Paralysis renders the hunter or monster immobilized and susceptible to increased damage for the duration. Hunters can unparalyze if they are hit

Paralysis is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Paralysis renders the hunter or monster inactive and susceptible to increased damage for the duration of the effect.


Paralysis Effect

  • Inflicts Paralysis Status on the target, immobilizing the target and increasing damage taken
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: mhw-paralysis-status-effect
  • Cured by: Getting hit by anything (Hunter only)
  • The hunter and monsters will have yellow shock waves pass through their body when paralyzed.
  • Hunters will fall to the ground, and will be unparalyzed if anything hits them.
  • Monsters will remain standing, but will remain paralyzed even if something hits them.
  • Formula details go here


Monsters and Paralysis

The following Monsters cause Paralysis Status:

The following Monsters are weak to Paralysis Status:

The following Monsters are immune to Paralysis Status:


Paralysis Skills

The following Skills affect paralysis effect.


Equipment that affects Paralysis

The following Equipment affect paralysis effect.


Status Effects
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