Enemy Type Elder Dragon
Elements N/A
Ailments None
Weakness mhw-thunder-damageThunder - ⭐⭐⭐
mhw-dragon-damageDragon - ⭐⭐
Resistances None
Locations Wildspire Waste (Beta), Elder's Recess

Nergigante is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). ネルギガンテ (滅盡龍) in Japanese. 


A terrible elder dragon that appears when other elders are in the vicinity. Its penchant for destruction is well documented.


Nergigante Details & Locations


Nergigante Combat Info

  • The key element of fighting Nergigante is keeping an eye on the spikes that periodically grow on its body. These spikes appear on four areas: Wings, Forelegs, Head, and Tail.
    • When the spikes first grow, they have a yellow/white color and are a breakable weak spot.
    • As time passes, the spikes will harden and turn black. After this point, they are no longer a weak spot and may deflect attacks.
    • Spiked body parts will do increased damage, and some attacks will be augmented by the spikes.
      • If Nergigante has grown spikes on its head, it will launch them forward after performing a normal head-slam.
      • Occasionally Nergigante will rear back, walk forward, and slam its front leg down. If the leg is spiked, the attack will launch the spikes in all directions.
    • Once Nergigante has grown spikes on its head, wings, and forelegs, it will perform a dive bomb attack. And when the spikes turn into black, it will also launch the spikes upon hitting the ground.
      • This attack is signaled by Nergigante rearing back on its hind legs and roaring before flying into the air and diving at a player.
      • The best method of dealing with this attack is sprinting directly to either side and performing a leaping dodge just before Nergigante begins its dive. Due to this attack's massive area of effect, normal dodges are not sufficient for escaping damage.
      • Alternatively, the black spike divebomb attack can be blocked by simply wearing Vitality Mantle in a split second after the roar.
      • This attack breaks off Nergigante's spikes and it must begin growing them again.
      • Once Nergigante reaches low health and retreats to its lair, it will begin continuously growing spikes, making its dive bomb attack much more frequent.
  • Keep in mind that, as an Elder Dragon, Nergigante is immune to traps and cannot be captured.
  • Breaking Nergigante's horns or severing its tail will reduce the damage of some of its attacks.
  • Nergigante is mildly susceptible to all ailments. Using weapons that can stun, paralyze, or cause sleep can buy a few moments to heal/sharpen/buff during the fight.
  • Flash Pods can be used to stun it during combos or dive bomb attacks.
  • Dragon Pod slinger ammo may occasionally drop from Nergigante, which can be used to disrupt attacks and has a chance to stagger.
  • Weakness sign: Limping
  • Bowgun users should aim for the head, arms and wings, preferably those with white spikes. Thunder and pierce ammo work well, along with poison and paralysis shots. Nergigante moves quickly but several long animations and predictable movements may give enough time for cluster shots or wyvern ammo.
  • Nergigante's nest (Area 15) is particularly dangerous due to the cramped quarters and environmental hazards:
    • Crystal shards can drop from above during the fight; these can stagger players and interrupt attacks or dodges. Look around for areas with crystal spikes lodged into the ground; these should be avoided if possible.
    • There are two walls, one east one south, that Nergigante may break with a dive bomb. This should give a little more room to work and behind the southern wall are several flash flies that may be of use.
  • Nergigante will run between areas 8, 9 and 14 and will retreat to area 15 to rest.

Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each ailment

Ailment mhw-poison-status-effect sleep-mhw-status-effect paralysis blast stun
Weakness Level ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐


Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each damage type

Weak Point cut-damage-mhw blunt-damage-mhw ammo-damage-mhw
Horns (Breakable) ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Tail (Severable) ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐


In-game weakness information



Nergigante High Rank Carves

Defeating this monster allows the player to carve the following items:

Nergigante Carves (ALL HIGH RANK)

Carves Frequency %
immortal_dragonscaleImmortal Dragonscale ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  
nergigante_carapaceNergigante Carapace ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
nergigante_talonNergigante Talon ⭐⭐⭐ 19% Body Carve
Nergigante Horn + (break horns) ⭐⭐  
nergigante_regrowth_plateNergigante Regrowth Plate (dropped) ⭐⭐⭐  
Nergigante Gem (break horns, tail) 2% Carve, 3% Tail Carve and 3% Horn Break
nergigante_tailNergigante Tail (cut tail)    

Nergigante Rewards (ALL HIGH RANK)

Rewards Frequency  
nergigante_carapaceNergigante Carapace ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
immortal_dragonscaleImmortal Dragonscale ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
nergigante_regrowth_plateNergigante Regrowth Plate ⭐⭐⭐  
nergigante_talonNergigante Talon ⭐⭐⭐ 13% Quest Reward, 20% Silver Reward and 20% Gold Reward
elder_dragon_boneElder Dragon Bone ⭐⭐⭐  
elder_dragon_bloodElder Dragon Blood ⭐⭐  
Nergigante Gem    6% Silver Reward and 13% Gold Reward


Nergigante Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Nergigante Monster.





