Thundering Strikebow

thundering strikebow mhw wiki guide
Rarity 10
mhw defense s -
mhw decoration s  gem level 1
 mhw attack 264
 mhw affinity 15%
 mhw element damage 330thunderblightThunder
mhw coatings icon Close Range coating mhw close range icon , Power coating mhw power icon, Paralysis Coating mhw paralysis icon

Thundering Strikebow is a Master Rank Bow Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Thundering Strikebow Information



Thundering Strikebow Crafting and Upgrades

Thundering Strikebow has has 4 upgrade levels different upgrade levels. It follows the Bone path, detailed below.

  Rare mhw attack mhw affinity mhw element damage mhw decoration s mhw defense s
Kadachi Strikebow 5 180 15% 240thunderblightThunder gem level 1 -
Craft with: Tobi-Kadachi Claw + x3, Tobi-Kadachi Scale + x4, Tobi-Kadachi Pelt + x3, Dragonvein Crystal x3
 Flying Kadachi Strikebow 9 204 15% thunderblightThunder 270 gem level 1 -
Craft with:  Nergigante Talon x2, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode + x4, Tobi-Kadachi Claw + x6, Wyvern Gem x1

Flying Kadachi Strikebow +


Thundering Strikebow

9 240 15% thunderblightThunder 300 gem level 1 -
Craft with:  Tobi-Kadachi Hardclaw x1 Tobi-Kadachi Shard x2 Tobi-Kadachi Thickfur x2 Lightning Sac x1

Craft with: Hard Odogaron Sinew x2, Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x2,  Tobi-Kadachi Hardclaw x2,  Tobi-Kadachi Membrane+ x2



Thundering Strikebow Upgrade Tree

Thundering Strikebow is part of an upgrade path for the Bow Weapon Tree.  Below is an excerpt of the relevant Bone tree.


Bow Bone Tree



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    • Anonymous

      Trust me, get F. Rajang over this bow once you can. You trade only 60 element for an insane 100 raw damage increase spike. Bow does a huge portion of raw damage even on elemental builds and this also lets you deal with bad ele HZs much better. Higher Raw also directly correlates to more value from crit boost. F. Rajang can also use literally every coating except sleep, it is so good and it looks way cooler IMO.

      • Anonymous

        It's too bad this is apparently the best non-event thunder bow. Ya, it looks cool and stuff but Tobi is just pretty meh imo. I wish we would have gotten a Kirin bow, or something more exciting.

        • Anonymous

          The materials needed to craft the bow dont appear on the first list. Even the bow isnt listed lol. I hope you can fix it.

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