Builds, or Mixed Sets, are player-created combinations of equipment for Monster Hunter World. Hunters can change builds by crafting Weapons and Armor, obtaining Charms and Decorations, and then equipping them via their Item Box "Change Equipment" menu.

Players often create different builds for different purposes, accounting for the strengths and weaknesses of their target monster, quest or their favored weapon. Below is a list of player-submitted builds. You can add your own by adding a row to the table. Some users have also submitted builds to the Fextralife Blog here.

See Loadouts for information on configuring a complete and efficient Hunter arsenal.

What is the best build in Monster Hunter World?

It is impossible to determine the best single build for the game. There are a myriad amount of Builds given the possible combinations of Weapons, Armor Sets, Decorations, and Skills. Players have the possibility to experiment given the highly-customizable options when creating their Hunters, until they find the Builds that suits their playstyle better.

Important Links related to Builds in Monster Hunter World

The following links possess information related to Builds:

  • Armor Sets: Check out the different Armor Sets and how to obtain them.
  • Decorations: Learn about Decorations and their bonuses.
  • Skills: Uncover the vast amount of Skills that players can 
  • Upgrades: Check out the upgrade system to improve your equipment.
  • Weapons: There are 14 weapon types available to choose from.

Different Types of Builds in Monster Hunter World

  • Weapon-Specific Build: Builds for each weapon type, offering optimal builds tailored to different playstyles. Including recommended armor sets, skills, and decorations that complement each weapon's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Endgame Builds for Each Weapon Type: Showcase powerful endgame builds for each weapon type, taking into account the gear available in the Iceborne expansion
  • Versatile All-Around Builds: Create a versatile, all-around build that can be adapted to various weapon types. Helpful for players who like to switch between weapons or are still exploring their preferred playstyle
  • Specialized Monster-Specific Builds: Specialized builds designed to tackle specific Monsters. Include information on the weaknesses and resistances of each monster, and suggest builds that exploit these vulnerabilities.
  • Solo vs. Multiplayer Builds: Discuss the differences between solo and multiplayer playstyles and provide builds optimized for each scenario. Consider factors like monster health scaling and the importance of support in multiplayer hunts.
  • Budget Builds for New Players: Ideal for newer players, or those working with limited resources, by offering budget-friendly Builds. Focus on easily obtainable Armor Sets and Decorations that provide a good balance of offense and defense.


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    • Anonymous

      Yes, I have to agree with these comments, the dragon king does require careful attention

      • Anonymous

        The support healer tank is useless and broken. Xeno set isn't meant for tanking and there are no tank skills whatsoever. And horn maestro is a useless skill if it was meant for GS users and really it's just Xeno armor that was made to heal others which there are better builds for

        • Anonymous

          I just used full Nergi armor and a defender V hammer along with some decors and jewels and I'm set. Some of these builds are just useless and kinda disappointing for some of them...

          • Anonymous

            A good build is the paralysis build for console ps4 it consists of Head: Rath helm alpha Body: diablos mail alpha Gloves: bone gloves alpha Coil: nergigante coil alpha Legs: girros boots alpha Weapon: dark ripper3 Or dark scimitar 3 Charm: immobilize charm 1 or 2 Decoration: are attack decorations only

            • Anonymous

              has anybody tried a crit build with tempered teostra armor w/ the kulve chest and dragonking eyepatch (xeno ls), you can get above 1.1k damage

              • You’d think a build called “Dragon Slayer” would be a pure-DPS build that is Val Hazzak or Deviljho centric with an emphasis on actually improving dragon element and damage. It’s especially scary that neither of the tank builds tell you to use Uragaan armor, which has a set bonus that screams “I’M THE TANK ARMOR!” The one “tank” build is clearly more focused on solo-survivability than actual tanking, and the other is a DPS build that’s improperly labeled. Hell, why would THAT HIGH of Earplug tank ever be necessary for a tank?? The only monster that it’s sensible against is Lunastra because it’s the only monster that is an actual threat while you’re roar-staggered, and that’s only after it uses it’s AoE Elderdragon Ability.

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah I'm inclined to agree these aren't early game builds and should be removed. Also all of the tank builds are worthless compared to mine keep ur 1k defense wont save you from heavy impacts or one shots. My build can fully block behemoth and it only uses 450 defense.

