Long Sword

long sword mhw

A nimble weapon capable of extended combos.Charge up energy with each attack to use your powerful Spirit Blade. The long sword enables fast, fluid movement and combos, but it cannot be used to guard.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Cut Damage

Long Sword (太刀 tachi) is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.


Long Sword Weapon Tree

For full details, including Iceborne Expansion Weapon Tree please see Long Sword Weapon Tree

See Iceborne Long Swords for a list of the expansion weapons.


Long Sword Traits & Abilities

  • Attacks charge up a Spirit Gauge that increases attack damage and unlocks Spirit Blade attacks
  • Well rounded moveset with good reach and vertical ability
  • Able to roll out of most attack chains


Long Sword Guide




An elegant weapon, the Long Sword is a well rounded weapon. Its attacks are relatively fast, deal decent damage, and have good reach. Hunters are able to roll out of most of the Long Sword's combos, making it a very mobile weapon. On top of its solid base move set, it has a unique Spirit Gauge system. Every non-Spirit attack from the Long Sword fills the Spirit Gauge a little bit. The Gauge decays overtime, however filling it completely locks it for a time, preventing the decay. This Gauge can be spent on Spirit Attacks. Spirit Attacks do extra damage, won't bounce off a monster's hide, raise the Spirit Gauge one level upon completing a full combo. Level zero is the starting level, level one will have a white glow on the Spirit Gauge and the Long Sword itself, level two will have a yellow glow, and level three is red. Each level raises the attack power of the Long Sword by a fair amount. If you don't do the Spirit Attack combo, the glow around the Spirit Gauge will decrease and when it's gone, the level will go down by one. The higher the level, the faster the Gauge's glow will deplete. Keeping the Spirit Gauge at level three is paramount to using the Long Sword effectively.


Spirit Roundslash

Landing a Spirit Roundslash on a monster will increase your Spirit Gauge by one level, increasing your attack power. Your attack can be boosted up to three levels.


Spirit Thrust

A high-powered attack that consumes one level of the Spirit Gauge to execute. It deals the most damage when the Spirit Gauge is red.


Foresight Slash

 Foresight Slash allows you to dodge an enemy attack and deliver an immediate counterattack. It can also be chained into a Spirit Blade. 



Long Sword Advantages

  • Well rounded with decent damage, attack speed, and mobility
  • Long range for a melee weapon
  • Spirit Blade and Spirit Gauge make you stronger as the fight wears on
  • Multiple moves with invulnerability windows, which also award the user when successfully dodging an attack
  • Most moves have fast recovery times


Long Sword Disadvantages

  • Average mobility
  • Low Elemental Damage, especially on Spirit Helmbreaker
  • Its wide sweeping moves are notorious for tripping teammates
  • Light weapon, hence requiring two clutch attacks to soften a part


Long Sword Controls

Each move has its own Motion Value (MV), which is used when calculating Raw (physical) Damage. See the article on Attack Power for more information.

  • triangle ps4 controls small: Standard Attack (can be chained indefinitely). MVs:
    • Step Slash: 24
    • Overhead Slash: 21
    • Thrust: 12
    • Rising Slash: 18
  • circle ps4 controls small: Thrust (can be mixed into the standard chain).
  • triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small: Fade Slash (can be done in any direction). MV: 22
    • r2 ps4 controls small after Fade Slash: Spirit Jumping Slash. MV: 18 (28 with 20+% spirit)
    • r2 ps4 controls small after Spirit Jumping Slash: Spirit Blade III
  • r2 ps4 controls small: Spirit Blade (consumes spirit, can be chained up to 4 times; connecting Spirit Roundslash will raise the spirit gauge by one level). MVs:
    • Spirit Blade I: 14 (26 with 15+% spirit)
    • Spirit Blade II: 30
    • Spirit Blade III: 14 + 19 + 34
    • Spirit Roundslash: 38
  • l2 ps4 controls small after any Spirit Blade attack: Slinger Burst
  • r2 ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small after any attack: Foresight Slash (fills the Spirit Gauge if an attack is dodged during the backstep, can be followed with Spirit Roundslash). MV: 12 (26 with 10+% spirit)
  • r2 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small and if successful, triangle ps4 controls small: Spirit Thrust and Spirit Helmbreaker (costs one Spirit Gauge level, causes the gauge to refill gradually if it connects). MVs:
    • Spirit Thrust: 26
    • Helmbreaker (White gauge): 10 * 7
    • Helmbreaker (Yellow gauge): 15 * 7
    • Helmbreaker (Red gauge): 25 * 7
  • r2 ps4 controls small + x ps4 controls small after any attack: Special Sheathe (can be followed with Iai attacks).
    • triangle ps4 controls small: Iai Slash (has iframes, gradually refills Spirit Gauge if it connects). MVs: 18 + 13
    • circle ps4 controls small: Iai Spirit Slash (has iframes and hyperarmor; consume a spirit level unless it successfully dodges an attack). MVs:
      • No gauge: 17
      • White gauge: 19 + 55
      • Yellow gauge: 31 + 72
      • Red gauge: 39 + 86
  • Midair triangle ps4 controls small : Jumping Slash. MV: 26
  • Midair r2 ps4 controls small : Jumping Spirit Blade (can be performed repeatedly off a ledge with white gauge or higher).
    • No gauge: Jumping Spirit Blade. MV: 16 (30 with 15+% spirit)
    • White/Yellow gauge: Jumping Spirit Blade II. MVs: 4 + 16 (12 + 36 with 20+% spirit)
    • Red gauge: Jumping Spirit Blade III. MVs: 4 + 16 + 18 (12 + 36 + 38 with 20+% spirit)
  • triangle ps4 controls small while sliding: Jumping Rising Slash (can be followed up with midair attacks). MV: 20
  • r2 ps4 controls small while sliding: Aerial Draw Spirit Blade. MV: 26 (48 with 20+% spirit)
    • r2 ps4 controls small after Aerial Draw Spirit Blade: Spirit Roundslash


