Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi

rajang beastblade ikazuchi weapon mhw wiki guide
Rarity 12
mhw defense s --
mhw decoration s  decoration level 4 mhw wiki
 mhw attack 1116
 mhw sharpness
 mhw affinity -15%
 mhw element damage mhw thunder damage s90
mhw phial type Impact Phial

Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi is a Master Rank Charge Blade Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi Information



Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi Crafting and Upgrades

Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi has 2 different upgrade levels. It follows the independent path, detailed below.

  Rare mhw attack mhw sharpness mhw affinity mhw element damage mhw decoration s mhw defense s
Rajang Beastblade 11 1044
-15% mhw thunder damage s60 decoration level 4 mhw wiki --
Craft with: Rajang Hardhorn x1, Rajang Hardclaw x1, Rajang Hardfang x2, Rajang Wildpelt x2
Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi 12 1116
-15% mhw thunder damage s90 decoration level 4 mhw wiki --
Craft with:  Tempered Glimmerpelt x3, Rajang Hardhorn x3, Rajang Hardfang x7, Gold Rajang Pelt + x3



Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi Upgrade Tree

Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi is part of an upgrade path for the Charge Blade Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant independent tree.


Charge Blade Independent Tree



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    • Anonymous

      Dare I say, not as powerful as one might think. Raw it is the top weapon, but consider this. Playing with - say - the Luna Eostre guarantees you white sharpness with zero handicraft + the poison, even if it only procs a few times. It gives you 1044 base attack + 10 affinity, balanced out say a 2% overal dmg increase due to phial non-crits. Roughly ~1065 attack + poison + two level two slots for say extra focus. White sharpness gives 1.32 multiplier as well. This one gives 1116 base attack -15% affinity which is about a 3% damage drop, roughly ~1080 + lightning. It only has a level 4 socket, forcing you to drop one level two socket for possibly something stronger, but doubtful. It's handicap comes with the blue sharpness which gives only a 1.2 multiplier. Blue sharpness can bounce, so you are also forced to either take handicraft or minds-eye. It's strength comes from higher damage, pure raw strength that also enhances your phial damage. But you really need to get to white sharpness to get the most out of it, meaning losing a lot of utility. Your phial damage average will increase with 7% but you do lose some crit damage from your regular attacks. If done properly you will see higher damage numbers with this weapon, but very likely at the risk of losing important skills depending on your gear. More interestingly is how coalescence works in great harmony with this weapon. Because it also increases the elemental damage by quite a high percentage, and increasing the high attack even more.

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