                  • Added my 3 main builds. Insect Glaive, Charge Blade and Long Sword. Give me your feedback if you think you can help me to improve it ! They're not "Meta" builds but after multiple tests, they are definitely viable. :D

                    • Anonymous

                      Someone delete this entire section. It's a waste of time and energy. It's unrealistic to think that anyone would be able to forge any of these builds at even close to the listed ranks considering quite a few of those gems are farmed from T2 tempered quests. You should change this entire list to about HR 20+ minimum. In fact, just delete it. Some of these builds are complete wastes. Then again, what to expect from a copy paste job eh?

                      • Anonymous

                        You can tell no work/effort was put into the "Blue King" build. 5 slots basically have nothing. Somebody please delete this...

                        • Anonymous

                          Bow Build: (any bow) Dragonking helm a flawless jewel II (x1) Nergigante mail b resistor jewel I (x1) flawless jewel II (x1) teosra bracers b flawless jewel II (x1) xeno jiva tasset a migthybow jewel II (x1) Kushala greaves b forceshot jewel III (x1) fitness charm III total skills bow charge plus (1/1) normal shots (1/1) special ammo boost (1/2) peak performance (3/3) weakness exploit (3/3) evade extender (2/3) constitution (3/5) stamina surge (2/3) blight resistance (3/3) for me personally I feel like evade extender lv 2 and the minimal stamina help is enough to keep me safe and getting constant value from peak performance however if you feel like you're taking too many hits or running out of stamina feel free to swap out your least favorite damage jewel(s) for extra evade extension or constitution. hope this helps :)

                          • Anonymous

                            OK so Im a hammer main and my main build has The Diablos Shatterer2, Diablos Mail and Vambraces beta,Nergi coil Beta, Dober Greaves Beta, and Atk charm 3. I have another build which is an Ice Gunlance build which is used to counter Teo and Diablos and such.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you guys have any idea of how I can also improve that build feel free to comment your ideas. All help is welcome

                              • Anonymous

                                My build consists of the Anja Striker 3,Nergi coil and Nergi chest alpha,Dragonking eyepatch, Rathalos vambraces and Rathalos greaves alpha I still need to augment so this build isnt complee yet but it will be soon. I dont know what to calll this build but Im thinking of calling it the Hell Fires Wrath

                                • Anonymous

                                  Catastrophe’s light build Nergigante chest arms and legs alpha coil is beta with attack charm 3 jewels are attack jewel tenderizer jewel flight jewel rest with whatever you want. I use fortitude and vitality OR whatever resistances I need

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Here's a build, I call it the Anti-BullSh!t Build, Bazel helm B, Kirin chest B, X'eno grasps and boots B, X'eno coil A and Earplugs charm Lv 3, any weapon of your choice, (Me personally as a great sword main I use the Wyvern Ignition for the two Lv 1 jewel slots and the natural white sharpness), Jewels required include 1 resistance jewel for Lv 3 blight resistance, 1 Brace jewel for Lv 3 Flinch free and then the rest of the slots are free for if you want to put in some elemental resistant jewels or different utility jewels like an elementaless jewel or a couple of attack and vitality jewels if you have them.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Hey guys, I would like someone to make a Diablos Tyrannis II build with 4 Attack Boost, Capacity Boost, Maximum Might 3, Weakness Exploit 3, Elementless, and Artillery. Also, no focus, I'll be fine without it.

                                      • I added Hunter Ranks (HR) to each build to help players determine if it fits their rank. I'll try to add a few more lower HR builds for people. I don't intend to add any Low Rank builds, unless there is a demand.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I updated the builds page to have a table showing all the build components and updated the build list. Please provide any feedback so I can make improvements. I'll try to incorporate some of the builds from the comments as well.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            You should make builds for specific HRs. Because I just got into Monster Hunter (MHW realed me in) and I'm only HR4, trying to take down that stupid Anjanath.
                                            -P.S. use the bow, the anjanth can't TOUCH you. The only reason I haven't killed it is because I can't find the time to play...

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Does anyone know what kind of good build I can make with an HR 7 character? I have almost all my armor sets up to the blue flash bulb chicken (seriously listen to the sounds it makes when you hit it) and Staypuff bat thing as I call them. Haven't gone down into the Rotten Vale yet.

