Great Sword Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter World (MWH)Iceborne showcases the different upgrade paths for the Great Sword weapon category. In all, there are 14 different Weapons players can choose from to Hunt with. Great Swords are slow and heavy, but hit hard and break body parts well. Below is a list of Great Swords found in Monster Hunter World, in a comparative table showing their effectiveness and upgrade paths. Here are the swords:


Great Sword Weapon Tree in MHW


These trees include Master Rank Weapons for the Iceborne Expansion. Rarity 9 and above Great Sword are only available to those who own Iceborne.



Great Sword Ore Tree


Great Sword Bone Tree


Great Sword Independent Tree


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    • Anonymous

      try to get defender great sword 5 i have used it for the whole game. Here is a trick if you have 1 go to a Anjanath and get a scale don't do the quest just get a scale and run. That will get it up to 2 it is so much easer to kill the early monsters. I did not know this in till i ran in
      to a Anjanath i tried to kill it but i was fighting his for 17 minutes i got 2 scales. after that i checked the smithy i looked what to upgrade i
      then i saw that i had the right thing so i up graded it. But when i checked here i saw that i only whet up to 5 so then i chose rathalos weapon path. if you have iceborne gust use clutch claw. Did you know you can make the Hutsmans armor at MR 150 divine Surge be ready and you can get his sword witch is Wyvern Blade "Leaf" long sword in iceborne you can get his armor the sword gust the regular game.

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