Dragon Element


dragonblight-monster-hunter-world Dragonblight

Strong vs

dragon-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Dragon Element

Weak vs

thunder-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Thunder Element
dragon-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Dragon Element
ice-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Ice Element

Dragon Element is an Elemental Damage type in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It affects player and monster statuses. Weapons and Monsters with this element will inflict extra direct damage to the opponent

Dragon Element is a rare ocurrence, Monsters with Dragon Element and gears that are made of them tend to have weakness for Dragon Element themselves, with extra weaknesses for Thunder and Ice depending on the Monster. See the list below for details on specific monsters.


Monsters who are weak to Dragon Element Damage


Monsters who are resistant to Dragon Element Damage


Monsters who are immune to Dragon Element Damage


Equipment that affects Dragon Element.

The following Equipment affect dragon effect.



Notes about Dragon Element

  • See Dragon Resistance for other interaction with the dragon element.
  • Some weapons have elemental damage that is grayed out and in parentheses. These weapons require a skill called Free Elem/Ammo Up in order for you to use it.



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