                                              • Full Crit/Pierce Bow Build Dragon Piercer Crit Build Equipment: Dragonking Eyepatch a (Pierce Jewel 3) Kaiser Mail b (Trueshot Jewel 1 x2) Bazel Vambraces b (Critical Jewel 2) Vaal Hazak Coil b (Attack Jewel 1 x2) Bazel Greaves a (Attack Jewel 1) Unscathed Charm 2 Villainous Brace (Augment with Health Regen x2 for survivability) Notes: This build relies on draw attack to have full crit after you draw your bow, so its gimmicky but this relies on using Dragon Piercer sheathing and drawing.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Idk what to call my build because you can use any weapon with it, just change a few gem slots. Shadow shades, vaal mail B, vaal braces B, xeno spin B, vaal greaves B, health charm 3. Gives 11 lvl 1 gems slots, and 1 lvl 2. I'm running with max poison resis, max para resis, max stun resis, max blight resis, max effuvia resis, lvl 2 recovery, lvl 1 widrang to save my buds, protective polish, Gaurd up, and non elemental. Thats for if your using a shield, other wise use dragon king I patch and swap out Gaurd up for weakness exploit. With 3 pieces from vaal your health will anyways regen augment health so every hit gives health back and boom no more death. Obviously you don't have to run the gems I'm using I just join rand missions and dont like switching my stuff around every time so I'm ready for everything. My weapon gives me a lvl 3 gem slot and a lvl 2 be for someone says I have more perks then my armor can give.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I run a critical set with rath soul helm B, Oda Mail B, Xeno claws A, Dober coil A, and a critical 3 charm. Set hits hard with any weapon with about 10% affinity

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I run the anti monster bulls*** set. Xeno B legs coil and gauntlets. Bazel B helm Damascus B Chest Earplugs III Charm. You have 12 jewel slot to play with depending on your weapon but the most important jewels are 1 resistor 1 flinch free and 3 steadfast. I then tailor the other slots to what I need for whatever weapon I may be using or monster I may be fighting.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        personally I use the Guild Cross Alpha set with a different elemental res decoration in each of the slots on the armor, a defense 3 charm with a defense decoration in my Extermination's Edge longsword and carrying a both armor charm and talon and the power charm and talon which results in around 408 defense and 23 of each elemental resistance

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Dragon eye patch,
                                                          Odo waist and Odo legs, Xeno’jiiva arms, Dober chest while wielding Xeno’Jivva great sword or Odo dual blades for an affinity crit build with minimal weakness. Well my version of such lol
                                                          Decorations are Expert Tenderizer and challenger and mighty jewels. Charm can be Attack, crit eye, crit boost, or maximum might. Use the combination to fit your style while maximizing what you can without waist

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Hello! im too lazy to type 2 much but the poison build i use (ye i know raw dmg is best, this just sort of happened) consists of Datura Blaze III, Venom Charm III, 3 pieces of pink rathian heart armor (to unlock poison duration UP)and tool specialist (to spam Apothecary Mantle that enhances status buildup). hope the poison lovers/kushala haters out there will like this base.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              I just wanted a tank build for anything. Using the Baal helm B, uragaan mail A, uragaan vambraces A, xeno spine B, uragaan greaves B, iron side charm lvl 3, and the glutton gunlance 3. With the right gems gives you max earplugs so you can spam gunlances looping combo, max guard cuz you can block unblockables including the grab moves, max blight resistance, max part breaker, protective polish, and will have 3 lvl gem slots for extra health or a max stun, sleep, or whatever you want depending in the hunt. Obviously you won't be a dmg dealer but you'll never die or have to back away from the monster so just spam the looping combo for a constant flow of dmg.

                                                              • First and foremost, I build this around the idea of my love of glaive, before it was Number 1 weapon in the game (I partially blame how badass I am as to it's current number 1 status hurr hurr). The Glaive is interchangeable, so I'm just going to list armor, pick the glaive you have best suited for the zone or the specific monster you're hunting, and melt them like butter.
                                                                -you can get most of this set easily early on in high rank, I found it easy at least, then again, I had just hit high rank and was slaying bazelgeze with ease in low rank rathalos armor lol)

                                                                -Rathalos Helm beta
                                                                -Ratholos Mail beta
                                                                -Rathalos Vambraces beta
                                                                -insert whatever coil you'd like here (I'm currently Using Odogaron Coil Beta, gave a thought to palomu but meh)
                                                                -Rathalos Graves Alpha
                                                                -Breaker Charm (Used the Attack Charm until I got this)

                                                                It slams hard, severs tails with EASE and breaks everything else. Damage is heavy, right from go. Just learn to dodge, and use the air properly and you'll even be taking down nergigante in ~10 minutes. For Kushala Daora, bring flash pods and GG

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  I can't justify using earplugs in this game. Its actually easy to roll a roar this time around, and I don't feel it saves enough time to be worth that many points.

