Effect Seals away rage on Elder Dragons

Elderseal is a new Weapon Mechanic in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It will prevent certain Elder Dragons from using their special aura abilities and enrage attacks as often. 


Elderseal Information

Weapons may have different levels of Elderseal on them

  • Low
  • Average
  • High

Dragon Pods slinger ammo, which is sometimes dropped when fighting Elder Dragons, also inflict Elderseal.


Elderseal Weapons

  • The Dragonbone tree of every weapon type

Palico Weapons

Great Sword

Sword & Shield

Dual Blades

Long Sword


Hunting Horn



Switch Axe

Charge Blade

Insect Glaive



  • The heavy and light bowgun weapon types don't have any weapons with Elderseal, but some can use Dragon Ammo to cause the status.

Monsters affected by Elderseal

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