Long Swords are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Long Swords. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Long Sword Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below.

Iceborne Long Swords are Master Rank Long Swords in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). These rare 9 and above weapons were added with the Iceborne Expansion and can only be obtained by players who own the expansion. The weapons use Master Rank Materials that can be obtained by completing quests and doing endgame content.

Iceborne Long Swords

You can search by Name, Rarity, Affinity, or Element. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Long Swords 

Name Attack Affinity Element Rare
Iron Eschaton I gem level 1gem level 1
726 0% (waterblightWater 210) 9
Iron Eschaton II gem level 1gem level 1
792 0% (waterblightWater 240) 10
Iron Eschaton III gem level 1gem level 1
858 0% (waterblightWater 270) 11
Daito Crow gem level 3
858 20% PoisonPoison 210 10
Daito Wolf gem level 3
891 25% PoisonPoison 240 11
Usurper's Boltslicer gem level 2
792 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 240 10
Usurper's Boltslicer + gem level 2
825 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 180 11
Blinding Blaze I gem level 3
726 0% (mhw thunder damage s Thunder 450) 9
Blinding Blaze II gem level 3
858 0% (mhw thunder damage s Thunder 480) 10
Ambertooth I -
726 20% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 210 10
Ambertooth II gem level 1
792 20% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 300 10
Rafiq al-Nasr I -
693 25% (Sleep Sleep 360) 9
Rafiq al-Nasr II -
825 25% (Sleep Sleep 420) 10
Hidden Saber -
726 10% (PoisonPoison 360) 10
Hidden Saber + -
759 15% (PoisonPoison 450) 10
Deepest Night -
792 20% (PoisonPoison 540) 11
Brazenreach I decoration level 4 mhw wikigem level 1
792 -10% fireblightFire 210 10
Brazenreach II decoration level 4 mhw wikigem level 1
957 -10% fireblightFire 240 10
Glavenus Spada I gem level 1
759 0% fireblightFire 240 10
Glavenus Spada II gem level 1gem level 1
825 0% fireblightFire 270 10
Wyvern Blade Blossom gem level 1
759 10% PoisonPoison 360 9
Wyvern Blade Blossom + gem level 1
858 10% PoisonPoison 390 10
Wyvern Blade Indigo + gem level 1
726 15% fireblightFire 300 10
Wyvern Blade Empyrean gem level 1
792 20% fireblightFire 330 10
Grand Khopesh I gem level 3
759 0% (Sleep Sleep 300) 9
Grand Khopesh II gem level 3
825 0% (Sleep Sleep 300) 10
Grand Khopesh III gem level 3
924 0% (Sleep Sleep 300) 11
Icebrink decoration level 4 mhw wiki
858 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 210 11
Reverent Elusarca decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 270 12
Tigrine Edge -
825 -20% (Blastblight Blast 210) 10
Tigrine Edge + -
891 -20% (Blastblight Blast 240) 10
Tigrine Need -
924 -20% (Blastblight Blast 330) 11
Rooksearer Long Sword gem level 1gem level 1
792 -10% Blastblight Blast 240 11
Bazel Prozio Rooksearer gem level 1gem level 1
858 -10% Blastblight Blast 300 12
Anja Direfang I -
759 -20% fireblightFire 480 9
Anja Direfang II -
891 -20% fireblightFire 600 10
Gnashing Fulgur I -
792 10% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 240 10
Gnashing Fulgur II gem level 1
825 20% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 330 10
Dipterus Varzea I gem level 3gem level 1
759 0% waterblightWater 390 9
Dipterus Varzea II gem level 3gem level 1
858 0% waterblightWater 420 10
Mammoth Longblade I decoration level 4 mhw wiki
825 0% (iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 330) 9
Mammoth Longblade II decoration level 4 mhw wiki
924 0% (iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 510) 10
Deathblade Vaal Grosser gem level 3gem level 2
825 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 480 11
Acid Scimitar I decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891 0% (Paralysis Paralysis 360) 10
Acid Scimitar II decoration level 4 mhw wiki
957 0% (Paralysis Paralysis 390) 11
Kadachi Daito I gem level 1
693 15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 450 9
Kadachi Daito II gem level 1
759 15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 510 10
Crimson Viperfang I gem level 1
759 15% Paralysis Paralysis 210 9
Crimson Viperfang II gem level 1
825 15% Paralysis Paralysis 240 10
Legia Stealer + -
693 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 420 10
Hoarcry Stealer -
726 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 510 10
Apsara Glacia -
792 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 540 11
Abyss Piercer I gem level 2