Gallery, Notes & Trivia

  • Unlike Nergigante's spikes, its horns will not grow back if they are broken.
  • A unique victory theme plays upon defeating Nergigante for the first time.
  • Nergigante is known as the "Extinction Dragon"




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    • Anonymous

      07 Nov 2018 01:22  

      I actually got a Nergigante gem the first time i killed him... which was just took me days to get an Odogaron gem...Am I lucky or is it scripted to drop the first time?

      • Anonymous

        25 Oct 2018 14:59  

        you can dodge nergigante's dive bomb with forsight slash using a longsword and if you time it perfectly you can take 0 damage

        • Anonymous

          06 Oct 2018 03:23  

          Best armor for fighting him the first time is Ingot imo. High base armor plus gives you free Thunder Attack, which is Nerg's only 3 star weakness.

          • Anonymous

            02 Oct 2018 22:01  

            Someone could correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the elderseal effect for nergigante is the ability to break the black spikes. Which is unusual vs. the normal effect of simply slowing/removing the buildup of the elders' respective auras. I know for certain that dragon pods cause elderseal buildup at least. Although as an aside, has anyone ever thought about what nergigante mating would look like? It must be horrifying.

            • Anonymous

              21 Sep 2018 20:46  

              First area where he's at is full of small hills and climbable pillars. Use it to your advantage to slide, jump and mount him. After he takes enough damage he may retreat to the first crystal cave section, he'll stand right under a breakable crystal pillar. Use your slinger to shoot it down on him. Bring flash pods and use them in the final stage. Fight a bit and bait his diving bomb attack (he starts flying vertically). Be ready to shoot a flash pod right at him. He'll fall and be open for further damage till finished off.

              • Anonymous

                15 Sep 2018 21:29  

                Killed him 15 times and cut his tail 12 times and I’ve still never gotten a gem, geuss my lucks not good

                • Anonymous

                  13 Sep 2018 15:15  

                  As a Long Sword Main Deviljho does give me more trouble then Nergigante. Palico with shield will give you many free shots in. with decent Armor and a meal before the Fight his "***** everything in that general Direction" wont one shot you as well

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Sep 2018 16:07  

                    Comments here made me nervous figthting him. I gave it a try and 27 min later he was down. Only needed a handfull of potions. I used the high metal armor set and the Diablos Shaterer 1. No potions, mantles or decorations involved (mainly because I dont have them^^). Just run around him and go between his 2 legs, attack his belly till he gets exhausted, then break the horns and end it. Gonna go and farm him for his armor now.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Sep 2018 05:55  

                      The easiest of the smaller elder dragons imo. Breaking its white spikes significantly staggers it and it will be twitching on the ground for most of the time if you damage the spikes quickly enough.

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Aug 2018 09:30  

                        trivial with a lance build. with guard 5 you can block the dive bomb. just stay under him the rest of the time and don't get greedy.

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Aug 2018 03:13  

                          The dive move is literal bull*****if you get lost in the flow of things, you have zero time to sheathe your weapon so you can sprint to escape it.

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Aug 2018 12:33  

                            Easy fight, downed him on 2nd try without knowing what i was doing. Made sure to boost my armor and HP as much as possible, took it slow and used up 20+ mega potions. Had a mixed high rank gear fully upgraded, Negri was unable to one-shot me. I tried my best to avoid his moves but ended up face tanking most of it, hence the 20+ MP's. Now I know how to aggressively play against him so he is even more easy.

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Aug 2018 09:37  

                              3 Uragaan armor pieces granting a block boost, "Uragaan Protection", letting Gunlance/Lance user survive the dive bomb and spike shotgun easily. Only nuisance left are the super fast claw attacks then but that's all.

                              • Anonymous

                                22 Aug 2018 05:30  

                                Killed it first try, as long as you are patient it's not that hard, was funny that the stone I was spamming when he was running away took the final blow XD, I guess the best weapon is always the most primitive, who needs swords when you can throw stones at them :P

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Jul 2018 03:54  

                                  Be sure to Superman-dive Nergigante’s Dive bomb attack, as this move can cause serious damage to you and has one helluva hitbox. You can tell this will occur when his spikes have turned black; its final stage. Nergigante will roar upwards, which then, warning the user like “IM GONNA DIVE BOMB YA HUMAN MAGGOTS” and hover in the sky for a few seconds. When he’s hovering, this is your chance to make your escape! Quickly sheat your sword or weapon (if you are wielding it) and do the Superman dive immediately. If your weapon is slow at sheating, no problem. Equip a quicksheat charm and you’ll do just fine. Ps you can farm Great Girros HR to further upgrade your quicksheat skills.

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