Enemy Type Large Monsters
Species Elder Dragon
Elements mhw-fire-damage_sFire
Ailments fireblight-status-effect-mhw_sFireblight
Weakness mhw-dragon-damage_sDragon (⭐⭐⭐)
mhw-fire-damage_sFire (⭐⭐)
Resistances mhw-water-elemental-damage_sWater (⭐)
mhw-thunder-damage_sThunder (⭐)
mhw-ice-damage_sIce (⭐)
Location(s) Castle Schrade
Tempered Lv. --

Fatalis (Black Dragon) is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). 黒龍ミラボレアス (Miraboreasu) in Japanese.


A legendary black dragon known only as Fatalis. Rumored to have destroyed a kingdom in a single night, and has taken its castle for a roost.

As Long as its horns are intact, overcoming its final form's breath attack may be impossible. Cannons and ballistae can topple it. Flinch shots when its flying or standing will lower its head.

Fatalis Details & Locations


Fatalis Combat Info

  • Immune to stun-iconStun.

  • Kinsect Extracts:

    • Red: Head (1)
    • Orange: Forearms (3)
    • White: Hindlegs (2)
    • Green: Tail
  • You can fight Fatalis after you've completed the Iceborne storyline (MR24), discovered the Guiding Lands, encountered Safi'jiiva and encountered Alatreon.

  • You will unlock this quest by first talking to the Excitable A-Lister near the start of Seliana. This will take you on a quest to defeat an Alatreon with much less health than normal. After you have defeated Alatreon, you will obtain the quest "The Black Dragon" as a special assignment.

  • The start of this quest is solo only. After taking down about 22% of his total health, a cutscene will play and multiplayer will permanently be unlocked for the quest, even if you return back from it.

  • The Special Assignment version of the quest allows for up to 5 carts, the Event Quest version (Fade to Black) only for up to 3. 

  • First Nova: Fatalis will do the first area wide flame breath after losing about 22% of his health. You can only hide from this in a shelter on the right side of the arena, which is the same area you ran to with your NPC companion during the solo cutscene. After this nova the back of the arena will be unlocked, which includes multiple more siege weapons.

  • Second Nova: Performed after losing 50% of his health. You can only survive this one by running at the gate in the back of the arena and pulling the lever before the big flame comes out. Fatalis will enter his 3rd and final phase after this one.

  • Third/Fourth/Fifth Nova: Performed when Fatalis has 38%/20%/5% health left. You need to run towards Fatalis in order to avoid it. Since the Nova is cone shaped, it is recommended to run towards the sides rather than the center to get out of it faster.

  • After the second Nova, Fatalis will have a glowing chest. During this phase he gains new attacks (of which one can pin you) and all of his attacks become much more dangerous.

  • Breaking Fatalis's head once will weaken the attacks in the 3rd phase. Breaking it twice will prevent him from using the most dangerous versions of his attacks entirely.

  • The arena for the fight has multiple siege weapons, including three cannons, two ballistae, a roaming ballista and the Dragonator. There are also two one-shot binders (one near the wall behind the roaming ballista and the other one behind the ballista on the opposite side of the arena) that can be used to restrain Fatalis. Note that Fatalis tends to focus any player trying to operate siege weaponry.

  • Fatalis will be knocked down up to two times if he received enough damage through siege weapons. The first knockdown will happen after 1000 damage, the second one after 3000 damage. Heavy Artillery will increase the damage from siege weapons making it easier to knock down Fatalis with the siege weapons.

  • Each head of the Dragonator will deal damage equivalent to 5% of Fatalis's total health. Note that the Dragonator hitbox is much bigger than it looks.

  • Flinch shotting Fatalis when he's standing on two feet will cause him to go down on all fours. Only in this position Fatalis can be wall-slammed.

  • Every second Dragon Pod shot on Fatalis will make him flinch and interrupt his current attack. Fatalis will naturally drop dragon pods throughout the hunt, but you can also make him drop them through clutch attacks.

  • Because Fatalis is the hardest fight in the game, it is not recommended to tackle it until you have access to a fully optimized endgame setup, if possible with health augment for melee weapons (only unlocked after MR100 for R12 weapons).

Recommended Skills

  • Health Boost: Fatalis hits extremely hard and several of his attacks can even one shot melee players.

  • Divine Blessing: See above.

  • Fire Resistance: Almost all of his attacks are fire based and inflict Fireblight.

  • Blight Resistance: Use Blight Resistance if Fire Resistance of 20 or above is not possible for your build.

  • Coalescence: An almost guaranteed damage boost provided you aren't immune to Fireblight.

  • Agitator: Fatalis stays enraged rather long, so this is a good damage boost.

  • Partbreaker: Makes it easier to break his head.

  • Heavy Artillery: Increases the damage dealt with ballistae and cannons.