660 0% (Paralysis Paralysis 270) 9
Abyss Piercer II gem level 2
759 0% (Paralysis Paralysis 300) 10
Brachydios Scimitar I -
726 0% Blastblight Blast 330 10
Brachydios Scimitar II gem level 1
792 0% Blastblight Blast 480 10
Dragonseal Aldblade I gem level 1gem level 1
693 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 510 10
Dragonseal Aldblade II gem level 1gem level 1
792 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 630 11
Radiant Flow gem level 1gem level 1
924 0% (mhw dragon damage s Dragon 450) 12
Magdaros Volcansword gem level 2
924 -20% Blastblight Blast 480 11
Hydra Tornaria -
858 15% waterblightWater 210 11
Black Tornaria -
924 15% waterblightWater 270 12
Imperial Flickerflame -
858 10% Blastblight Blast 480 11
Consummate Katana -
924 -30% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 330 12
Soulfire Lash "Styx" - gem level 3gem level 3
825 10% Blastblight Blast 330 12
Soulfire Lash "Ruin" - gem level 2gem level 2
891 0% Blastblight Blast 210 12
Soulfire Lash "Blaze" - gem level 2gem level 1
825 20% Blastblight Blast 270 12
Hellish Slasherdecoration level 4 mhw wiki
924 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon  180 11
924 -30% Sleep Sleep 240  11
957 -30% Sleep Sleep 390 12
Wyvern Blade "Pale" - gem level 2
891 20% fireblightFire 420 12
Wyvern Blade "Luna" -  gem level 1
957 10% PoisonPoison 420 12
Ruinous Extermination -  gem level 1
957 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon  180 12
Despot's Boltbreakergem level 2
858 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 450 12
Demon Halberddecoration level 4 mhw wiki
957 -15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 90 11
Great Demon Halberd decoration level 4 mhw wiki
1023 -15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 120 12
Brimstren Drakebone gem level 2
825 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon  240 11
Stygian Gula gem level 2
891 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon  300 12
Xeno Cypher + decoration level 4 mhw wikidecoration level 4 mhw wiki
924 15% mhw dragon damage s Dragon  330 12
Mad Scavenger Pickaxe
825 20% Blastblight Blast 510 10
Demon Scavenger Pickaxe
858 30% Blastblight Blast 540 11
Safi's Hellblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
 891  5%  fireblightFire 180  12
Safi's Aquablade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%  waterblightWater 180  12
Safi's Boltblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%  thunderblightThunder 180 12 
Safi's Frostblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%  iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 180 12 
Safi's Drakblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%  mhw dragon damage s Dragon 180 12 
Safi's Bindblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%  Paralysis Paralysis 180 12 
Safi's Dreamblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%   Sleep Sleep 180 12 
Safi's Shatterblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%   Blastblight Blast 180 12 
Safi's Venomblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
891  5%  PoisonPoison 180 12 
Guild Palace Rapier gem level 3
825 10% waterblightWater 420 10
Royal Captain Rapier gem level 3
891 15% waterblightWater 510 12
Demonlord Halberd
957 15% mhw thunder damage s270 12
Lightbreak Edgedecoration level 4 mhw wikigem level 3
990 0% Blastblight Blast 270 12
Dark Claw gem level 2
825 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 510 11
Dark Claw Demise  gem level 2gem level 2
924 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 660 12
Adularia Edge
891 15% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 540 11


Long Sword Gallery MHW


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    • Anonymous

      Why all the LS hate? I'm very good with LS, H, SA & GS. They ALL have great damage and are very effective. If you master each of your fav weapons then you'll see why it's not a weeb weapon. If you got a prob ur not playing to ur strengths

      • Anonymous

        Why are people so hard on the Longsword? They say it is easy but it’s not. Sure it is easy to learn but hard to master. Why all the hate??(I am a DB main but I also use the LS)

        • Anonymous

          Can people please stop being so extravagant with the long sword? Like cool, you have the counter timing and you know how to do destiny star slice. Even so, You are still not the alpha, and every weapon looks amazing if used right. I know this doesn't apply to all LS mains, but to the ones it does, Just try to lay back a bit, k?