                                                                  • CB Build

                                                                    Diablos Tyrannis II - Augmented for Attack and an extra slot for an Attack gem

                                                                    Dragonking Eyepatch w/ Tenderizer Jewel(Weakness Exploit)
                                                                    Dober Mail Beta w/ Capacity Boost Deco
                                                                    Nergigante Vambraces Alpha
                                                                    Nergigante Coil Beta w/ Attack Jewel
                                                                    Nergigante Greaves Beta w/ Elementless Jewel
                                                                    Artillery Charm III

                                                                    Attack +7
                                                                    Artillery +3
                                                                    Weakness Exploit +3
                                                                    Agitator +2
                                                                    Capacity Boost +1
                                                                    Non-elemental Boost +1
                                                                    Maximum Might +1
                                                                    Plus the Nergigante set bonus of Hasten Recovery

                                                                    This is my ideal Diablos CB build. You get all the staples of a CB build plus Agitator +2 , Maximum Might, and Hasten Recovery. Maximum Might is not that great for this build but the set bonus helps. The Nergigante Greaves also have a level 2 gem slot for the elementless gem which is needed. If you don't care about the set bonus you can substitute the legs out but there isn't a ton of great options with level 2 gem slots. A lot of these build have your character looking like a damn fool but this one looks better than most.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      a very elementary way to play this type of game would be to just stack damage. it is clear the developers did not make a "best" way to kill a monster. honestly the best advice is to understand what each skill does and how each weapon works, and which skills it would benefit from. there will be many clear choices depending on your role. from there you choose your playstyle.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Strong hammer attacks and critical hits.

                                                                        Diablos Shatterer II
                                                                        Augmentations: Attack increase and Affinity increase.
                                                                        Decorations: Elementless Jewel 2

                                                                        Head: Dragonking Eyepatch (α)
                                                                        Chest: Black Diablos Nero Mail (β)
                                                                        Arms: Black Diablos Nero Braces (β)
                                                                        Waist: Odogaron Coil (β)
                                                                        Legs: Nergigante Greaves (α)
                                                                        Charms: Attack Charm III
                                                                        2x Attack jewel 1
                                                                        2x Destroyer Jewel 1
                                                                        2x Protection Jewel 2
                                                                        1x Handicraft Jewel 3

                                                                        Other equipments: Affinity Booster and Rocksteady Mantle.

                                                                        Palico equipments
                                                                        Weapon: Felyne Bazel Mace (α)
                                                                        Armour: Felyne Xeno Veil (α) and Felyne Xeno Dress (α)
                                                                        Gadgets: Coral Orchestra or Plunderblade

                                                                        The appearance is not the beautiful, but the hammer build crushes every Monster.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          BLAST CHARGE BLADE

                                                                          WEAPON-Gama Silt II (2 Slots)
                                                                          HELM- Bazel Helm Alpha (1 Slot)
                                                                          CHEST- Dodogama Mail Alpha (0 Slots)
                                                                          BRACES- Dodogama Vambracers Alpha (0 Slots)
                                                                          WAIST- Bazel Coil Beta (1 Slot)
                                                                          LEGS- Bazel Greaves Alpha (1 Slot)
                                                                          CHARM- Artillery Charm III

                                                                          MANTLE- Apothecary Mantle or Impact Mantle

                                                                          PALICO GEAR- Coral Orchestra

                                                                          GEMS RECOMMENDED-
                                                                          ~Destroyer Jewel (Partbreaker)X3
                                                                          ~Tenderizer Jewel (Weakness Expliot)X2

                                                                          FULL SUMMARY
                                                                          Earplugs 3/5
                                                                          Blast Attack 3/3
                                                                          Bombardier 3/3
                                                                          Artillery 3/3
                                                                          Critical Draw 1/3
                                                                          Partbreaker 3/3
                                                                          Weakness Expliot 2/3
                                                                          Non-elemental damage boost 1/1
                                                                          Bazel Set Bonus- Guts

                                                                          This build is focused on enhancing damage from the charge blade move Element Discharge, as well as Blast damage, and Phial Damage while targeting Monster parts.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            GOD MODE SUPPORT

