Thunder Element


thunderblight-monster-hunter-world Thunderblight

Strong vs

water-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Water Element
dragon-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Dragon Element

Weak vs

ice-element-damage-monster-hunter-worldIce Element

Thunder Element is an Elemental Damage type in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It affects player and monster statuses. Weapons and Monsters with this element will produce lightning torrents that deal extra direct damage to the opponent


Thunder Element Weapons

Note: Some weapons have elemental damage that is grayed out and in parentheses. These weapons require a skill called Free Elem/Ammo Up in order for you to use it.

Great Sword
Sword and Shield
Dual Blades
 Hunting Horns
Switch Axes
Charge Blades
Insect Glaives

Note: Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun weapons do not deal their own elemental damage. 

Armor that provides Thunder Element Resistance

See Thunder Resistance

Monsters who are weak to Thunder Element Damage 

Monsters who are resistant to Thunder Element Damage

Monsters with Thunder & Thunderblight Damage



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      Thunder Element [MHW Wiki]04 Apr 2018 13:50  

      yes it is locked and you need "free element" skill to open that which isn't worth it IMO. if a weapon doesn't have an element it is better to slot it with non elemental boost jewel which gives it additional 10% more attack

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