Paralysis renders the hunter or monster immobilized and susceptible to increased damage for the duration. Hunters can recover if they are hit.

Paralysis is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Paralysis renders the hunter or Monster immobile for several seconds.

Paralysis Effect

On Monsters

  • Triggering the effect requires buildup inflicted by:
  • Buildup damage is modified by a Monsters resistance to Paralysis.
  • When Paralysis is triggered, the Monster will stop all motion and remain incapacitated, convulsing for about seven seconds until the effect expires.
  • Effect is identifiable by electricity-like yellow arcs surrounding the Monster.
  • Each successive trigger of Paralysis requires more buildup than the last, but the effect duration remains the same.

On the Player and Allies

  • Causes the Hunter to be immediately incapacitated and susceptible to increased damage for several seconds. Only impacts with large amounts of knockback, such as an upswing from a Hammer or Great Sword, will stop the effect early.
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: mhw-paralysis-status-effect on the HUD
  • Cannot be cured by the victim once the effect starts.

Monsters and Paralysis

The following Monsters cause Paralysis:

The following Monsters are weak to Paralysis:

The following Monsters are resistant to Paralysis:

The following Monsters are immune to Paralysis:

Paralysis Skills

The following Skills and Equipment modify Paralysis on Monsters and the Player

Equipment that Wields Paralysis

The following Equipment can cause Paralysis buildup.


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      GonTar: You can actually help your friends if you react quickly attacking them with heavy attacks, do mind if they use the Skill "Flinch free" that prevents most friendly attacks from actually pushing or being knocked back by ally players too when used

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        You palico can free you from it by punching you.. Maybe Heavy attacks like full charged GS too, but i never tested it..

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