Enemy Type Large Monsters
Elements n/a
Ailments n/a
Weakness mhw-dragon-damageDragon Element
Resistances ??
Locations Wildspire Waste

Nergigante is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). ネルギガンテ in Japanese.


 In-game monster description goes here. Threat level too!

Nergigante Details & Locations


Nergigante Combat Info

  • Nergigante has no elemental damages.
  • It seems to be weak to Dragon Element, areas with white spikes are weak to Thunder.
  • Can be staggered with Dragon Pods that drop from Nergigante.
  • Hunters can break off the Nergigante's horns, as well as cut off its tail.
  • Gets more aggressive towards the end of the fight
  • Has low tolerance to poison and paralysis while not in rage state (the Paratoads in the first area can easily stun it)
  • Weakness sign: Limping
  • Approach combat by staying under the monster, hitting its belly area.
  • Players should dive out of the way of the attack where he gets on his back legs cause it has a shockwave that staggers.
  • Nergigante will shoot spikes - they can be blocked or you may dodge out of the way.
  • Resistances?
  • Bowgun users should aim for the head, arms and wings, preferably those with the white spikes, Thunder and Pierce work well after the big ammo, along with poison and paralysis. The monster moves quickly but several long animations and predictable movements give enough time for a cluster shot. The various long attack animations also gives enough time to unload a Wyvern ammo shot from underneath. Wyvernsnipe is much more useful for this fight than Wyvernheart.


Nergigante Carves

Defeating this monster allows the player to carve the following items:

These are G Rank percentages. Easier runs reduce % chance!

Nergigante Body Carves

Nergigante Tail Carves

  • Nergigante Tail - (Break Tail) xx% chance
  • Item Nergigante - xx% chance
  • Item Nergigante - xx% chance

Nergigante Capture Carves

  • Item Nergigante - xx% chance
  • Item Nergigante - xx% chance
  • Item Nergigante - xx% chance

Nergigante Wound Rewards

  • Nergigante Horn + - (Break Horns)xx% chance
  • Item Nergigante - xx% chance
  • Item Nergigante - xx% chance


Nergigante Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Nergigante Monster.

  • Weapon 1
  • Weapon 2
  • Weapon 3
  • Armor 1
  • Armor 2
  • Armor 3


Gallery, Notes & Trivia

Players can break the Nergigante's horns and it will not grow back.



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