Sforzando I

sforzando one mhw wiki guide
Hunting Horn
Rarity 9
mhw defense s n/a
mhw decoration s  gem level 1 gem level 1
 mhw attack 924
 mhw sharpness
 mhw affinity 0%
 mhw element damage Paralysis Paralysis (300)
elderseal icon n/a
mhw notes icon mhw note11 iconmhw note3 iconmhw note2 icon

Sforzando I is a Master Rank Hunting Horn Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Sforzando I Information

  • Weapon from the Ores are obtained from mining outcrops Monster
  • Styled with the Alloy Alpha + (α) and Alloy Beta + (β)  Armor Set
  • Needs Free Elem/Ammo Up skill to unlock Paralysis Paralysis damage and mhw note11 iconmhw note3 iconmhw note2 icon notes
  • Melody Effects include:
    • Self-improvement mhw note11 iconmhw note11 icon
    • Attack Up (L) mhw note11 iconmhw note3 iconmhw note2 iconmhw note11 icon
    • Health Boost (L) mhw note3 iconmhw note2 iconmhw note3 iconmhw note11 icon
    • Wind Pressure Negated mhw note2 iconmhw note2 iconmhw note3 icon
    • Defense Up (L) mhw note11 iconmhw note2 iconmhw note2 iconmhw note11 icon
    • Impact Echo Wave note echo mhw wiki guidemhw note3 icon
    • Max Stamina Up + Recovery note echo mhw wiki guidemhw note2 icon



Sforzando I Crafting and Upgrades

Sforzando I has 3 different upgrade levels. It follows the Ore path, detailed below.

  Rare mhw attack mhw sharpness mhw affinity mhw element damage elderseal icon mhw decoration s mhw defense s
Sforzando I 9 924
0% Paralysis Paralysis (300) n/a gem level 1gem level 1 n/a
Craft with: Eltalite Ore x6, Carbalite Ore x10, Firecell Stone x2, Purecrystal x1, 32000 x zenny currency mhworld wiki
 Sforzando II 10 1008
0% Paralysis Paralysis (330) n/a gem level 1gem level 1 n/a
Craft with:  Monster Slogbone x3, Eltalite Ore x4, Meldspar Ore x2, Bathycite Ore x2, 24000 x zenny currency mhworld wiki
 Sforzando III 11 1092
0% Paralysis Paralysis (360) n/a gem level 1gem level 1 n/a
Craft with:  Pure Dragon Blood x3, Eltalite Ore x6, Meldspar Ore x3, Purecrystal x1, 56000 x zenny currency mhworld wiki



Sforzando I Upgrade Tree

Sforzando I is part of an upgrade path for the Hunting Horn Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Ore tree.


Hunting Horn Ore Tree



Ice Hunting Horns
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