                                                                            WEAPON-(HH) Xeno Manasheena 2x3 (2 SLOT)
                                                                            HELM- MOSSWINE MASK ALPHA- 2 MUSHMANCER (0 SLOT)
                                                                            CHEST- VAAL HAZAK MAIL BETA 2xrecovery speed 2x1 SLOT (2 SLOT)
                                                                            BRACES- Tzitzi Vambraces Alpha- 1x wide range 2x stun resist (0 SLOT)
                                                                            WAIST-Tzitzi Coil Alpha- 2x wide range 1x water attack (0 SLOT) <--------LOOK INTO CHANGE
                                                                            LEGS- Death Stench Heel Beta 2x handicraft 2x1 (2 SLOT)
                                                                            CHARM- HEALTH BOOST 3

                                                                            6 gem SLOT TOTAL **NEEDS** - (1 SONOROUS)(2 FRIENDSHIP)(1 Satiated)(2 GOBBLER)

                                                                            FULL SUMMARY
                                                                            5/5 WIDE RANGE-
                                                                            2/3 STUN RESIST-
                                                                            3/3 HEALTH BOOST-
                                                                            1/1 HORN MAESTRO-
                                                                            2/3 RECOVERY SPEED-
                                                                            1/3 WATER ATTACK-
                                                                            1/1 FREE MEAL-
                                                                            2/3 SPEED EATING-
                                                                            2/3 MUSHMANCER-
                                                                            2/3 HANDICRAFT-

                                                                            Your friends will be coming out of the wood work to play with you. Using a combo of the horn, the skill WIDE-RANGE and the skill MUSHMANCER you have no excuse to ever let a team member die again. you will be applying healing through mush and potions, and buffing attack, defense, wind pressure and stam usage reduction, also the buff you use on yourself using mushrooms will be applied to the team.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              HP REGEN BUILD
                                                                              Vaal Hazak Mail Alpha (Body)
                                                                              Vaal Hazak Braces Beta (Hands)
                                                                              Vaal Hazak Greaves Beta (Feet)
                                                                              Bazel Helm Beta (Head)
                                                                              Bazel Coil Beta (waist)
                                                                              Glutton’s Charm III
                                                                              1x Earplug Jewel
                                                                              2x Vitality Jewel
                                                                              3x Steadfast Jewel
                                                                              3x Medical Jewel
                                                                              Earplugs lvl 5, Speed eating lvl 3, Stun Resistance lvl 3, Vitality lvl 2 (+30 HP), Recovery Speed x2, Super Recovery (Regen), Heals 30%, Effluvia Resistance lvl 2, Peak Performance lvl 1, Dragon Attack lvl 1 (+30)
                                                                              (if you wanted 3x vitality equip Vaal Hazak Mail Beta for 1 extra gem slot (Vit lvl 3 +50hp) just a different look)

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                HP REGEN BUILD
                                                                                Vaal Hazak Mail Alpha (Body)
                                                                                Vaal Hazak Braces Beta (Hands)
                                                                                Vaal Hazak Greaves Beta (Feet)
                                                                                Bazel Helm Beta (Head)
                                                                                Bazel Coil Beta (waist)
                                                                                Glutton’s Charm III
                                                                                1x Earplug Jewel
                                                                                2x Vitality Jewel
                                                                                3x Steadfast Jewel
                                                                                3x Medical Jewel
                                                                                Earplugs lvl 5, Speed eating lvl 3, Stun Resistance lvl 3, Vitality lvl 2 (+30 HP), Recovery Speed x2, Super Recovery (Regen), Heals 30%, Effluvia Resistance lvl 2, Peak Performance lvl 1, Dragon Attack lvl 1 (+30)
                                                                                (if you wanted 3x vitality equip Vaal Hazak Mail Beta for 1 extra gem slot (Vit lvl 3 +50hp) just a different look)

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  HUNTING HORN

                                                                                  Defense Boost: Increases defense. Level up to improve resistances as well (7 levels).