          • Anonymous

            Im playing Monster Hunter for the first time, im trying out different weapons and i want different classes for different elements. What are some good Fire Long Swords?

            • Anonymous

              Can someone tell me the utility of the spirit iai slash? The regular iai slash seems more useful because it gets you back into the fight and charges your spirit gauge.
              The only use I can see for the spirit iai slash is as an, "Oh ****!" panic button for if you're in iai stance and a monster tries to get you with an attack you weren't expecting.

              • Anonymous

                I am elite longsword user. I iai slash counter everything and speedrun all endgame bosses. All you noobs need to get on my level.

                • Anonymous

                  >tfw level 3 helm breaker deals approx 40% more damage than level 2
                  >tfw you keep missing the helm breaker

                  • Anonymous

                    longsword consists of two weapon classes in one. There is a combo based playstyle that people belittle and denigrate (perhaps rightly so as it is noob), and a parry/timing oriented technique which requires precise yet intuitive execution. The former relies on rolling to dodge attacks, while its conspecific uses foresight slash and iai slash to counter attacks. Although longsword is the most prevalent weapon, the parry playstyle may be extremely rare and represents the upper echelon of the entire monster hunter player base.

                    • Anonymous

                      I’m not sure if anybody else already did this but here’s a build idea for ice borne. This build is based around the special sheathe. For this you’ll need bazel vambraces alpha and bazel greaves alpha, then fill the gaps with the Odogoran or Barioth Beta set depending if your in high rank or master rank. If you have a non elemental long sword use attack jewels and if you have an elemental long sword use critical element jewels.
                      If you do this correctly your spirit Iai slash should deal massive damage due to the critical draw from the bazel armor peices, the punishing draw from the the Odogoran and Barioth sets, and the attack/critical element jewels. Hope this helps any players who main the long sword.

                      • Anonymous

                        Easy to use but hard to master describes the weapon best. It is a weapon that allows for a very aggressive playstyle if mastered since it got some of the best counter moves in the game. Foresight slash has 0.75 iframe seconds while a normal roll has 0.217. With Foresight mastered one can dodge almost any attack (this includes roars). Super fun weapon to use

                        • Anonymous

                          One of the most fun weapons to use. And despite being a Great Sword main, I find myself here and there playing with the weebstick, no offense intended, hahahaha! Foresight Slash is one of my favorite moves, it's so cool-looking and satisfying to land, makes you feel totally badass. And there's the Iai Slash too, it kinda reminds me of Vergil's Rapid Slash and that's really awesome! Wish I could Judgement Nut, tho. xD Jokes aside, the wide slashes makes it easier to hit nimble monsters like Tobi, Barioth, Rajang and Odoggo and the Mind's Eye in Spirit Slashes is a nice bonus. I've got a lot to learn about the Long Sword but I definitely shall study the blade.

                          • Anonymous

                            Are the buffs from increasing spirit level linear? Obviously still aim for 3, but i had a friend say that each level gave a bigger buff than the one before it, and haven’t played enough longsword to know for sure

                            • Anonymous

                              I've been playing this game for too long with the longsword to have never noticed the R2+X for the special putaway moves
                              Thank you for writing this wiki

                              • Anonymous

                                *Ahem* Hunting is better ya weebs. Try it out. What's better, buffing yourself and others while still attacking, or being all HYAAAAA with a sword. It's fun, sure, and I'll respect your choice, but I'm just saying that in short: Longsword is overated in my opinion.

                                • Anonymous

                                  As much as I like the long sword, I would prefer a katana over a nodachi. I wonder will monster hunter ever release a new catagory of weapon like katana, swings faster and slashes a lot; something like Vergil from Devil May Cry series.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Anyone here have difficulty using Foresight Slash? Literally the only move I can't pull off if my life depended on it...

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Do people still hate this weapon in groups? I remember in mhf2 being hated cos' you'd end up hitting allies with its wide sweep attacks

                                      • you can build spirit gauge by attacking corpses. you can even go to the next level, fully powering it up. great way to head into a fight fully powered up. quickest way to build it would be to use triangle+circle to dodge attack, r1 r1. skips 2 spirit attacks. also spirit attacks cannot be deflected, which is great if you want to chip damage while avoiding a dangerous spot.

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