Armor Ammo


Rarity Carry Sell Buy
4 5 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki N/A zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki

Armor Ammo is a Bowgun Ammo type of Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Ammo that makes the target's skin as hard as stone.


Upon being hit with Armor Ammo by a teammate, a hunter's Defense will be increased by 30. This buff lasts for two minutes (120 seconds) or until fainting or leaving the hunting area. Like Armorskin, Armor Ammo stacks with other Defense buffs such as Adamant Seed/Pill, Hardshell Powder and the Canteen's Defense Up buff. However, it does not stack with Mega Armorskin. Being hit with Armor Ammo while its buff is active will refresh its effect timer.

Armor Ammo can be applied to both teammates and Palicoes, and can only be applied by players wielding a Bowgun capable of carrying it.

See the articles for Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun for more information on using this and other ammo types.
See Bowgun Ammo for a quick list of Bowgun Ammo types.


How to Acquire Armor Ammo

Armor ammo can be obtained through crafting. The recipe will yield three Ammo, making it an efficient and potent way for a bowgunner to add to a team's survivability. Armor Ammo can also be created at the Elder Melder in Astera for 30 ResearchPoints_icon32x32 Resource Points and 50 MeldingPoints_icon32x32 Melding Points.

Crafting Armor Ammo
Category Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Coatings/Ammo  Armor AmmoArmor Ammo normal_ammo_mhwNormal Ammo 1 Armorskin



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