Cluster Bomb

Cluster Bomb
Level Rarity Carry Sell Buy
1 2 3 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki 30 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
2 3 3 60 
3 4 3 10  N/A

Cluster Bomb is an Ammo type in Monster Hunter World (MHW); it comes in three levels.


When fired from a Bowgun, Cluster Bomb releases a single arcing projectile which splits into explosive shells on impact. Each shell deals True Damage to a target.

All levels of Cluster Bomb have the following basic properties:

  • Damage of each explosive shell is affected by the Player's Attack Power. Damage is not directly affected by recoil or a Bowgun's level of Deviation.
  • Damage is not affected by Affinity  (critical hits,) distance to the target, or the Artillery Skill
  • Cluster Bomb is fired mortar-style. Taking aim with it active will immobilize the Hunter and cause a reticle to appear on the ground, which can be panned with directional input.
  • Explosions have the ability to knock a Monster off its feet.

The number of shells created by Cluster Bomb levels 1, 2, and 3 are 3, 4, and 5, respectively.

The Combo Move multipliers for Cluster Bomb levels 1, 2, and 3 are approximately 19, 22, and 28, respectively. See Attack Power for more information.

See the articles for Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun for more information on Spread and other ammo types.
See Bowgun Ammo for a quick list of Bowgun Ammo types.


Cluster Bomb 1 Description:

Ammo that fragments into three shells upon impact. Beware of friendly fire!

Cluster Bomb 2 Description:

Ammo that fragments into four shells upon impact. Beware of friendly fire!

Cluster Bomb 3 Description:

Ammo that fragments into five shells upon impact. Beware of friendly fire! 


How to Acquire Cluster Bomb:

All three levels of Cluster Bomb can be crafted, while only levels 1 and 2 can be bought at the Provisions Stockpile in Astera. Additionally, Cluster Bomb 1 can be found in the Supply Box on some Special Arena Quests.

Crafting Cluster Bomb
Category Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Coatings/Ammo Cluster Bomb 1 Bomberry N/A
Coatings/Ammo Cluster Bomb 2 Cluster Bomb 1 Gunpowder Level 2
Coatings/Ammo Cluster Bomb 3 Cluster Bomb 1 Gunpowder Level 3



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    • Anonymous

      The Vor buster with a lot of attack upgrades does really a lot of damage. However it flinches teamates and doesn't seem to progress stuns at all. Maybe it has a place in 4 men sticky squads, when 2 guys can meet sticky stun tresholds and 2 guys literally spam cluster bombs, greatly improving ttk. It may do more damage than scoped spread on some monsters but I'm no expert. Build recommended are heavy investment on attack, spare shorts, and consummables(demon drug, might seed, might powder).

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