available to those who own Iceborne.



Long Sword Ore Tree

Long Sword Bone Tree

Long Sword Independent Tree


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    • Anonymous

      Anja Direfang 1 and 2 have their damages swapped, and the links are also swapped. (direfang 1 takes you to direfang 2's page, and vice versa) Just so you're aware

      • Anonymous

        The best progression for MR would be

        Crimson Kadachi -> Blossom+ (Pink Rathian) -> Shara -> Goldian/Ruiner Nerg (Ruiner has better sharpness, but Goldian has the ever so useful Poison, both has the same raw) -> Lightbreak LS -> Fatalis LS.

        • Anonymous

          There's no point saying rank 9 weapons are only available to Icebourne players and then NOT putting the ranks next to the bloody weapons. It tells us nothing.

          • Anonymous

            Luna Longsword is sure is meta but man Hellish slasher is so damn cool and been running that instead (been running divine slasher for almost a year so its a no brainer). Back tornaria as well, the design is really cool. I definitely will never run the bone/ore designs so I am really happy with some of the designs like the zinogre LS or Yian Garuga/Rajang LS. Hoping later monsters get unique designs as well!

            • Anonymous

              The divine slasher up grade so far is as follows: 2 Glavenus coins, 2 Nargacuga coins , 2 Banbaro coins. I believe the final coins will be Odogaron as its the only arena i haven't done yet but this is just a guess.

              • Anonymous

                Looking at the Azure Star Weapons right now and they are competently wrong which I find a little annoying to look at

                • Anonymous

                  This tree is, at least in part, inaccurate. I started making the Dazzling Flash III as it would have outdone the Kadachi Blade III, however the final form only has 120 thunder element as listed in the (current, and patched) in-game tree.

                  • Sounds good, i'll check the help and start inputting some of my info in when I get home and can make sure everything is correct. I tried creating the page for Magda Facultas so it's kinda ugly right now but i'll be using that to work through some kinks. Any tips on it as I keep editing would be appreciated :)

                    • Anonymous

                      Lol i'm new to editing wikis so i'm not sure how to input pages and stuff... Most of the longswords I have don't have pages yet so I figured i'd contribute but i'm not sure how to edit the pages. Help me, help you! :P

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