Fatalis Weaknesses

Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each ailment

Ailment mhw-poison-status-effect sleep-mhw-status-effect paralysis blast stun
Weakness Level N/A


Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each damage type

Weak Point cut-damage-mhw blunt-damage-mhw ammo-damage-mhw
Head (Breakable) ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐
Chest (Breakable) ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐


Detailed weakness information(Legend Explanation: here)


Credits to AsteriskAmpersand, Deathcream and MoonBunnie.


Fatalis Rewards

Defeating this monster allows the player to carve the following items:

Fatalis Carves

Carves %
Fatalis Shard  29%
Fatalis Cortex  22%
Fatalis Pectus  17%
Fatalis Hardhorn  13%
Fatalis Fellwing  12%
Fatalis Evil Eye  7%
Fatalis Hardhorn (Break Horn, first head break) 100%
Fatalis Evil Eye (Break Eye, second head break) 100%
Fatalis Fellwing (Break Wing) 100%
Fatalis Pectus (Break Chest) 100%


Fatalis Rewards

Fatalis Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Fatalis Monster. 





Notes & Trivia

  • It is known as the "Black Dragon".
  • This is the final monster added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.
  • Fatalis was the final online boss for the first Monster Hunter game on the Playstation 2.
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne marks the first game in the Monster Hunter series where Fatalis has a proper UI icon; it was previously only signified with a question mark.
  • According to legend, the kingdom of Schrade was felled by one Fatalis.
  • Many consider Fatalis as the lord of all monsters for its power and intelligence.
  • Fatalis' MHWI render was taken from the Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary poster. 





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    • Anonymous

      02 Sep 2021 05:14  

      Abnd dead, finally took him out all by myself, only 2:35 left on the clock. What a fight, thou I chessed the heck out of it.

      • Anonymous

        16 Aug 2021 22:11  

        Holy sh*** ran out of time after the fifrh firebreath, and a topple with a full TCS, meaning he probably had around 2.5k hp left. But the kicker is that I put him to sleep un front of the dragonrazor, but accidentally fired a sticky which wake him up before I could pull the lever.

        • Anonymous

          27 Jul 2021 19:57  

          among us in mhw *fatalis kills dodogama* *every body whatched him kill dodo* *everybody* GET THAT MOTHER ****ER OUT OF HERE

          • Anonymous

            07 Jul 2021 20:47  

            Hello, some tips I found were that usually the sides and back are safe and I recommend using a weapon that can block. If your in multiplayer you go for the cannons for some free 1.5k damage (if most hit) I also used the MR kulave tarroth armor so I was immune to fireblight. His attacks are hit like a truck and some attacks are super hard to avoid like the breath sweep to blocking help
            You don’t have to believe me, I’m not some monster hunting expert, but these are some tips I found usefull

            • Anonymous

              04 Jul 2021 14:16  

              Alright, I've just managed to down him for the first time, and gotta say... WHAT A FIGHT. Jesus, what a brilliant design, what a thrill, and the music, oh dear, THE MUSIC. This right here is one of my favourite bossfights, and I don't mean only in the MH franchise. God damn well done.

              • Anonymous

                26 Jun 2021 10:59  

                can someone explain me wtf just happened with my fatalis hunt? this was my 23rd solo hunt and after 4th nova he keep spamming the glowing chest pin attack. I had 2 carts remaining and after second head break(~20% hp left) he will do a ground fire sweep then pin and repeat it on a loop, i survived 5 consecutive pins but then i run out of max potions and eventually failed the quest. Previous runs were normal only ever got pinned 3 times in 3 different runs. This hunt has scared me for life.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Jun 2021 09:55  

                  Now imagine in a future Mh game we gotta fight (it will never happen but just imagine) A Frenzied, Hyper, arch-tempered, apex WHITE Fatalis in just 40 min. (now i know this sounds absurd knowing elder dragons can't get any of these things except arch-T, but still IMAGINE!!!!.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Jun 2021 19:26  

                    Got any tips for a LS main. I am stuck on him and need some tips. Also can you give me your opinion on what equipment and skills to use? I don’t have network connection so I can’t do events. I also use the DB,SA,IG,and CB

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Jun 2021 10:13  

                      Trash monster with trash AI. You try to walk up and use dragonator he just laugh miles away with fireballs for the next 10 min and then use his map wide fire breafh when you jump down and carts you.

                      Also likes to spam body slam 24/7 and pins you to the ground with broken hit boxes. Oh you got hit by my leg here get pinned. You run over to ballistica here let me cart you with map wide flame.
                      You hit my belly here get hit by my line of flames that are not even close to hit you. All broken. Good i have already killed this trash monster 10 times now and dont need anything from him anymore lol.

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Apr 2021 16:19  

                        put a finger up if you defeated alatreon (l) put a finger up if you defeated safijiva (l) put a finger up if you have defeated fatalis *me breaks keyboard*

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