                                                                                  Recovery Speed: Speeds recovery from temporary damage (the red portion of the health gauge)

                                                                                  Health Boost: Increases health (3 levels)

                                                                                  Horn Maestro: Increases the effect duration of hunting horn melodies

                                                                                  Stun Restistance: Reduces stun duration (3 levels)

                                                                                  Recovery Speed: Speeds recovery from temporary damage (the red portion of the health gauge)

                                                                                  (R6) Defense Boost
                                                                                  (R6) Health Boost
                                                                                  (R6) Horn Maestro

                                                                                  (R6) Recovery Speed
                                                                                  (R6) Stun Resistance

                                                                                  FRIENDSHIP - WIDE RANGE

                                                                                  ++WIDE RANGE (5) - FRIENDSHIP

                                                                                  DEFENSE BOOST (7) - DEFENSE

                                                                                  ++HORN MAESTRO (1) 1 POINT USING GEM - SONOROUS

                                                                                  ++HEALTH BOOST(3) 3 point using charm - VITALITY

                                                                                  ++STUN RESIST (3) - STEADFAST

                                                                                  RECOVERY SPEED (3) - MEDICINE

                                                                                  ***SET 1***
                                                                                  WEAPON- FORTISSIMO II 2x1- (2 SLOT)
                                                                                  HELM- Damascus helm beta- 2x defense boost 1x3 SLOT (1 SLOT)
                                                                                  CHEST- VAAL HAZAK MAIL BETA 2xrecovery speed 2x1 SLOT (2 SLOT)
                                                                                  BRACES- Tzitzi Vambraces Alpha- 1x wide range 2x stun resist (0 SLOT)
                                                                                  WAIST- ***Tzitzi Coil Alpha- 2x wide range 1x water attack (0 SLOT)***
                                                                                  LEGS- demascus greaves alpha 2xdefense boost 1xiron skin 1x1 SLOT** (1 SLOT)
                                                                                  CHARM- HEALT BOOST 3

                                                                                  6 gem SLOT TOTAL **NEEDS** - (1 SONOROUS)(2 FRIENDSHIP)(2 DEFENSE)(1 STEADFAST)

                                                                                  FULL SUMMARY
                                                                                  5/5 WIDE RANGE-
                                                                                  3/3 STUN RESIST-
                                                                                  3/3 HEALTH BOOST-
                                                                                  1/1 HORN MAESTRO-
                                                                                  6/7 DEFENSE BOOST-
                                                                                  2/3 RECOVERY SPEED-
                                                                                  3/3 HEALTH BOOST-
                                                                                  1/3 WATER ATTACK-
                                                                                  1/3 IRON SKIN-

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Armor: Weapon:
                                                                                    Nergigante Mail beta, (Body) Purgation’s Atrocity
                                                                                    Nergigante Vambracers beta (Hands)
                                                                                    Nergigante Greaves alpha (Feet)
                                                                                    Bazel Helm beta (Head)
                                                                                    Bazel Coil beta (waist)
                                                                                    Glutton’s Charm III
                                                                                    2x Vitality Jewel
                                                                                    3x Steadfast Jewel
                                                                                    Nergigante hunger, Earplugs lvl 5, Speed eating lvl 3, Stun lvl 3 and Vitality lvl 2 (+30 HP)
                                                                                    Makes for a very nice build no screams to interrupt your attacks and no stun is sooooooo nice lol
                                                                                    Plus speed eating to keep you alive.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      I've been putting something together I think using the black diablos set with the dragon king eyepatch with the ragefire magda floga along with a defense charm would work for a tankier hammer build than most while still having damage to dish out.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Exterminations edge with full nergigante alpha with the dragon charm. The DPS is insane plus you dont have to be meta and you The tyrannis CB.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          For Final Fantasy fans, I'm having a lot of fun with my Dragoon build, made to fight dragons (including Elder Dragons). Xeno'jiiva armor. Beta Head and Waist. Alpha Chest, arms, and legs. Rider's charm. Catastrophe's light. Decorations to top off the skills that aren't completed by the set.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            CB Build that i like:
                                                                                            Diablos Tyrannis / Dragonking Eyepatch B / Dobermail B / Kaiser Vambraces B / Nergigante Coil B / Dodogama Greaves B / Artillery Charm III

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Full Nergigante alpha with the charm that boosts agitator and exterminations edge using vitality mantle and health booster makes your unstoppable.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Best Charge Blade Build > Diablos Nero Helm / Diablos Nero Mail / Diablos Nero Vambraces / Diablos Nero Coil / Anja Greaves / Odium

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  Can anyone help me figure out a good armor combination for gunlance, I've got Luna gauntlets, and arja greves so far with high metal armor, i just now hit high rank.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Anyone got a build for dual swords early game? Just started and fairly new to MH I am 2 main quests into the game and was just wondering what armour I should be using

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