Mane Malice Rajang

Rarity 12
mhw-defense --
mhw-decoration   gem_level_2
 Attack Power 1612
 Affinity -15%
 Element Damage Thunder Resistance120

Mane Malice Rajang is a Master Rank Hammer Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Mane Malice Rajang Information



Mane Malice Rajang Crafting and Upgrades

Mane Malice Rajang has 2 different upgrade levels. It follows the independent path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Power Sharpness Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense
Mane Malice 11 1508
-15% Thunder Resistance90 gem_level_2 --
Craft with:  Rajang Hardhorn x1, Rajang Hardclaw x1, Rajang Hardfang x2, Rajang Wildpelt x2, 56000zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Mane Malice Rajang 12 1612
-15% Thunder Resistance120 gem_level_2 --
Craft with:  Tempered Glimmerpelt x3, Rajang Hardhorn x3, Rajang Hardfang x7, Gold Rajang Pelt + x3, 80000zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki



Mane Malice Rajang Upgrade Tree

Mane Malice Rajang is part of an upgrade path for the Hammer Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant independent tree.


Hammer Independent Tree



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    • Anonymous

      Which is better, this hammer, or the juicy well done hammer? I’m confused because I understand this weapon has a dec slot and white sharpness, but it suffers a -15 crit chance opposed to the meat hammer.

      • Anonymous

        Uniquely, this hammer's fur parts glow a similar gold to its namesake monster when either completing a third-level charge, a third-level slide or buffing the hammer. In the case of the former two, if the attack was unbuffed the glow fades once it is over.

        • Anonymous

          Hmm I'm curious to see the DPS comparsion with the Grinding Mallet..... Does Non-Element boost make up for 100 less raw damage? Very interesting

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